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joe fresh shirts produced for pan am volunteers recalled due to defect

by:QiMeng     2019-08-28
After discovering that the logo may wear out after washing, the Pan Am Games organizers are replacing thousands of shirts for volunteers.
Spokesman Kevin Dev said in an email to Canadian media that nearly 60,000 polo wholesale t shirts wholesale were ordered for volunteers.
These costumes are made in China by Canadian affordable clothing brand Joe Fresh.
Dove said that after a paid staff member of the uniform distribution and certification center cleaned the uniform in April 28, this \"slight wear\" was first noted \".
This prompted further testing and decided to update the logo on all polo wholesale t shirts wholesale, he said.
Dev said the new shirt will be delivered as soon as possible.
More than 23,000 volunteers are expected to participate in the Olympic Games.
Toronto and its surroundings will host the Pan Am Games in July 10-26.
The Copan games in the United States began in August. 7 to 15.
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