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Cathy hollinfeb.
Milan, 2005, February. 24 -
The other night, half the time Gucci andra Facchinetti performed for Gucci, people\'s minds began to wander from the carpeted T-stand to the more mundane things in life here.
Should I make an appointment with a hairdresser?
What for dinner?
When the hippest label in fashion can\'t compete with the prospect of pizza, you know it\'s in trouble. Ms.
Facchinetti shows a look that may be described as a very Milan style: a hard wool jacket scraping the chin line, tight satin pants rara rugging on the back of high heels, and a black boss winking from a key holeslit jersey.
But Gucci is an international brand.
Facchinetti\'s vision is:frame one.
She needs to stay away from what Tom Ford does with Gucci and relax her cut, which makes her miserable and work harder to think about what Gucci should mean ---today.
Young women in prim white shirts and smart black skirts also don\'t sound so exciting.
But when the brand is Miu and the school brand is Miuccia Prada, you will know that innocence is just a front.
Under a plaid wool coat with a Mongolian wool collar, she put a white note on a black corset, a gesture from her model\'s arrogant face.
Hard leather bag on motorcycle chain.
Have a plush wool coat, including one of the soda
Popular grapes and lovely leather tams, stitched roughly with black yarn.
The detention hall of Miu is set up.
Angela Missoni has her baby. -
Margaret, Francisco and Teresa-
Backstage, she finished her accessories early, except for the look that Daria wiboye wore when she caught a cold.
Within an hour of her performance on Wednesday, she had lunch with several friends, her daughter and her boyfriend Bruno raziqi at Torre di pizza. Ms.
Missoni seems to have a destination to deal with everything calmly, and this attitude is reflected in her female, rustic dress.
Advertising allows fashion to re-capture the speed of early thinking-
In the 1960s S ,--
Don\'t look retro?
Christopher Bailey made the same suggestion Tuesday at his skinny, unaffected Burberry fashion show. (
He also finished the accessories early and gave himself two full weeks to design his series. )
Many in the industry believe that fashion in the past few years has been chaotic and aggressive, and clothing has become irrelevant.
Another season, another trend, and then how big? Advertising Lady
Sony has considered at least one woman\'s idea.
Her carefully selected plums are oversized sweaters and lanyard coats (
Including a doozy from Chevron. striped mink)
Slim-fit knitted skirt and skinny jeans with lavender and pink fluff.
On a printed dress gathered next to her, she has a lazy cardigan, and she is in line with the normal V-
Neck Top in gray jersey or with loose bells-
Silk top with coral and Brown printed sleeves.
Looks like there\'s nothing exaggerated or artificial, lady.
Missoni\'s latest print in the water, brown, and coral explosion circle is porn Sardinia-
Inspired mix of flowers and open sea urchins.
Alberto bianni has never had a time. -
He has been making clothes for 30 years. -
But now he has the advantage of keeping pace with the times.
On Wednesday, his performance in the Hall of the Diana hotel was like a previous one: Only some editors and social friends sat in banged-
Leather sofa, looking at fashionable clothes.
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The key is to cut: a black belt coat
Green gabardine, wide lapels, sharp and smooth back, sexy kick at the hem.
He showed off the product, with slim-fit trousers paired with a light brown stretch Huada, suede lint flats and a deep purple high-collar shirt.
Even if your posture is the worst on Earth, a Biani coat or coat will pull you straight and your poor mother will not nag you any more.
This is the way Sir.
Biani cut his pattern and put the sleeves back a little.
Another thing he did was to raise the hem a little behind his coat;
It puts some sauce on your steps. Ms.
Facchinetti took a lot of effort to cut her clothes like this
Known as the modern way.
She should go back to school and go back to Biani school.
The bleached plywood runway at MaxMara is a clue that the company, founded by the late Achille Maramotti, wants to think seriously about its legacy while consumers can come up with 100 reasons (flat-
Flat-screen TV, ipod, spa Travel
Don\'t buy clothes.
This reality does not seem to upset designers.
In fact, the result of trying to stay stylish in this town is that your clothes start to be like everyone else\'s, and then you might as well drive your customers to Shack radio by yourself.
MaxMara is famous for his coat.
It started like this 54 years ago, and it started like this today: an open rice white coat with lush fur edges and collars.
White runway, white stockings, white hood-
This is a pure statement of intent and a counter-attack against all the black and pale princess coats.
The identity of MaxMara is also rooted in classic sportswear, as well as camel coats --
The colorful llama, the Hallows and the sheep wool, have a good-
Cropped trousers, a slim skirt with tassels at the hem, and a really great mini jumper, dressed in a creamy popcorn knit sweater that looks as ubiquitous as a good design.
The TAFTA party dress is a miss, but in other ways the series asserted a point about fashion today: you \'d better know who you are or you\'re with someone else
Fendi is at a crossroads.
Karl Lagerfeld may or may not renew his contract.
He hinted that today\'s performance could be his last performance in more than 35 years after working in the Roman Tower. The wide-
The cut wool and mink coats of Renaissance colors have improved compared to last fall, but that doesn\'t say anything.
Some fresh ones.
Looks like a jersey dress glazed with metal beads, accessories are sturdy, especially semi-structured bags made of fabric and leather, shoulder
The white and chocolate brown strap style looks like a mini vanity.
But the crisis of Fendi\'s identity remains to be resolved.
The D & G show is a cute and sexy little coat and luxury top ---
Everything is small.
Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce are not far from the 70-year-old disco, but the fairy skirts, tight knit and gold-painted jeans have a tough sweetness.
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