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inside uniqlo, the japanese company with designs on dressing the world

by:QiMeng     2019-09-04
On a cold afternoon in Midtown Manhattan, international tourists and New Yorkers are busy at the Uniqlo store on Fifth Avenue, reading a series of seemingly endless T-
Shirts, cashmere shirts and winter jackets.
Catastrophe 89,000-square-
Walking space is the largest retail store on the famous shopping street-
This is a symbol of the Japanese retailer\'s desire to expand and a study of its formula for conquering the new market.
Uniqlo sells everyday clothing, from jeans and jerseys to socks and underwear, and the price tag may leave the impression that its business is entirely for the pursuit of thrift. There are T-
A $6 shirt and a sweater for $30.
However, some shoppers at the New York flagship store are clearly willing to give up large sums of money for the sake of fashion: they carry shopping bags from luxury retailers such as Barnes New York, Fendi and Burberry.
There are also some handbags with signs of retail low-cost goods ---Gap and H&M.
The diversity of consumers that Uniqlo attracts reflects its meticulous engineering design, which is no accident.
Uniqlo\'s brand is full of popular charm, and its slogan emphasizes \"made for everyone \".
\"The brand is designed to be low
High cost clothing
Stylish with faded jeans and an Italian sports jacket worth $2,500.
It also attracts people\'s attention to its professional products, such as lightweight jackets and T-shirts.
Designed to provide extra warm shirts in winter.
How yanashi Yanai, founder of Uniqlo, pursues a bold goal: global hegemony, universal appeal, practicality and unique material are the key to understanding this.
Follow in the footsteps of auto giants Toyota and ubiquitous electronics
Uniqlo, Sony\'s latest Japanese company, has reached an unprecedented level in scale and scope.
In Liu Jing\'s view, Uniqlo will become the world\'s largest clothing company by the end of ten years.
By then, the brand\'s parent company, Fast Retailing, will have annual sales of $50 billion. -
He said it would be a sign of \"comfort.
\"We will be the overwhelming number one brand in Asia, and we will continue to implement the strategy of mass store launches to expand our territory,\" Yanai said at a press conference on last April . \".
\"Of course, we want to be number one in the United States. S. , if we can.
\"To turn this speech into money, there needs to be a big increase.
Fast Retailing--
In addition to Uniqlo, Uniqlo also has several smaller clothing brands including theory and J brands-
It is expected to reach around $12.
Annual sales this year are 5 billion.
This makes it only half the size of the current global apparel leader, the Spanish giant Inditex, which has a popular fast-
Zara fashion chain
Swedish fashion retailer H & M and ubiquitous American brand Gap--
Long-term dominant basis--
We are determined to stay ahead.
Zara has 1,800 stores in 73 countries across six continents.
Uniqlo is currently limited to Asia and the United States, Britain, France and Russia.
Some industry experts doubt that Uniqlo can achieve its ambitious goals.
\"Once you become a global behemoth, it\'s hard to evolve,\" said Margaret bogerif.
Founder and partner of consulting firm ACM Partners.
\"Growth is sexy until it\'s not.
When you are expanding, the biggest key to failure is to assume that all the things in common that make you successful will remain indefinitely.
\"Uniqlo\'s previous expansion failed.
In 2001, retailers focused on customers in the United States and the United Kingdom, but for a yearand-a-
Later, it closed the doors of most new stores and sales fell by half.
\"The first reason is that we lack brand awareness,\" Yanai told CNN ten years later.
\"Consumers don\'t understand our products and our mission.
\"Now Uniqlo is starting again.
At the end of last year, it opened 10 new stores in the United States, focusing on major markets such as San Francisco and New York, and plans to open another five this summer.
Uniqlo also has plans for Australia.
While Mr. Liu likes the rash statement that he has left an uncomfortable legacy in the United States, many industry experts believe he has the opportunity to achieve his goals.
\"They\'re only in 12 countries,\" Hana Ben-
Shabat, partner in retail division of consulting company. T.
Corny told the World mail.
\"They have a lot of potential.
\"Beyond the archipelago countries, Uniqlo began living in Japan in 1984, becoming a Unique Clothing Warehouse, touting familiar international brands such as Adidas and Nike.
By the beginning of 2000, Chennai had increased store-branded clothing across the islands and greatly expanded his chain, now with a shortened name.
Japan has fallen into a lost decade, a decade that has sown previously unknown unemployment and financial woes, and Uniqlo has called for people to be able to make themselves fashionable cheaply.
Many customers secretly shop in Uniqlo.
Lowering prices is sometimes fatal for Japanese retailers-
The product does not have a sign of enough prestige.
Uniqlo, which has long been burdened with a reputation for cheap rather than quality, has been committed to changing its image through a new strategy: trying to distinguish itself from a brand with all its brands
Inclusive appeal, affordable and ambitious at the same time.
Ya Nai challenged the status quo loudly in 2012 and opened a single 12-
The flagship store of Ginza, Tokyo\'s most luxurious shopping district.
But in recent years, Uniqlo\'s business in Japan has stalled, taking responsibility for opening up new overseas markets.
Uniqlo\'s latest wave of global expansion began three years ago when it opened hundreds of stores in Asia, introducing the brand to shoppers in China, Southeast Asia, South Korea and Taiwan.
Soon, it has almost four times as many stores in the region as Zara.
By November 2013, Uniqlo had strong sales in China, Taiwan, Europe and the United States, and its international operating profits had soared.
Masafumi Shoda, an analyst at Nomura Securities, pointed out that these sales helped make up for Japan\'s sluggish wealth.
Uniqlo\'s success has sparked controversy.
Journalist Masuo Yokota wrote a stern 2011 book, \"Glory and shame of Uniqlo\" accusing the company of making profits by taking advantage of low profits.
