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it\'s time to eliminate bro-culture from the tech industry

by:QiMeng     2019-08-27
So when I heard about this
Hahathis said in some of techcrunchthe\'s speeches over the weekend that a group of people think they are sex-discrimination people, and I think, why everyone is wearing underwear, the \"tit\" behind all this for one
That is to say, the brothers are staring at the milk to take pictures.
\"CircleShake\" is also an app that measures the difficulty of a person shaking a phone, like, you know, requiring a man to stand up and simulate.
Then, the company fired the CTO internally and posted some trivial \"offensive\" tweets, such as, \"Feminism in the tech field is still the champion topic of my blacklist.
My fingers are tired.
\"Really, so, ladies, these guys just have a little fun as brothers.
I\'m totally tired of the girls getting excited about something like this. Seriously.
Brother wants to have some fun and make money.
You have to laugh with them.
Men need their brotherhood.
Brother must be brother.
The girl who complained about the incident was simply a ruin.
You\'re not going to find friends for beer.
You shouldn\'t have started.
About the brothers. workers.
It\'s totally pointless and disruptive, ladies!
Sure, it\'s all PC\'s to make sure you \"diversify\", but start --
Ups must start.
See, they can\'t be tied up by a bunch of old school, outdated people about who they have to hire.
They must be fast.
They have to be fluid.
They must be able to hire the best people for the job.
Even if it\'s a girl sometimes.
The people they need to get it
Not segeris.
It doesn\'t even work to see this.
But I am one of them in real life.
One of the feminists
The feminist I am talking about is a woman who supports women.
Not a woman who wants to stop progress.
Not a woman who hates men.
Not a man without a sense of humor.
Oh sure, I can bring it with the best bad boy.
I can be with men in the first place.
After a hard day, I had a few beers.
I can laugh at the occasional dick jokes, just like I can laugh at the occasional dick jokes.
But I\'m the one who really cares.
So I was desperate when I saw something like this.
How does it happen when I talk about start
Starting in 1996, I remember I was shocked by the blatant gender discrimination.
No, I\'m not talking about everyone.
But definitely the most certain.
It\'s obviously a man\'s world.
Women can come, but only if they follow the rules of men.
It\'s only cool if you can roll with your brother.
This is the beginning of the point-
I think, well, this is a new industry that was born by men.
Leading the world of technology. It’ll change.
Now 16 years have passed, guess the boys-
The only sign of the clubhouse has been turned off. to bros-only.
Brother culture is hard
Connect to many, many starts-ups.
I\'m obviously not talking about everyone.
But, at a major industry meeting, men can stand in the room, simulate masturbation, and talk about milk, which does illustrate something.
These events are not random.
Such things and worse things always happen when the door is closed and the car is built.
In fact, they perform in public, which is the symbol of the times: this is the title of friends
In many circles, culture is not only acceptable, but even acceptable.
Even a little \"fun \". However, maybe-just maybe—
These events will be a turning point.
Because people are complaining.
The CTO was fired.
Technical analysis of panels. It’s a start.
Naming the problem is the beginning.
I talked to a lot of women in the tech world about this;
Almost all people can tell me the feeling of being rejected in a variety of ways, maybe the man doesn\'t even notice: only the party where the man is invited;
The language used by the CEO is like \"brogramming \";
In most cases, promotion is rejected or closed.
If they say what they do, they are told \"it\'s too sensitive \".
Of course, they don\'t want to complain loudly either.
Because guess what will happen, they will be avoided.
Or they were fired. Both.
No one has a magical bullet solution yet;
Of course I don\'t.
Like many difficulties in life, there is no magic button. There’s no app.
There is no magical binder full of women.
We certainly can\'t have it all.
Instead, like most things in life, the solution lies in gradual, macro and micro-changes: encouraging girls to accept science and engineering;
Guiding women;
Funding Companies.
But the best and simplest is to observe our behavior.
When you are at home alone, it is good to \"boy will be a boy.
But brother, the next time you want to hire a brogrammer or ask your colleagues to go out and eat brunsky, please think about what you are talking about.
It seems harmless. But it isn’t.
It sends a message.
Let\'s hope that the next time a CEO is recruited, he will surpass his personal network.
Maybe he will open a woman\'s binder.
Maybe two or three times.
Maybe when the number of women is about the same, these women will feel comfortable and be accepted enough to tell men when they do something they don\'t know is sex discrimination, but really.
Perhaps these women will start their own companies more and more.
Perhaps venture capital will provide them with more and more funds.
Maybe 10 years later, we will have female CEOs who can choose to go to work in crumpled polo wholesale t shirts wholesale and kha cloth --
That\'s okay.
Maybe when someone suggests an app that devalues women, one of them stands up and says, \"brother, no.
\"Maybe the brothers will do the same.
Janet Cohen Bloom, a journalist and media trainer, is an undisguised feminist.
She wants to hear from you.
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