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in puerto rico, a generator\'s buzz powers one singer\'s musical imagination

by:QiMeng     2019-08-30
Three months after Hurricane Maria destroyed the power grid in Puerto Rico, the long repair left thousands dependent on generators for power generation.
Home, hospital, shop-generator
There is obviously the imagination of music.
Singer Joseph Fonseca said he created a holiday merengue song inspired by the rumble of the generator.
He thinks he\'s ready for the hurricane season this summer.
He owns a propane generator and plans to use it after Hurricane Irma hit in early September and cut off power from his home in Caguas, south of San Juan.
\"It doesn\'t work when starting the propane generator,\" he said . \".
Instead, it kills out loud.
\"The sound is not good.
\"There is no repairman who can repair the machine because Hurricane Maria is already on the road for the second time.
He had solar panels, but some were blown away during the storm and others could not work without a grid.
So Fonseca bought a new hybrid machine that uses gasoline and propane as fuel.
Eventually, he got a bigger diesel.
He lives there with his wife and two daughters.
Fonseca said he relied on the generator for 45 days.
When he heard them buzzing, he wrote a song \"La Planta Nueva\" or \"new generator \".
\"Chorus\" means \"I will ask the three kings to bring me a new generator and it will not make noise when I turn it on.
In Puerto Rico in January.
The \"Three Kings festival\" is a religious festival marked by the celebration of the stories of the three wise men, with parades and gifts. In mid-
On December, Fonseca performed at the Christmas party at the Van der Burg San Juan hotel.
The bellmen in white polo wholesale t shirts wholesale and trousers greeted the guests in crisp shirts and elegant dresses.
Inside, Fonseca came on stage to open with his hit.
When he sang, he danced on the stage and pretended to pull the rope to start the generator engine.
The lovers held their hands and set foot on the choppy beat.
Outside, Melvin Munic had a glass of mogito.
Munic lives in Cidra south of San Juan and works in the planning and purchasing department of cocaCola.
\"This is our life in Puerto Rico now,\" Munic said . \" He still has no power.
\"I hope we have electricity before the new year.
\"Many people will not restore power very quickly. The U. S.
The Army Corps estimates that the earliest restoration of most of the power grid will take longer for remote towns by the end of February.
Fonseca said he saw the street light coming on a few weeks ago and was sitting at home.
Neighbors came out from home to celebrate.
\"I screamed and everyone screamed from the joy,\" he said . \".
Fonseca said he hoped Puerto Ricans who had experienced a slow recovery could hear his songs --
I wish you a happy holiday.
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