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impact of jordan brand reaches far beyond basketball

by:QiMeng     2019-09-20
That\'s what they said: It\'s just shoes, right? Sneakers.
There is only one purpose for them.
They are no different in court.
It\'s really not a shoe problem. All true.
Did not grasp the key
In the winter of 1985, more things happened than Michael Jordan, something that no one knows ---
Even those who are concerned.
Look, the shoe game has always been an extension of the game. it is a subtext of basketball culture. does it create \"shoes ? \"?
A legitimate and legitimate question.
These shoes help us define who our heroes are.
This is part of their third dimension.
Clyde Fraser is Puma.
George Gwen is Nike. Dr.
Magic Johnson and Larry Bird not only wear Converse-
They\'re talking.
So when Jordan started \"in the air,\" he was defined.
It was 30 years ago when Jordan\'s signature shoes blessed the stadium for the first time. After he \"wear-
In the first few months of his career, he tested \"Nike airlines, Jordan--
With the help of executive Sonny wakaro, agent David Falk, and designer Peter Moore, his ingenuity and vision ---
Thirty years later, the sport shoe became almost as important globally as basketball itself.
Because Jordan\'s name is still on his shoes. -
Only his name is not necessarily Nike\'s. -
We associate signature shoes with his name directly with his spirit, performance and presence.
Logically, we know his sneakers won\'t make us \"like Mike\", but there\'s a commercial and universal belief that having his shoes in our lives will make
\"I have had some experience,\" said LaMarcus Aldridge, the latest Jordan Brand member . \".
\"Growing up near my house ,[Jordans]
Like the Holy Grail.
I can\'t afford it.
So it\'s huge to be able to work and save money on actually buying them.
\"The first pair I bought was Concords [Air Jordan XI].
These have been hot items since the first day, so it\'s cool to be able to save for them.
I have seen Michael Jordan several times since then. [I]
Got his number.
This verifies the myth that dreams sometimes become reality.
In a video project created to celebrate Jordan\'s 30 years, Tinker Hatfield talks about designing his first pair of Jordan, who reinforces his continued belief in why the product continues to resonate.
\"Jordan III is the first pair of shoes with this logo ---
Jumpman logo--
\"This is my choice,\" he said . \"
\"I put it on my tongue, and at that time I almost immediately felt that the mark was important for a long, long time.
Because I do feel like it talks to people on several different levels.
\"That\'s Michael, but it\'s also a sign of excellence.
\"Always design a thing by thinking about it in the next larger context ---
The chairs in the room, the rooms in the House, the houses in the environment, the environment in the city planning. \" --
Architect Eliel Saarinen I asked the people who helped create the third dimension of Jordan the best and most challenging questions he had to answer.
\"Tinker Bell, who is more powerful: Are you at the College of Design, or is Jordan at the College of basketball?
\"His instant message, no. think-
Michael is a better basketball player than me.
\"It was his pick before I pushed it.
I told him that I asked Jordan the same question and revealed that Jordan\'s answer was Jordan.
Jordan also added, \"Tinker was able to do what he did because of what I did on the pitch.
Then Hartfield\'s answer changed a little. -with reason.
\"I agree with that,\" he said, speaking of basketball.
\"Now, let you point this out and let me stand on the scene, and I\'m not sure if Michael knows that I even invented different categories of shoes, away from the Jordan Brand ---in cross-
Training in ACG [
Gear of all conditions
In running, shoes are like Chinese sauce.
I mean, it\'s far from the Jordan brand.
Everything will happen without Michael.
\"He is right in his world.
He is the main ingredient of the big drink here.
But in every single thing I do, I think Jordan represents about 20% of it.
\"Imagine being important all over the world ---
Only 20% of your gifts were used.
Imagine that without seeing what you do, what you create, or your influence on a culture, you can\'t go anywhere in the world.
Hatfield can\'t even leave his job while on vacation.
He has been to the Caribbean, across Europe and West Africa, and he says he has \"never been to a place and has not seen what I have designed \".
\"Imagine, almost 30 years after being involved in a single project, that you are not only the subject of a fanatic fan in the industry, but you can also lift sneakers and people ---for a second --stop breathing.
One of the most difficult things in this sports aesthetic culture is to separate Tinker Hatfield from his shoes designed for the brand named Michael Jordan.
It is easier for his other works to do this.
In addition to Air Force 1, Air Max is Nike\'s most influential and popular sports shoe series, and it is not affiliated with Hatfield, vice president of creative concepts at Nike, just like his Jordan concept, design and invention is.
No sneakers and toe and T-walk around together
Because of the Air Maxs, Air Huaraches, Air Trainers, or Air Mags he created, the shirt that said \"TINKER let me do it.
It is unexpected to achieve this.
This is a culture in itself, and a subculture in sports and business, which cannot be explained to some extent.
The word \"eternal\" appears in a conversation about why we discussed Jordan sneakers after so many years.
When Jordan brand creative director and joint
Chief designer Mark Smith was asked about the new Air Jordan XXX, whose answer illustrates the greater role of brand importance and why the brand has maintained that importance for so long.
\"Don\'t fix it if it\'s not bad,\" he said . \". \"[
Framework of thought
Let\'s really focus on the meaningful difference in what we can improve.
