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j.j. lee on menswear: cool in front of the clients

by:QiMeng     2019-09-01
Q: I always disagree on how to look professional in the office and stay cool during the summer.
We are business casual, but I have been in front of clients and will inevitably look like a mess with sweaty\'s back in 2 P timem.
Michael, what are some of Toronto\'s staples? np-related]
Personally, I don\'t sweat. I only glow.
I admit that I used to get stuck over time, but it was just to entertain my colleagues.
As we all know, I have a shirt hem on my belt and my sleeves roll up like a loader.
I had a good situation: partial absence
Woody Allen, a brain-minded professor, is so sexy.
Of course, when I think about it, I really don\'t have day work anymore.
Have I ever mentioned that anyway, what you need to understand is ugly sweat, confusion is a state of mind like external factors.
Here are some tips for clothing that will help you look and feel cool: 1.
Khaki en absorbed the summer staple of khaki cloth.
In warm weather, its light color can serve you very well, but the trick is not so stiff.
The Kha cloth is designed for battles and camps in the jungle and desert.
In a pair of chinos (
That\'s what Americans call them.
People should expect the wearer to look crumpled.
But don\'t believe me.
I turned to editor Christian sunswald. in-
Influential fashion blog Ivy-Style. com.
He responded, \"it sounds like he needs an air conditioner.
As for the pants issue, yes, the kha pants are casual pants and I think they look ugly when they are pressed down or you want them to stay that way. ”Hear, hear.
The style of ironing sharp front creases into one pair is as old as the horrible wedding photos of more than 1990 groomsmen wearing trailblazer, pink tie and double tie
Pleated chinos when smoking cigars (
Wait, those are my wedding photos).
In any case, put down the iron and leave the board.
Instead, make your work simple
After the cycle is over, remove the kha cloth from the dryer and hang it.
They will be rough and prepared for business leisure. 2.
Once you have received wrinkles, a mixture of linen or linen will appear in the picture.
The Banana Republic provides an ordinary practical linen trousers with a patterned shirt and a beautiful linen/cotton herringbone trousers (both $85).
Bonus tip: If you cooperate
The workers pointed out that your pants were really wrinkled and told them it was linen, even if not. 3.
If you don\'t like beige, consider white pants.
Joe Fresh brings very slim summer whites every year ($59)
It\'s too cold. they need fresh cream and cherries.
Their visual clarity, coupled with the fact that they never show wrinkles in the intense seasonal light, is something they cannot overcome.
Joseph Mimran, creative director at Joe Fresh, said, \"matching it with the right top is the key. A full-
Walking on the Boulevard in Cannes, the white orchestra may be suitable, but may not be suitable in a professional setting.
I have always liked a navy sport jacket with white slim trousers. ”4.
The saddle UPPolo shirt adopts the traditional Pique weaving method (a crease-
Waffle-like pattern)
It\'s hot, wrinkled-
Induced activities such as playing polo.
According to Victoria Kirk of the Banana Republic, they are \"your classic\"
Used for day-to-day office clothing, but updated it seasonally in some hot summer days such as pink, turquoise, apple green or mandarin orange ($50).
White is classic, but the color of neutral linen or chino pants can refresh your summer dress.
Polo shirt ($68)
It\'s a slightly snazzy cotton replacement with great stripes. ”5.
The real trick to lifting it to a sharp, hot weather look is to pair the simplicity with a sparkling treble.
Chensvold said, \"Don\'t underestimate the power of a great accessory even if everything else is basic.
I have a Madras (
Color, cotton, patchwork)
Belt, faded sailing
The crocodile of the inspired rope belt and carving engine-
Silver buckle.
\"The other big option is the bear coat. The right half-
The lined jacket is a great thing when the customer enters the door.
A color, says Mimran, \"in any . . . . . . Business wardrobe can play a big accent.
\"I want to see his neon orange jacket ($189)
\"Slim dark denim fabric.
\"Not only can it cover up the neatness of the working day, it also provides a\" fun but still professional look \". ”6.
If it doesn\'t fit, it\'s futile to tighten everything above.
One of the biggest reasons for the summer clothing mess is the oversized, loose clothes.
This may sound a bit counter-productive.
Intuitive but extra fabric around your legs or body will make you sweat more, create more wrinkles and make you look messy.
Keep fit decor and tidy and comfortable. 7.
Finally, wear shorts. No, don’t.
I\'m pulling your bare legs.
Unless your name is Scooter and you wear peas with propellers, avoid them at work.
Go ahead in this case, because the profession is clearly not your goal.
Questions about JJ\'s visit to jjlee. com/askjj.
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