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\'indian women wear the same bra for years\'

by:QiMeng     2019-09-22
With a master\'s degree at London Fashion Institute, she worked as a stylist for designer Anna Singh, and she had a career three years ago.
Focus on research.
Her theme is the underwear industry in India.
You may ask why an industry that takes care of the needs of women\'s underwear in India needs special research.
\"Underwear is used by everyone.
Willing to experiment ()
The market share is only two.
\"Karishma saw the opportunity in two cents, even if it was an unchartered water and started her business in 2013.
Three years later-
After repeated trials-
She saw success for the first time.
The young designer presented her debut at the French European and Indian Fashion Week in Paris.
Jumani debuted at the Indian fashion show at Indian Fashion Week on March 18. The 28-year-
The old designer has a shop in Bandra, north west of Mumbai, she chats with s, talks about the lessons she learned during her unusual career, and the mistakes Indians make when buying underwear
When I was doing my master\'s degree in London, I was asked to submit a project in a field I love.
I took a picture of the underwear design, including styling the model and taking pictures with them.
The experience was exciting.
I realize this is what I should pursue in the future.
I have been working in fashion and design for eight years.
I can proudly say that there is a lot of room for experiment and creativity in the underwear industry, especially in India.
If you asked me this question 10 years ago, my answer is No.
But over the past few years, I \'ve seen a lot of young people, including fashion bloggers and stylists, promoting the idea of infirm as a trend.
It is encouraging to see girls wearing waist trousers.
I agree that the market in India is very small.
But it\'s definitely growing.
We have been inspired by the West;
In fashion.
We will follow up soon if we find something user-friendly.
It soon became a trend.
A few years ago, forget about celebrities. even Indian models don\'t like to wear bikinis.
Now you will see a lot of bloggers posting pictures online.
People gradually become confident;
Underwear is a fashionable coat.
Most women don\'t know anything about underwear and I feel very sad.
In my research, when I asked most girls what color of bra they would wear in a transparent white top, the answer was white.
The right color should be nude.
White will stand out.
Naked will disguise
Similarly, the measure of yourself does not make many women feel comfortable.
We provided this supplementary service in the store.
I believe most good shops do this;
But people are hesitant.
In their lifetime, they will wear bras of the same size, not knowing that the body is changing at every stage ---
From puberty to being a mother to aging.
Like the weather, your chest will change.
I know women who wear the same bra for years until it fades or wears.
For hygiene reasons, such as toothbrushes, it is important to change underwear every six months.
How much of what you wear every day is really done;
How can you ignore it? Woman, you must understand the importance of cable TV.
It helps to support your breasts, so find a breast that suits you.
You can try the color, but it is important to choose the right one. When you wear T-
Shirt or tight top with Seamless T-shirt
Shirt bra covering nipples.
You don\'t want the seams visible for your inner wear.
The right size is always required.
Measure yourself.
Find the right one for you.
Then you can play with the straps, colors and styles.
Once you are confident, you will want to try something new.
Most of my customers are brides.
And they like to wear suits.
They want to be customized according to their clothes.
I understand their needs because Indians are curved and everyone\'s body is different.
A body set helps to gather your flour and add shape to the body.
I used to work with a bride with a cup size of 33.
You can get a custom bra or body set when you are willing to go to the extra edges.
I am a creative person.
It was hard to think from a profit perspective at first.
I spent a lot of time playing with fabric, tailoring, designing, decorating without really considering the budget involved.
I will try these outfits because I believe I have to believe in my style and comfort before I speak for my customers.
I think it\'s really helpful.
My client does value my efforts and ideas in design.
I\'m also a little shocked that there\'s not much choice for underwear for moms --to-be.
I think women, regardless of age, have the right to dress in style.
It starts at RS 3,999 and offers up to Rs 21,000 for a custom luxury lingerie range.
In December, I was invited to design a style for a French film without a title.
So I\'m excited.
I already introduced it.
Draw bras for older women in my new series.
I plan to launch organic underwear in India.
But the project is still in its infancy.
The transaction for organic products is that they must be tested and approved before you Retail them.
It may sound strange, but I will tell them: make a mistake.
I learned from my mistakes, and so did you.
It is important to wear your clothes.
Many designs look good on paper, but not necessarily wearable or comfortable.
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