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jcpenney shreds brand equity along with unsold ralph lauren merchandise

by:QiMeng     2019-09-03
In WTF: JCPenney (JCP)
Employees are instructed to discard unsold items from the exclusive American Life series produced in collaboration with Polo Ralph Lauren (RL).
After receiving instructions to destroy a batch of goods, the staff of the Beaver Valley Mall in Pittsburgh immediately boarded the horn to the local TV station.
Has irony means of IS,misguided)
Company policy is part of JCP\'s efforts to maintain brand assets. If management (
In RL and JCP)
It took me some time to think about the effects. -
Come up with a more creative solution-
They won\'t be in deep PR right now.
There is no doubt that Penney wants to continue to enjoy the shiny glow of the collaboration with Lauren, an American design icon with a little stone to gold.
However, when Texas
The US-based department store chain issued this statement through a spokesperson: for companies like us, your brand is your most valuable asset in our business.
It is most important to protect this brand.
There are several projects in the American Life brand, and if there is a brand name on the product, our policy is to destroy it.
It sounds like Penney drank too much of Lauren\'s wine. white-and-blue Kool-Aid.
In fact, the agreement between retailers and designers (
With $1 billion worth of carrots hanging in front)
It is stipulated that unsold clothing and household goods with labels and signs must be destroyed, which cannot be removed without damaging the goods.
Popular news Google cloud service disruption missing connadik state mom Virginia Beach shooting protesters interrupting Harris, no doubt Ralph and the company touting their senior ponies is a tough decision
Printed on a downstairs aisle.
Department store market.
Designers solve this problem by designing a brand new logo (with an eagle)
Also hit a loud name
The subsequent ads are in real RL style and everything is fresh
Facing the model shooting in a club environment full of artistic atmosphere.
So Penney got the brand cred without all the premium clothing and higher prices.
However, in order to save hispony-
Clothing and household goods sewn from T\'s cheap warehouseJ.
Maxx and law enforcement judge (TJX)And a lot (BIG)-
This is a fairly common practice among retailers with excess inventory-
Lauren wrote that little vandalism clause in his contract with JCP.
Ralph Lauren can easily come up with an alternative, ecology
But a friendly solution.
The company\'s initiative to provide tents for survivors displaced from the Haiti earthquake immediately came to mind.
Why not use the leftovers for tents?
Or, if not, send unsold bedding, shirts and baby clothes to the emerging refugee camps around Port-au-Prince.
Or, put it locally and send it to a human habitat in RL.
Tax is written. off and a feel-
Good public relations.
Better yet, the JCP team can develop solutions independently.
Take a page out of H & M\'s script and retailers may be busy designing and manufacturing the ecosystem
Friendly Fashionforward line (
At a low price point)
Distract customers from the disaster.
Image of Jcpenney.
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