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is it okay for men to wear shorts to work? how to dress for a heatwave

by:QiMeng     2019-10-09
There is always a debate going on every year-when it\'s hot outside, is it okay for men to wear shorts to work?
Due to the typical junk weather in the UK, there is not much room for errors in office dress.
However, once you breathe the word \"Heat Wave\", norm goes out of the window and office fashion etiquette melts indoors-sunglasses? Sure. Cargo shorts?
Go ahead. It\'s steaming outside. Don\'t you know?
It can be said that in hot weather, the rules of what to wear in the office are much more flexible for women.
From a light snow spinning skirt to a comfortable skirt, it looks and feels cool at this mild temperature.
For men-often see drops of black pants and long pants in the ground --
Long-sleeved shirts are not always that easy.
While men are also very welcome to join the hype of maxi dresses, it is understandable that this is not something everyone likes.
So the only solution that can now be considered to be a national crisis is that men wear shorts to work.
However, due to the causal relationship of shorts, not all employers believe that shorts can be classified as \"smart casual wear \".
But can men wear shorts in the office? If not, how do you nail the heat wave office fashion without sweating before you go for lunch?
Unfortunately, there is no direct answer to this question.
Employers don\'t have to let you wear shorts, but they should have a clear policy of not wearing them completely, according to the employment advisory service Acas (
Services for consultation, mediation and arbitration).
\"Employers may have a policy that sets reasonable dress and appearance standards for their organization,\" Acas said.
Any dress code should be right or wrong.
Discrimination should be applied equally to men and women.
\"So, be sure to double check your company\'s clothing policy before diving head enters beach clothing mode for the first time.
If the dress policy is still unclear, a good compromise is to wear shorts when you\'re sitting at your desk and carry a smart pair of pants with you when you have important meetings.
Yes, it can be said, but the law allows employers to have different dress codes for both male and female employees.
\"Standards may be different, for example, a policy may stipulate\" business attire \"for women, but it may stipulate that men must wear ties,\" Acas said.
\"It doesn\'t seem fair, but let\'s not forget that women also have to follow the dress code and are constantly regulated by the length of the skirt or the height of the high heels.
Glad you asked-here are some tips on how to heat up office clothing: Do you know the wool lined suit coat you \'ve been wearing since the interview 15 years ago? Ditch it.
Choose light and loose
It\'s a suit coat that fits.
It makes you look professional and doesn\'t make you feel like a human kebab. Short-
Long-sleeved shirts are a godsend in hot weather that will free your arms (probably).
Please remember, short
Long-sleeved shirts may not fit in every office, but make an argument to your boss that a plain white shirt is as professional as you will get.
White is your best friend this summer.
Dark clothes attract the sun and make you sweat more, so choose a bright color.
And, if everything fails, wait until you faint at your desk due to heatstroke and pray that your boss will give you some form of compensation-or at least let you wear shorts.
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