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just for cats film festival coming to ottawa

by:QiMeng     2019-09-18
You can\'t put a cat, but you can put a cat lover.
They are coming to Ottawa this summer.
Kim Elmslie of the Federation of Canadian Humane associations said that the exact date and location have not yet been determined, but the event will be a fundraising event for the CFHS and the Ottawa Humane Society. (
View all dates across Canada. )
This festival will gather humans to watch popular cat videos on the Internet, including grumpy cats, Lil Bub and my favorite cat stars, the cat only film was created by the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. Has always been the center of fundraising activities for cat health and shelter programs in North America.
Toronto date on the Cross
The Canadian tour in April will be presided over by the Prime Minister\'s wife Lawrence Harper, a staunch advocate of stray animals and shelters. If Mrs.
Harper was at the Ottawa Cat Film Festival and one must have hoped that she would go with her husband because there was nothing more lovely and adorable than Stephen Harper.
There is no shortage of cat videos that programmers can choose from.
It is widely believed that cat video accounts for almost all Internet traffic, except for the small amount of content occupied by pornography and pirated music.
The number of cats is amazing, and while people may think of grumpy cats as stars, my lazy research shows that it is a leader with over 73 million views.
Think about how it reacts when the kitten\'s stomach is itchy. (
Why does this remind me of Rob Ford)
Regardless of Youtube numbers, grumpy cats are the current stars, with TV shows from CNN to TMZ.
Advertising, etc.
This seems to be compared to a real talent (
Uh, Rob Ford again. )
The climax of the cat video is like a nap.
The popularity of cat videos is not explained.
\"It\'s not a dog video, it\'s not a horse video, it\'s a cat,\" Elmslie said . \".
\"I don\'t know what\'s going on with them.
No matter what cat.
Video is popular and hardfought right.
A recent cartoon shows an American soldier in World War II warning his soldier \"it\'s for our children to live in a free world!
In order for our grandchildren to grow up in such a world, they can spend hours a day watching cats on some wonderful information machine!
\"Using your own magic information machine may be included in the Ottawa Festival.
Please note that cats in any video have to enjoy themselves, so it will most likely wake you up in the middle of the night, knock things off the counter, or torture the dog to laugh.
Dear editor: I will be very busy in the next few weeks and shoot videos of big beat Cat, OMG and Baker.
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