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in makeover mode, burberry bets on new branding to boost sales

by:QiMeng     2019-10-09
Sarah White Parris (Reuters)-
It has a new fashion designer known for wearing Beyonce and is experimenting with monthly product launches on social media.
Now, Burberry is printing with the new logo through its famous camel check-
Fashion brands aim to offer their handbags and other goods the coveted prestige that LVMH\'s top luxury rivals such as Louis Vuitton have always liked.
It was a gamble because fans of British brands digested unfamiliar combinations of letters --
The theme of chain \"Ts\" and \"Bs\" pays tribute to founder Thomas Burberry
From the hoodie to the high heels.
But this transformation is also intended to restore stagnant sales, which also reflects an increasingly fierce struggle between the top
End brands attract young consumers in markets such as Asia, including instantly identifiable goods they can show off --
Leading to a recent surge in signs-
Burberry\'s competitors are also pushing the press conference.
Burberry\'s face-changing image will be tested for the first time on Tuesday, and sales in the first quarter should reflect a growing proportion of designs by former Givenchy star Riccardo Tisci
After first boarding the brand in last September
Analysts estimate that including the classic twists and turns of Burberry, such as a trench coat lined with small rings, the third item in the store should now have the imprint of Tisci.
Some are optimistic that comparable revenue growth will improve, from 1% in the past three months to 3%.
Burberry\'s new monogram range may account for only a fraction of it. The range includes a $690 tramp bag and a $400 baseball cap.
But it can be bet that the brand associated with the press conference caused a bigger sensation --
Activities featuring modelsof-the-
Gigi Hadid-
It should also help stimulate demand for other goods.
Although so far, including Chinese consumers, the largest customer base in the luxury industry, the response to design is different, at a time when Burberry\'s growth in mainland China has been lagging behind some peers.
22-22 said: \"This is a reversal of the design trend that attracts young people, and monogram looks very oldyear-
Old Kexin fans from Zhengzhou city in central China say she buys scarves from Burberry every year.
However, for others, print
Version with bolder, orange or green and brown-was younger-
It looks more funky than a traditional camel, black and red check.
Shanghai said: \"I am going to Burberry more now than shopping for my parents there during the past Spring Festival . \"
It is headquartered in Jinghan, 26.
At a New York store in Burberry, shop assistants say the series has been selling well.
\"A strong response in any form is usually a good thing,\" one added . \".
The use of a trademark is a minefield for luxury brands, and the excessive use of the trademark has the risk of damaging or reducing its image.
Burberry, under the leadership of CEO Marco Gobetti, is looking to move towards a more upscale market, but it was only recently that Burberry managed to fix its check printing, which was in early 2000.
But as consumers shift their tastes to more casual clothing, brands also have a lot of incentive to follow this route --
Create a demand for trademarks that Will luxury cotton T-
Standard shirt.
\"From a profit margin perspective, the brand\'s logo has a lot of value, and the price of the product increases with the logo,\" said luxury consultant Robert Burke . \".
Salvatore Ferragamo in Italy also wants to re-ignite sales growth, which is using a new small C-letter combination
The shape of the hook, or the \"Vicini\" in Italian, appears in metal form on its shoes.
LOGOMANIAFerragamo and Burberry may benefit from monogram fashion in the short term, a revival of the past three years of longevity, the common logo --
Triggered by tongue like Gucci and Balenciaga in Kaiyun-in-
Cheek 1990s backstarts to peak.
According to data from fashion trend prediction company WGSN, online luxury retailers in the UK have increased their offer for a single brand
In the first quarter of 2019, the logo project grew by 15%, down from 48% in the same period last year. \"Customers (are)
Celenie Seidel, senior women\'s dress editor at retailer Farfetch, said: \"a great response has been made to brands that have already started using logos as design features, incorporating them into print.
In the long run, Burberry hopes to improve its performance in the high-end market through pattern printing.
What brand of Leather goods:
Its sales grew by 38%, down from around 60% and 75% of industry champions Gucci and Vuitton.
For decades, both have exhibited recognizable monogram.
Its bet is that while remaining identifiable, monogram is more likely to be rejected into different shades than a camel check. (
Sarah White reports, supplementary reports from Pei Li in Beijing and Melissa Fares in New York;
Editor Mark Porter)
Thomson Reuters copyright 2019
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