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\'just wrong in every way\': italian fashion house prada is slammed for selling a plain white t-shirt for £270 - when george at asda sells a very similar one for just £3.50

by:QiMeng     2019-10-02
Italian fashion brand Prada sells a pure white t-shirt for £270.
New season White top called \"logo pique T -\"
Shirts for sale in London luxury hotels-
Farfetch is a fashion retail website.
The description states: \"The brand was founded in 1913 by Mario Prada and is known for producing timeless items with traditional Milan craftsmanship.
This white logo piquét-
Crafted in cotton, the shirt includes a neck, short sleeves, loose fit, straight sides, slim fit and a logo badge.
But people on Facebook call the designer \"filth\" because the simple cotton T-shirt is ridiculously priced.
A customer found t-
The shirt was posted online to Facebook with the title: \"OK.
Kevin Fett said: \"scum.
It is wrong in all respects.
Do I sound bitter? Damn right.
Xi \'an Kanin said: \"dirty things.
Anyone who buys this may want to buy a suitable applicator to insert t-
The shirts are the same as the gaps in their personality. Just sayin\'.
Alice phillipia added: \"bought by people who know the price of everything but don\'t know the value of anything.
When Prada sells 100% cotton t-
Nearly £ 300 shirt, other low
The cost brand sells near the same top for 100 times the price.
Asda George is selling a very similar prada t-shirt for £3. 50.
The next step is to sell their T-shirts for £ 6, while Sainbury\'s own brand Tu sells similar T-shirts for £ 4.
The only difference is Prada t-
There is a white sign on the shirt that can\'t even be seen from a distance.
While the white T-shirt on the website is selling for nearly £ 300, the color version is selling for an amazing price.
This is not the first time that luxury brands have been criticized for charging high fees for basic T-shirts.
Gucci was attacked in last August for pricing a shirt with the Paramount logo at 480 480. 64.
A fashion blog says the design is either a marketing gimmick or a strange mistake in creating a new trend.
Prada was reached for comment.
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