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iron on 3d printed t-shirt design

by:QiMeng     2019-10-08
Do it yourself-Shirt with T-shirt
Shirt design printed from 3D printer.
PLA blocks can be easily ironed onto any fabric!
Required material: Blank T-
Tools Needed: 3D printer (FDM type)
Printed T-shaped iron ironing board
The shirt design is only about 1 piece. 8 to 2. 0 mm thick.
For your T-
Your design should not be a solid piece as a whole.
You should design it to rest.
The space between the pieces can be reduced according to your needs.
After printing the design, put the design on the ironing board.
The design of the iron and ironing board should be face down.
If your design includes words, you should have the words read from right to left so that, once ironed, they will appear in the correct left to right order from the front of the shirt.
Use a piece of aluminum foil on your T-inside
Shirt to prevent the design pieces from sticking to the two layers of the shirt.
Take your blank T.
Inside is a shirt with aluminum foil on your design.
Set the iron to turn off steam.
Plug in the iron and let it heat up.
I asked my iron to show up about 3/4 from full heating.
Pressing the iron will cause crushing and deformation of your design.
All you need to do is press the iron on the shirt.
Move the iron around your design every few seconds.
Use your hot iron for about 4 passes in each part of your design, then put the iron aside and let T-shirt cool. Once the T-
The shirt is completely cooled and the shirt is gently peeled off from the ironing board.
Check that each piece of the design is fully bonded to the shirt.
Put the shirt down and iron on any part that is not fully bonded to T-shirt.
Let\'s calm down and check again.
Custom Design T-
Ready to wear a shirt!
You can wash your new T-
Wash the shirt in the washing machine with cold water.
Only 3D T-
Shirt in the washing machineout.
Don\'t dry in the dryer! ! ! Let air dry.
If you notice the shirt peeling design at any time, you can iron it again to re-
Combine the design with the shirt.
A simple way to re-
Iron your shirt in-out first. Slip your T-
Wear a shirt on the ironing board so that your designed face is placed down on the board and the back of the design is exposed (back of T-
The shirt should be on the lower side of the ironing board).
Iron until the pieces rebonded with T-shirt (
Turn off steam! ).
Make custom T-have funshirts!
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