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by:QiMeng     2019-09-20
Mattel reached out to the Canadian Barbie model, one of Cree\'s directors and writers Sonia Ballantyne 60, to mark the 60 th anniversary of the iconic doll on 2019, and she initialreaction: \"Why me?
Ballantyne, 33, doesn\'t like to be the focus of attention.
Heck, as a baby in her 90 s, she didn\'t even really play with Barbie, except for her sister\'s Sea World Barbie.
\"I thought she was a marine biologist and that\'s what I wanted,\" she said . \".
\"I think it\'s cool that she has a whale and she trains and takes care of it.
\"But the more she thinks of her role model as Barbie, the more she realizes it\'s an opportunity.
Growing up in the misipawistik Cree country in northern Manitoba, she didn\'t see herself on TV, movies or blonde hair of her sister
Barbie with hair
Challenging stereotypes and providing positive, empowering statements to indigenous peoples is a major breakthrough
As a filmmaker, now, as a writer, the lines in her work.
In November, she published her first book, Kerri Berry Lynn, about a very special Kerry girl and her seven loyal dogs.
\"As a child who looks like me, I don\'t have a hero, and I don\'t want other children to grow up with me, so I\'m going to put aside any discomfort I \'ve had in public forums, to make sure the children have this person, \"she said.
\"After I \'ve done it, I really appreciate that they chose me.
I want local children to grow up in their own humanity, which is often taken away when they are young.
About Ballantyne\'s status as a role model for Barbie, Aboriginal girls (A few more women)
Began to ask when she would \"buy her own Barbie \".
\"When I was studying at stracona school, I almost cried --
Mainly an indigenous school in Winnipeg.
A little girl said to me, \"if they make you a Barbie, I\'ll buy it right away.
Why me?
Why not me?
\"Now, she has organized a change.
It asked Mattel to create the first Kerry Barbie doll.
There are more than 1,300 signatures;
Actor Vincent d\'oroffrio, a personal hero of Ballantyne, even sent his support for her campaign with the label SonyaRocks.
Ballantyne has a specific vision for her Cree Barbie.
She did not want to see an ordinary \"Native American\" doll;
She wants a doll with a specific country.
In this case, Kerry-
Assigned to her.
She would also love to see an Aboriginal doll, who instead of wearing a deer skin or regalia, is dressed up as a modern Kerry girl.
\"I want her to wear a corset, jeans and a T-shirtshirt.
I\'m joking with my friend that I want T-
There is a fried container with feathers on the shirt that says \"chips in front of men\" but I want to shout --
My favorite character, Lisa Simpson, also has dolls made by herself.
The Doll said: \"Believe in yourself, you can achieve anything.
I want it to say that. \"In her 60-
Over the past year, Barbie has been both praised and criticized for setting an example for girls.
She changed from a miniature mannequin to an impressive professional woman, showing girls that they can be anything --
Vet, doctor, astronaut, fireman, pilot, ballerina, chef, rock star.
Still, despite the changes in her clothes, career, and even her face over the years, barbiermainflinlybarbie: blonde, small waist, big chest,
The message \"you can be anything\" seems to have an implied asterisk: * as long as you look like a Barbie.
Now, mattel\'s flagship doll has been greatly improved in size, height, skin color and hair texture.
As Ballantyne envisioned, Kerry Barbie seemed to fit.
A spokesman for Mattel made the statement: \"Barbie continues to pay tribute to a group of different role models that break boundaries and inspire the next generation of girls.
We are proud to work with Sonya and share her information.
Barbie continues to grow and currently offers the most diverse range of dolls on the market.
\"It remains to be seen whether or not CreeBarbie joined the line, but Ballantyne believes that her presence means a lot to children who are still growing up like her.
\"There\'s another reaction.
The Aboriginal ribbon that runs through everything in Canada, \"said Ballantyne.
\"The world I grew up in when I was a child is still the world my nephews grew up in.
My second nephew is no longer cute, he will be abused for being a native boy, or because this is a native girl, so these native girls will be sexualized.
This drives me crazy.
I just wanted to prove that the native Barbie doll from Mattel will contain information that you can do anything.
\"Yes, barantan will play with Kerry Barbie.
\"I would think it was the coolest thing,\" she said . \".
\"I was surprised by any representative of Kerry before.
I remember when Tom Jackson was in Star Trek: The Next Generation, as I was in Star Trek: The Next Generation.
I\'m still scared of Corey people doing something cool.
\"Since she\'s the one who does something cool, she wants her to inspire the rising generation of Aboriginal children to do whatever they want.
\"I\'m from rez and there are a lot of obstacles on my way to anywhere and doing anything,\" she said . \".
\"It\'s hard, but I did.
If that lets you know you can do it too, that\'s what it stands. \"jen.
Zoratti @ freepress. mb.
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