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j.c. penney showers love on young men with apparel launches

by:QiMeng     2019-08-25
If you\'re 25
The one-year-old budget work brother once valued appearance so much. stodgy J. C. Penney (JCP -Get Report)
Now you can hang some cool lines on its shelf.
After a year of targeting female shoppers, the shoes and handbags department, the new appliances department and more Sephora cosmetics stores have been strengthenedC.
Penney has launched several models.
Target the millennial men\'s dedicated clothing collection before the holidays.
One of Russell Simons\'s latest works is \"Argyleculture\" (photos below), which J. C.
Penney said it is a blend of urban traditions and modern American sportswear for young professionals.
In other words, think Gap (GPS -Get Report)
Sweater, but Russell Simmons, the media mogul, has injected a lot of cool.
The price of polo wholesale t shirts wholesale and trousers is $24. 99 to $31.
99, when the sales price is valid.
\"Argyleculture is for fashion city graduates who are motivated and passionate about developing a successful career.
Through with J. C.
Penny, we have the opportunity to provide a new dress experience for young and mature professionals . \"
Another new young manC.
This fall, Penney will highlight the MSX of Michael Stran.
Former New York Giants defender will host TV with J. C.
Penney\'s main feature is affordable sportswear.
Yes, it means that millennials men want to have weekend brunch in a stylish way, cheap and stylish.
Eliminating love for young people will be a decree
J. was launched on October. C.
Penney said, \"eclectic, stylish. \" A t-
Shirts make shoppers $12.
99, a motorcycle jacket for about $59. 99.
This may be a good idea. C.
Penney is looking for millennials to help enhance the overall strength of men\'s wear.
According to Euromonitor, men\'s wear sales increased by 13% from 2010 to 2015, as the number of men more focused on grooming has been steadily growing in the United StatesS.
As millennials have grown rapidly in their post-university jobs, their disposable income has also increased, which has also stimulated clothing spending.
\"This group has a lot of spending power and is very opinionated about the style and fit of his clothes,\" said John Tighe, chief businessman at J. Tighe. C. Penney. J. C.
Penney, under the leadership of CEO Marvin Ellison, played its affordability in a wider range of clothing.
The second of the companyquarter same-
Store sales rose 2.
2%, more than most clothing competitors in the mall.
Growth has been achieved in all months of the quarter. Top-
Sephora cosmetics, household goods, footwear and handbags are also growing.
The customer traffic increased, and the brick feeling on the trend continued to decline-and-
Retail space for mortar.
Maybe Gap will come from J. C.
Penney\'s script-
Develop an affordable fashion route with influential people like Michael Stran and Russell Simmons-
Maybe it won\'t be so bad.
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