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in u.s. battle of election t-shirts, \'nasty woman\' rules

by:QiMeng     2019-09-26
Leila cexi, New York (Reuters)-T-
The term Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate for the shirt, \"such a bad woman\" is in Democrat Hillary Clinton. Clinton held a debate on Wednesday on the shelves of online retailers at the flying passenger, offering possible hints in November.
Election results.
The seller said on Thursday that demand came quickly and was unmatched within minutes of the end of the last debate.
\"Since last night, I have received an uninterrupted order,\" Penn Branch --
TIME graphic designer Nasheed Snyder talked about her T-
Shirt, simply designed with \"nasty woman vote\" and sold on Etsy.
\"It\'s incredible how well it\'s done this time. . .
No comparison.
\"Commodity retailers often see an increase in profits during the election season, as voters on both sides seek to support their candidates, especially in meetings, voting and this year\'s debate.
Transportation to Teespring
Com, a personalized T-that allows users to create, sell, and purchase-
The company said the shirt soared 40% in the second presidential debate and 120% in the third.
Republican candidate Maheesh Jain said that in the early days of the campaign, goods promoting Republican candidates had risen steadily.
Founder of online custom goods retailer CafePress.
Some of the most popular projects include the slogans \"I am a regrettable person\" and \"Hillary was put in prison.
At a fund-raising event in September, Clinton said Trump expressed hate speech through his actions as a candidate, \"You can put half of Trump\'s supporters in what I call the \'regrettable basket.
The next day, she said she regretted saying \"half\" and said she was \"very reasonable \".
\"In the past two weeks, after Trump made 2005 nasty remarks about women and launched an attack on women who accused him of sexual harassment or sexual assault, the popularity of these items has declined, jain said.
Trump has apologized for the comments and denied the allegations.
\"Right now, we definitely see a lot more of Hillary\'s merchandise selling BitTorrent,\" Jain said . \". Sales of pro-
Clinton\'s merchandise last week was 53.
Jain says BitTorrent is 5% higher.
After the third and final presidential debate on Wednesday, Trump\'s \"Nasty Woman\" comments gave a new line of life aimed at attacking him.
\"If Hillary Clinton is a nasty woman because there is a good chance she will be our next president, maybe it\'s not a bad thing,\" said Amanda Brinkman, who runs an online feminist.
Accessories store at Google Ghost center.
\"Maybe this is what you should wear as a badge of honor.
Brinkman\'s \"nasty woman\" T-
The shirt, which features this sentence, has sold more than 6,000 times since she was designed and released in Wednesday\'s debate.
The second one
In the history of her store, a pen earned 25 sales in one day.
Brinkman, from New Orleans, said she will donate half of her income to family planning for reproductive health providers, and Trump opposes family planning because it provides abortion services.
\"I think it makes sense to use his own words to sell a product that benefits family planning,\" Brinkman said . \".
Jayne said that in the past elections, her company saw a direct link between the most sold goods and the candidates who won the election.
\"Usually, whoever wins in the sales column will win the election,\" Jain said . \".
\"Now, we see Clinton winning the election. \"(
Reports from Laila Kearney;
Dan Grebler editor)
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