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in demanding hariri\'s return, lebanese find rare unity

by:QiMeng     2019-09-23
BEIRUT (Reuters)-
Lebanon is a country that has long been divided by sectarian conflict since Saad al-
Hariri was shocked to resign as prime minister: All Lebanese want him to return from Saudi Arabia and continue to serve as prime minister.
Hariri left Beirut on November for Riyadh.
The next day, he resigned in a speech, and even his closest assistant was caught off guard.
He noted that Iran and its Lebanese ally Hezbollah have created conflicts in the Arab world.
Senior Lebanese government officials and politicians close to Hariri say the Lebanese authorities believe Saudi Arabia has forced Hariri to resign and detained him against his will.
While some in Lebanon consider Hariri\'s decision to be his own and blame the crisis on Iran and Hezbollah, many others, including some of his longtime supporters, believe he was forced to resign.
The billboards and posters that asked him to return have already appeared around Beirut.
A huge billboard near the Beirut waterfront declared: \"We want our Prime Minister back . \".
Participants also responded to the request during the annual marathon in Beirut on Sunday. Some wore T-
The shirt with the face and message of Hariri: \"We are all waiting for you.
\"This year, there must be a lot of people telling him that we are waiting for you. God wants him to come back safely . \"
Khalil, founder and chairman of the Beirut Marathon Association, said.
Hariri took part in the Beirut Marathon last year, shortly after he was appointed prime minister of the coalition government, and after years of political tension and paralysis, the coalition government generated hope for stability.
Despite rising security concerns following Hariri\'s resignation, thousands of runners announced that both Lebanon and Hezbollah are hostile parties.
\"Sheikh Saad Al
The mayor of Beirut, Jamal Itani, said in a hat that says \"run for you\": \"Hariri represents all the Lebanese people . \".
He said the Lebanese wanted Hariri to \"return as prime minister \".
Saudi Arabia denied reports of Hariri, a longtime ally of Riyadh who was forced to resign.
It said he was a free man and resigned because Hezbollah gave orders in his government.
Hawkish Sunni politician Ashraf Rifi, who welcomed Hariri\'s resignation, said \"This has left Iran\'s project in Lebanon under official cover \".
Tensions between Hariri and Hezbollah are a defining feature of Lebanese politics, since the assassination of his father, Rafik al-2005Hariri. A U. N. -
A supportive court has accused five Hezbollah members of being killed.
Hezbollah denies any role.
But Hariri has twice shelved disagreements with Hezbollah, leading a coalition government, including the group.
\"We all love him, and even those who disagree with him now sympathize with him because, as you know, he is the prime minister of all the countries in Lebanon, not just the Sunni prime minister of the United States, yousef Sade Al SaidDeen, 40.
\"No one is allowed to make a decision for us, no matter who our president is, no one will be elected,\" he added . \"
Hariri near Beirut q al-Beirut
Jdideh, who posted the new poster, promised allegiance to Hariri.
Munir Khatib, in his 60 s, said Iran should be blamed.
\"As they said, he was not in custody,\" he said . \".
With its vast arsenal, Lebanon\'s most powerful Hezbollah has declared Saudi Arabia\'s detention of Hariri an insult to all Lebanese.
At Friday\'s rally, Hezbollah leader Saeed Hassan Nasrallah said he had to come back.
The \"Future Movement\" of Hariri\'s party also said that Hariri must return to Lebanon, calling him the leader of the country, and that his presence is crucial to maintaining the Lebanese system.
On Saturday, Saudi Arabia rejected the campaign against Saudi Arabia, which is also a criticism of Saudi Arabia.
Lebanon, where civil war broke out from 1975
90, is managed on the basis of a carefully balanced system that encircles the country along the sectarian route.
Many people say it\'s time for unity.
\"The War tells us that if we don\'t have a united team, the country will not succeed,\" said Arlette Dakkash, a Beirut resident . \".
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