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is your sports kit sexist?

by:QiMeng     2019-08-29
When every woman thinks of her school sporting goods, she is afraid: she is ill.
Fitted plimsolls, itchy polo wholesale t shirts wholesale and a pleated \"skort \".
As a child, I \'ve never had a natural athletic ability, and the kit is ranked high on the list of reasons I don\'t want on the field frozen sludge. (
The situation is even worse at our rival school, which makes it the tennis team to wear in school
Purple trousers. )
Our gear is uncomfortable and unflattering, and it seems to us to wear as little time as possible.
Ten years ago, I tried to go through a tennis ball wearing tight-fitting hot pants that I rarely saw outside of the cat doll video, and I found myself watching and reporting an amazing international tennis match.
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