Garment workers in poor countries.
The book describes \"extremely demanding slaves.
For example, labor conditions in some factories.
Although the company is currently appealing the verdict, Fast Retailing sued the publisher for defamation, but ultimately dismissed the case.
In last April, a factory disaster in Bangladesh killed more than 1,100 people, and Uniqlo agreed to participate in a security agreement signed mainly by European retailers, including Inditex and H & M.
According to Uniqlo, although Uniqlo has business with other factories in the country, its clothes are not made in collapsed factories.
In addition to the potential stigma of producing clothing in poor countries, Uniqlo also strives to avoid the trap of re-emergence of large-scale sales --
Low price market products--
Views on the low quality of goods.
Unlike cotton T-rivals
Uniqlo has invested heavily in fabric technology, and shirts look like ordinary goods.
This focus is evident in its stores, and the prominent signage explains every unique fabric of the retailer, such as Heattech, which generates and maintains heat.
Its clothing is more like technology products.
Savvy businessmen like the gap found by Nike, Under Armour, than a lot of basic undershirts lulululemon.
\"Uniqlo was initially considered another cheap gap,\" Ben-Shabat said.
\"Essentially, they are not, they are investing a lot of money in technology and fabric technology.
\"Promoting and persuading customers that fabrics are more than just marketing gimmicks can be critical to their global expansion plans.
\"They have to make the difference clear,\" Ben-Shabat said.
A group of mannequins hidden in a studio in Manhattan stood --by-
On one side, from polo wholesale t shirts wholesale to wool jumpers, there are different types of minimalist clothing for each dress.
Overall, mannequin is a core element of Uniqlo\'s strategy to push its brand to the global level: they are modeling the spring 2014 series, this continues a concept that Uniqlo launched last year called \"living clothes\" as a clothing sales to improve daily life.
Uniqlo presents 11 latest projects in the studio-
Some made their first appearances and others transformed for the new season.
They include a super AIRism.
Soft fabric is thought to take away moisture, Bratop is a super
You can wear a light blouse without a bra.
Naoki Takizawa, design director of Uniqlo, is the person responsible for determining the charm of the masses.
He tries to produce clothes that anyone can want to wear, not a certain age group or personality.
\"A common standard is found globally,\" Gao said through a Japanese-speaking translator. \"That\'s my job.
Gao Ze said: \"The idea of pushing is to maintain a simple style so that Uniqlo\'s clothes can be integrated with the clothes of other designers.
He noted that Uniqlo\'s new collaboration with former supermodel and Paris fashion icon Ines de la Fressange is the prototype: These products effectively complement many other brands by maintaining simplicity and mass market access.
When I first met [De la creguet]
\"She is wearing a Prada jacket with a Uniqlo shirt and jeans,\" said Gao Ze . \".
\"This is not so much expensive as what it is.
Gaozawa has designed Sanzhai for Japanese fashion brands.
In his current incarnation, he did not pay attention to what happened at fashion shows in Paris, London and New York.
He said he wanted to push the fashion trend, not just to imitate other people\'s designs ---
Bashing for quick response
The goal of fashion retailers is to bring simplified styles from premium fashion shows to store shelves in a few days.
\"I think it\'s time to stop being a designer if you have a reaction,\" he said . \".
The huge flagship that takes Japan to Fifth Avenue looks and feels like a glittering center.
But in a fast new store, take the subway through the East River.
Developing the Brooklyn community, although much smaller, looks and feels almost the same-
This proves Uniqlo\'s obsession with detail.
Every store should be clean and orderly, exactly the same ---
This may be a contradictory concept in mass market retail, where a large number of businesses often result in untidy stores and a shortage of sales.
Larry Meyer, CEO of Uniqlo America, said: \"It is important that the store\'s execution is always consistent . \"S. A.
, A 21-year-old veteran, is the \"key architect\" of the trend of one-time fashion \".
\"Everything comes from Japan.
It is rooted in the culture of what we do.
\"Two strict employees
A weekly training program designed to streamline Japanese feelings for their daily maintenance.
The posture they are taught, the dress code, they have to smile. In the U. S.
Workers must wear all black clothes.
On the first day, they must remember the \"six standard phrases\" to be used frequently with customers \"(
\"Thank you for waiting\" and \"Hi, my name is Bill and I am here to help you. \").
Most importantly, they have to pass the folding test, which ensures that every employee is able to fold and stack clothes in accordance with Uniqlo\'s strict guidelines.
Each item must be folded in half and folded as straight as possible.
Stacks receives a letter rating from a to D.
Pincale Pinckey, a 25-year-old sales assistant, said the training program was exhausting.
\"I thought I was in the army,\" she sighed . \".
Tom O\'Malley, the manager of the Brooklyn store, said: \"When we return the credit card, we use two hands . \"
\"The fixture must be straight.
If I look down, it should be straight.
Persistence must be correct.
Dimensions must be arranged in order.
Colors must be arranged in order.
\"The color matching of Uniqlo is evident in the whole store.
The display of each piece of clothing is from shallow to deep.
Even a set of mannequin with a custom look must follow the same pattern.
Lynn Domercant, chipper 19-year-
The old man who worked at the Brooklyn store said that her previous daily tasks at Hollister were similar.
But Uniqlo\'s standards are more stringent.
\"If there is a shirt on this table and I walk through it, it\'s not a big deal,\" said Domercant . \".
\"You are held accountable.
\"Quandell Blake, a 24-year-old head of the unit, began to express his approval for the sentiment, but then stopped halfway. sentence.
\"Look at this. it\'s wrong here!
When he flipped the hanger in a dark green down jacket, he exclaimed.
\"The media should be behind the extra little.
The hanger is not heart shape either.
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