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\'it was already dead\': group defends shocking video showing baby shark being used as bong

by:QiMeng     2019-09-22
Warning: A fisherman and a host of a popular Facebook group used the body of a dead shark as bong, which caused widespread criticism on social media.
This shocking video appears on a popular Australian deep-fried fishing group showing the man holding the body of a small shark, a tube stuck on its head and another tube
Then, the man lit the pipe and sucked it in front of his breath and seemed to be laughing and talking while the \"little shark\" children\'s song was playing, news. com. au reported.
The group defended the post, explaining that the shark \"was caught by my companion while we were fishing for Mangrove Jack on Friday \".
\"After two nights in the ice box, I came up with the idea.
That\'s the impossible way to live.
\"In a subsequent post, the Australian fish company said the complaints led police to visit the man in the video.
\"I just want to thank a bunch of idiots who complain about the police visiting,\" he wrote . \".
\"I quit, to be honest.
\"Facebook is known for posting bloody pictures and videos of marine life captured by a person who was once identified as a commercial fisherman Billy britherland.
Mr Brislane posted photos of himself after capturing five bull sharks in a day on the Macleay River.
These posts are featured by the Fry fishing group.
Deep-fried fishing also clarified that the substance smoking through dead sharks is not illegal drugs, but legal tobacco.
\"I would be happy to take a drug test to prove it was tobacco.
\"In another video recently released, a man who looks like Mr briislane holds a live fish on his nipples until it bites him and he drops it
Despite some support from the fishermen, the article caused a negative comment.
\"If the media and any B * hurt someone who was offended on Facebook,\" one fan wrote on Facebook . \".
\"They are Billy! !
\"Start doing FF fishing charter flights and push the mice out of the boat,\" another commenter wrote . \".
\"Come on some fried fishing shirts and I\'ll buy one!
\"Other reviewers were not impressed by this, and they wrote:\" It can\'t be said that I will buy any flakes from the take-out soon.
\"I hope all the professional fishermen will not handle our food like this. \"Yuk.
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