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it’s all very quiet at the printing shops

by:QiMeng     2019-09-12
Georgetown: for the printing factory operators, despite the \"ka-
Ching \"is not loud yet.
Many politicians can\'t start printing their elections.
The operator of a printing factory said that the relevant materials as their candidacy had not yet been finalized and that he would just like to be called Ah Thye.
\"I have received inquiries from many potential candidates but they have not placed an order yet.
\"My business will improve in the next few days,\" he said . \".
Attiyah said that some political parties will announce their candidates a day or two before the nomination date, so it is difficult for him to be prepared as necessary.
\"Since I don\'t know if the candidate wants me to print their election materials, I can\'t order extra print paper in advance.
\"In addition, the competition in this industry is quite fierce,\" he said . \"Aiko Tan (pic)
The manager of another printing house said that her company has not received any orders so far.
\"It\'s a bit quiet right now, but I think business will get better as the nomination day approaches.
\"Some people will feel that it may be cheaper to print materials in China, but I don\'t think candidates will choose because of time constraints,\" she said . \".
Tan said it is important to comply with the deadline because the campaign time is very short and she has to submit the order the next day or even the same day.
Hadi Abu Osman, owner of Printhero Malaysia, said he received several orders for button badges with party logos and party flags, but did not receive personalized items with candidate names or photos
Potential candidates for MCA, Gerakan, and DAP said in contact that they had not ordered the election yet --
Relevant material as they are unable to confirm if they have an objection.
MCA\'s potential pengaran Kota candidate, linevey Bock, says his team is still finalizing the design and can only place orders after the nomination day.
Deputy Gerakan, Penang
Likely to be in the competition at Pantai gerrezak\'s chairman, Wu Tong Koon, said that his service center had only the banner of balasan nasenar left in past elections.
Komtar MP Teh Lai Heng said he will print about 10,000 transcripts, recycling bags and T-
If he is selected to defend his seat, the shirts and other personalised items of his team members.
\"Items, including billboards and banners, are expected to cost about RMB.
For the state seat candidates, we also have to pay $10 000 for the party\'s standard package.
\"My money usually comes from donations from my supporters and the public,\" he said . \".
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