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insight-automakers race to lose weight

by:QiMeng     2019-09-06
Italy, Italy, November 18 (Reuters)-
Under the high ceiling of a factory in the emiliama field --
Lamborghini engineers are building a new supercar in romanne, northern Italy.
It is called Aventador and is described as the closest thing you can see on your way to the stealth fighter.
This is also a high
The automobile industry is forming an image symbol of the strategic battle.
Outline on the gray wall, worker wearing a black polo shirt, guide the black material into the vacuum with Lamborghini\'s golden raging bull logo
Control the cutting machine before pressing the workpiece into a huge mold.
These parts will be the chassis of Aventador, one of the first cars to manufacture the body with carbon fiber composites, a metal replacement valued by aircraft manufacturers for their lightweight scalability and strength.
Massimiliano Corticelli, technical manager of Lamborghini, said the materials gave the designer \"freedom to design actively \". The materials —
Synthetic fiber reinforced plastic
It will also allow such an important performance for Lamborghini drivers: 0-62 miles (100 km)per hour in 2.
Nine seconds at a maximum speed of about 217 miles per hour (350 km)per hour.
However, their potential value exceeds that of a few people who can pay the starting price of 263,000 euros ($355,000)
For a car with only 20 cars a week.
Partly due to the impact of emission reduction targets, the publicmarket auto-
Manufacturers need to make light cars.
In the next few years, the car
Automakers such as Peugeot, Fiat, Volkswagen and Daimler expect the use of aluminum to significantly reduce the weight of the car.
But the composite is 30% lighter than aluminum and 50% lighter than steel.
If the car manufacturer can lower the price
According to Volkswagen, the current cost of composite materials is at least 10 times that of aluminum and 30 times that of steel.
They want to be able to use them in the public. market.
\"We have been working on making lighter cars for several years, but by 2020, strengthening regulation to reduce emissions makes it necessary to move towards breakthrough solutions in reality,\" said Louis David . \", French car manufacturer Peugeot Citroen material expert.
There is progress.
Peugeot and other car manufacturers have made some small parts with composite materials, but have not yet used this technology for large parts.
But BMW plans to launch an electric vehicle by the end of 2013 made of composite materials made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP)
Lead in the game.
With the help of Susan Carten, Germany\'s richest woman, the luxury carmaker has been in close contact with Europe\'s only supplier of carbon fiber technology;
The company consolidated its stake this week by buying shares.
\"So far, no automaker has relied on carbon fiber as much as BMW does,\" said Reto Hess, who is responsible for the global automotive industry analysis of Credit Suisse\'s private banking sector.
It is not easy to launch the composite market on a large scale.
The EU hopes to reduce the average carbon dioxide emissions of cars manufactured in the region by 33% by 2020. to 95 g per km.
Most mainstream European automakers say the cost of the composite is too high to be used quickly on the vehicle.
Volkswagen\'s Volkswagen brand has this material in the prototype, but Ulrich harkenberg, head of Volkswagen Brand Development, said that the cost of finished parts per kilogram is between 30 and 50 euros.
In contrast, steel is only 1 euro and aluminum is only 3 euros.
He believes that a reasonable goal for the industry may be to reduce costs to 15-20 euros.
Fiat has been using composite technology.
Its Alpha Romeo 8C contains about 90 kg of things
But like other automakers, it is still exploring what the technology can do on a larger scale.
\"In recent years, mass production has had the opportunity to push like high-
\"High strength steel that has won the challenge with composite materials,\" said Fiat material expert Rosanna Serra . \".
But \"we know that these traditional materials do not support the challenges of the future.
They have limits.
\"Since April 2010, Daimler has set up a joint venture with Japan Dongli Industrial, the world\'s largest carbon fiber manufacturer, for its high
End, SL-Class convertible sports car.
Dongli said that it is imperative to expand its business to the automotive sector.
The company plans to accelerate the formation of carbon fabrics into auto parts by 2013 to provide Daimler with a new generation of components.
Cars made of carbon fiber components must meet the same safety standards as conventional cars;
David of PSA said the composite could cut the quality of the car by half.
But on the cost side, he is blunt: \"Today we believe that there is no competitive composite for the automotive industry in terms of cost and production rhythm,\" he said.
The company is taking \"baby steps\" to use these materials in vehicles that should be in the showroom by 2014 --
He expects the technology to become more popular by 2018.
BMW did not wait.
The company will not disclose its investment, but according to Der Spiegel, Germany, the company is developing the technology and its \"I\" electric cars and plug-in cars. in hybrids.
