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impactful, humble and broke ... a message to nonprofits

by:QiMeng     2019-08-29
Last week, I had an exciting conversation with a group on economic issues.
We talked about the Occupy Wall Street movement and its claims that fiscal responsibility is needed in this difficult economy, and the value of the entrepreneur spirit and its necessary role in the global economic recovery.
This is not a one-way conversation because all interested parties are well informed and well prepared to discuss complex issues.
The conversation was not on CNN, it was not in a green room, it was not on a graduate program at a major university, it was not on a group of famous intellectuals.
I\'m talking to a group of homeless teenagers in Brooklyn. Yes. . .
Homeless teenagers in Brooklyn live in shelters in New York City.
They are part of a project that does a lot of work in fostering underserved population integration and avoiding becoming negative statistics.
This is not an isolated incident for me.
As an activist who often teaches financial knowledge to underserved people, I have to work with those non-profit organizations that can expose me to captive audience groups in this group.
I can speak for hours and tell you the great work and powerful testimony that has changed people\'s lives through these organizations.
The fight for drug abuse that has been won, the shift in the lives of homeless people, now tax-paying citizens, or people who have been imprisoned before, have lost hope, but now feel like they have a new life.
However, in the diversity of positive testimony, there always seems to be a unique theme in those smaller grassroots non-profit organizations that work well. . . NO MONEY!
I\'m sure most people can share stories about local organizations, or stories that do a good job but have problems with funding.
In these highly influential but underfunded grassroots non-profit organizations, I came across another common thread. . .
They are all very modest.
I like humble people.
They are the salt of the Earth, making their actions louder than their words.
However, many people often mistake the features of modesty for the lack of the need to make a marketing plan.
Most of the time, these non-profit organizations don\'t have a marketing plan at all because they feel that it plays a level of self-awareness that contradicts their core value system.
Here are the types of statements I have heard about marketing from these saints who are doing such great work: \"There is no need to market what we do because I will make my work speak for myself.
\"There is no need for any recognition or praise for the work I do.
I don\'t want to take advantage of the people I serve.
\"All these statements are very noble, but they are also very wrong and destructive to the core mission of the organization.
In these local, high-impact, grassroots but underfunded non-profit organizations, many leaders do not have a good understanding of the importance of visibility because it is related to funding.
Think of a rich and charitable person.
The man is very rich because he/she works hard and the time may be limited.
They want to help and give back, but don\'t have time to study organizations that do a great job.
What is their answer?
They give them the organization they know.
They give them friends in direct networks, churches, or Red Cross and/or joint ways, as they see a television ad highlighting an initiative that requires additional funding;
The organizations were recognized for their contributions.
If they were a fly on the wall at my workshop in the city community, I am sure they would immediately put their hands into their pockets and contribute to the cause.
However, they are not flies on the wall.
They are rich and too busy to venture into the depths of these neighborhoods to find and fund your mini-sport.
It\'s time for these local non-profit organizations to understand that marketing is the most important part of your non-profit organization.
How do you raise money if you don\'t sell or highlight your program/plan?
Making a marketing plan doesn\'t mean you have a lot of self, and it doesn\'t mean you\'re not that humble. . .
It just means that you understand the importance of communicating your message to more people, which will generate more interest, which will lead to more money that you can useSelf-
Glory applies only if you honor your work for your own benefit.
You\'re not doing this for yourself.
To better serve your constituents, you are adding visibility.
So it\'s time for you. . .
Create a channel on Youtube for your non-profit organization. com.
Buy a Flip cam to record the workshops and projects you are working on so that you can put clips of these projects on your channel for the world to see.
Make sure you get video testimony on every workshop of the participants so that the funding organization can see and hear your impact on the lives of the community residents with their own eyes.
Start blogging about your experience and post written articles on various websites on a regular basis.
Allocate a large portion of your budget to advertise to public events/projects/programs rather than relying solely on word of mouth.
Build partnerships with other non-profit organizations in your community to enhance your outreach activities.
• Create a few jerseys, t-
Shirts, polo wholesale t shirts wholesale and hats have your company name, logo or slogan on them so people will be curious to ask you about your organization and you can start giving your image
Upgrade your website regularly based on what you are doing and make sure it is done professionally.
Send regular emails to your database using www. Constant Contact
Keep your network informed of your efforts.
Take some time to make sure you send them something they will actually read and it doesn\'t sound like a \"sales trap \".
These tips and more are just a few suggestions that may lead to an increase in visibility, resulting in an increase in the dollar.
Continue to see people trying to raise money, especially when they do such a great job, I am sad.
I don\'t want to see another leader of the nonprofit have to close because there is no money to keep it open. To the public. . .
It\'s time for you to stand up and support non-profit organizations that you think are doing great.
I sympathize with non-profit organizations that say they are busy working and they often forget the key work of doing marketing work.
If you see someone doing well, do more than just praise them. . .
Give them a dollar.
Praise is great, but the organization you praise is viable.
Find a local organization that works well in your community and visit them.
If you feel they are worth it, then set up a regular donation schedule to support their efforts to support your community.
If you have time and appreciate their mission very much, please join their board of directors and provide your insight and help to help the organization develop.
The government has gone beyond its capacity and non-profit organizations are working in areas that the government cannot reach.
We need them to help feed our children, dress the homeless, provide job training, educate people who were previously imprisoned, fight cancer, raise money to raise awareness of sexually transmitted diseases, many services are provided to those beyond the scope and capabilities of President Obama and the federal government.
We need to talk less.
Non-profit organizations are a key component of implementing the actions necessary to empower our communities.
Let\'s get started!
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