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\'it\'s too hot\': shanghai wilts in record-setting heat wave

by:QiMeng     2019-09-11
The temperature in Shanghai reached Wednesday. time high: 105.
According to officials here, it is 4 degrees.
This is the hottest day since 140, when the government began recording.
China\'s big cities are in the hottest summer of all time.
Usually at noon, the bustling streets were almost empty, and thousands of people went to the hospital for relief.
To find out how people deal with heat waves, I was wading in a public pool in the city\'s Hankou district.
According to the thermometer I brought, the temperature in the shade was 98 degrees earlier in the afternoon.
About 200 people play and swim in the pool, hit and cool under the mushrooms.
Waterfall in shape
Given the high temperature and the large population of Shanghai, these numbers seem to be small.
Song Zicheng, 17year-
The old classmate walked out of one of the water slides and explained, \"everyone is home.
It\'s too hot, \"he said.
\"It may rain in the future,\" he added with hope . \".
In other words, Shanghai is too hot for most people to even go to the swimming pool. Long-
The constant heat wave is not just the past week;
Constant high temperature.
According to the state\'s data, on July, the temperature for 24 days was 95 degrees or higher
Shanghai Daily.
More than 10 people have died in the heat.
Song has a grandmother in her 80 s who refuses to leave her home most of the time.
\"She can\'t stand the heat,\" he said . \"
\"Only when it gets dark will she go out.
The National Meteorological Center of China said,
The transmission of heat waves is driven by climate change, building density in Shanghai, population growth and shrinking green space.
Dong and Jia came here in their teens.
When Shanghai was much smaller, it was 1950.
Mr. Dong, 74, said one reason the temperature is so high today is that countless skyscrapers in the city are trapped by the heat.
When we were young, we were low.
The tallest building, he recalls, is an international hotel with only 24 floors.
\"These international hotels now look like little brothers compared to skyscrapers, which continue to grow and affect the airflow.
\"Heat affects all kinds of behavior here.
During peak hours, the sidewalks are dotted with brightly colored umbrellas, which are held by Chinese women who usually use umbrellas as shade in the hot summer.
I took a taxi earlier this week and the driver covered half of the windows with a newspaper to keep the sun shining.
In order to figure out where I am, I have to shake the window regularly.
Inevitably, the high temperature has caused losses to some enterprises.
Fruit vendor Zhang Deliang usually puts his apples, peaches and sunscreen on the sidewalk around 10 every morning and packs them around midnight.
These days, he gathered around 5 in the evening. m.
Because it\'s too hot. Zhang, a 46-year-
The old man from central China\'s Anhui province says the weather has cost him customers and money.
\"The fruit rot fast,\" said Zhang, wearing a purple striped polo --
The shirt was rolled in his ribs.
Cage used to cool the stomach
A style of work in summer
Chinese men.
\"People won\'t come out when the temperature is high,\" he said . \".
\"They just sit inside and blow the air conditioner.
Zhang said it was the longest heat wave in his 20 years in Shanghai.
Forecasters say he and the city of 23 million people will have to continue suffering, at least until this weekend.
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