The whole vehicle made of carbon fiber composite will be available on 2013.
Its strategy is based on the view that wealthy trend car enthusiasts will be interested in electric vehicles, especially driven by government incentives such as city exemptions --
Congestion charges at the center.
The company says the i3 will reach 250350 kg (550-770 pounds)
Lighter than traditional cars of the same size.
It hopes that traditional driver customers can have a lighter chassis and even provide quality electric vehicles for urban driving.
The company is already working to reduce costs to a level comparable to aluminum, said BMW finance chief fririch Eichiner.
This can only be achieved through economies of scale.
\"Cost is a function of quantity --
This is still the driver, \"said Eichiner.
To this end, BMW has obtained fiber production capacity, which is equivalent to the consumption of the entire automotive industry last year, according to industry experts.
Since 2011, the company has purchased carbon fiber reinforced plastics through a joint venture with Germany, Europe\'s only major carbon fiber producer
Headquartered in SGL Carbon, signed on 2009.
To understand the scale, it is worth a look at the production chain of SGL.
Headquartered in Wiesbaden, southwest Germany, the company obtained pioneer fibers similar to those used in wool garments from a joint venture between Japan and Mitsubishi artificial silk.
They were transported for treatment.
Including baking at temperatures up to 1,400 degrees Celsius (
2,550 degrees Fahrenheit)—
To America.
Then they went to Germany to finish their studies. SGL says its U. S.
The factory will eventually produce 3,000 tons of fiber per year.
With the estimated 2-
All cars around the world used 3,000 tons last year, and all industries used about 35,000 tons.
SGL is already the majority.
Owned by Klatten, an estimated value of £ 8.
According to the German magazine Monthly Manager, 9 billion euros.
As the heir to the wealth of German industrialist Herbert Kunde, she and her family also have 46 people.
BMW 7%
The auto company\'s agreement with SGL came months after Germany\'s richest woman, Klatten, became SGL\'s biggest shareholder.
It was a strategic move, and on Friday, a BMW said it had bought 15, which seemed to have been capped.
Holds a 2% stake in carbon fiber producers. The carbon-
After the Cold War, when demand for expensive defense technology weakened, the fiber industry suffered a collapse, and now only about six manufacturers around the world can produce industrial-scale products.
SGL is the only major competitor in Europe, the main competitor is Japan
Taijin Dongli and Mitsubishi Chemical artificial silk business unit-
And the United States: zürk and Hexcel.
Optical fiber technology requires a high degree of expertise.
In this process, the slightest adjustment may alter the molecular structure of the fibers, potentially compromising the safety of the parts they enter.
At the fiber test production site in mettingen, Bavaria, SGL measures no less than 2,400 parameters every five seconds to monitor the process.
\"It may be easy to build the production site of carbon fiber, but it must be very complicated to operate,\" said Hess of CSFB . \".
SGL\'s position in Europe was highlighted in the title --
Klatten and the public have launched fierce competition for carbon emissions.
Fiber manufacturer.
Volkswagen, the owner of Lamborghini, Europe\'s largest carmaker, bought a 8% stake in SGL, and Klatten responded that she was \"keeping distance and alert\" to observe Volkswagen\'s behavior.
Since beginning in May, she has raised her shareholding to around 29%, giving her the right to veto strategic decisions from suppliers.
Combined with BMW\'s acquisition, the BMW camp will hold about 44% of the company\'s shares.
If the German financial regulator determines the joint action of Klatten and BMW, then their total stake in the new stock exchange will exceed 30%, which will trigger a mandatory comprehensive takeover offer.
A spokesman for Klatten said on Friday that she was not involved in the purchase of BMW and did not give advance notice.
Volkswagen now has nearly 10% vehicles.
A spokesman for Klatten said that she was \"satisfied\" with the shares currently held and that her position with the public had not changed.
The new stock exchange said it would not rule out cooperation agreements with other automakers;
But with speculation that it will become the subject of the acquisition, the company\'s share price has risen to its highest level in more than three years.
Now it\'s trading nearly 30 times as much as expected.
According to Thomson Reuters StarMine, the average multiple of European industrial stocks is close to 11 times.
Robert Koehler, SGL\'s chief executive, just said, \"The public has made it clear that they are eager for SGL to remain independent, \"BMW is under tremendous pressure for its carbon fiber composite concept of the\" I \"series.
We have a tight schedule.
Even so, bmw ceo Norbert rethers is still looking to the future.
He said the electric model series has a \"job that can be delivered because we want to use part of this technology in series development \".
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