\"Business is like \'Change, change, change!
It must be different. \' No, no, no.
This is a new opportunity for us to build something that we know is very effective and we listen to the players who say, \'Don\'t change.
We really like what happened.
This allows us to prioritize things that keep working.
We made meaningful changes based on priority.
\"The focus has always been on athletes and competitions, at least during the design and construction process, as Nike produces iconic sneakers every year.
Russell Westbrook has already tested XXX in the race, and kawaii Leonard, Jimmy Butler, Andre Drummond and Aldridge will follow.
In the coming
In the Star Game in Toronto, the XXX version of Jordan Airlines is probably the most representative shoe.
But this is only a small part of the overall narrative.
The genius to be able to maintain one of the most important brands of sport is a shared commodity: design, innovation and performance ---
Not necessarily in this order.
Creativity is the most critical factor in design.
But limiting Jordan sneakers to this would reduce all the other ingredients that try to explain how this phenomenon occurs and remains.
Playing games from both ends--
In court, the latest and backdated on the streets-
Jordan Brand has positioned itself inlose \"Catch-23.
\"Soon, the company will re-release a vintage footwear outfit, Chicago.
Com is known as \"the most famous Jordan airlines ever \".
The new Jordan XXX will share shelf space with Chicago.
Do most people like it or not [the XXX]
\"It\'s still this new thing,\" says Hatfield . \".
\"In basketball history, no one will assemble basketball shoes like this.
\"There you can buy the perfect thing --in.
Players don\'t argue with Tinker, and people don\'t challenge history.
For those who love the Jordan brand
Like the second Christmas.
Over the years, the brand has taken advantage of the NBA\'s winter holidays to put the latest Jordan on the market.
Michael will \"break in\" some time in the first half of the season\"-
It depends on how far Nike and this shoe go and how much Jordan likes this one ---
But for the retail version, it\'s always \"holding your breath until all --
\"Star weekend\" has a full circle of product ownership.
This is a clever business and social action.
It let the public know-
Not speculation or speculation. -
Something directly connected to Michael Jordan. -
What we can have-
It could have been bought.
Even for athletes signing the brand, the impact and brand impression are the same.
\"It is definitely an honor to be an athlete for Jordan XXX\'s debut,\" Jordan\'s leading brand, baller Westbrook, said in a statement.
\"I must be very big in [Jordans]
I just can\'t afford it.
Growing up, I never thought I would be able to make my debut with Michael Jordan shoes in this situation, which is crazy.
But I am happy to be able to do this, and being with Jordan is an honor in itself.
\"NBA stars still remember their first pair and the depth of that experience.
\"I think it\'s like 13 th century, the bottom of white and red is black.
\"I just got these on the first day of school,\" said Spurs star Leonard . \".
\"It was like the first pair of j I really liked at the time.
I am in grade 2 or grade 3.
I was lucky that my mom and dad could combine to buy these shoes for me.
\"In addition to the number of each sports shoe, there is also a sports shoe
Brand, because each rerelock receives a vintage vault name (
From AJXI \"Space Jam\" to AJXII \"Bordeauxs\" to AJ 17 \"Coppers\" to \"Concords\", \"Cements\", \"Grapes\"
At the same time, there are different color schemes, materials, textures and patterns as part of the re-coloring.
The business model established by Jordan Brand\'s practice of releasing \"new things\" every year and \"numbering\" them to a market that is connected to a single project has been revolutionary.
Many other companies are trying to meet this standard of excellence, but not many ---if any --
It has been able to maintain it for a similar period of time.
Apple is still 21 years old, and 18 iPhones have emerged from Jordan\'s iconic sneakers.
As one of the real \"city\" brands in the world, it is possible to maintain its roots without apology (
It never pulls away from cities and cities.
Consumer Base)
At the same time, technological advances and performance improvements may be Jordan\'s biggest asset as a brand.
From a business and cultural point of view, this has enabled the brand to open up two markets with a stone over the past decade.
Need another example?
Kobe Bryant is not an athlete of the Jordan brand, but Nike used his brief time of wobbling between shoe companies to release--
Halfway through Kobe\'s retirement trip-
Kobe Bryant wore the \"Kobe bag\" in two pairs of Jordan sneakers during the game, when he hoped to get the brand\'s signature.
It\'s calculated, it\'s the brand that makes the most of the market it creates.
That\'s how they roll.
That\'s how they \'ve been rolling out and how they\'re going to continue rolling out a business model built on the back of a single signature sneaker that no other company can follow.
For people wearing Jordan shoes, being part of a lasting brand is the culmination of a successful partnership.
\"I\'m proud of it.
\"Yes, it is . \"
\"I remember being there and seeing the progress of the business.
I remember sitting at the airport in 2006, from the world championship, and I remember the brand just reached a billion at the time to see where it is now ---[
Sales of nearly $3 billion--that\'s a lot.
This is part of a big growth.
\"It\'s hard to believe something ---one thing --can have a 30-year, ever-
Change life in this processand-die, on-to-the-next-
We have created a cultural market.
At the end of the day, however, when everything is said, done, written, and anatomical, as a Jordanian scientist said to me when XXX was unveiled, it all comes down to one simple thing: \"Whether sneakers are a stimulant or not.
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