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kerr co. workers find woman\'s body wearing chick-fil-a shirt at \'grisly\' scene near interstate 10

by:QiMeng     2019-09-10
According to the Kerr County Sheriff\'s Office, workers in East Kerr County found female remains on Interstate 10 on Tuesday.
Delegates arrived at the scene around 11: 30. m.
On Tuesday, when a crew member cleared the bush near Comfort\'s nearby Interstate 10 and Cypress Creek Road, Kerr County Sheriff Rasti hilhalzer said in an interview.
\"We don\'t know how the body got there,\" Hierholzer said . \".
\"We don\'t know if it\'s murder or homeless people who die from contact with these elements.
The woman was wearing a black chick. fil-A uniform polo-
The sheriff said that the red pinstriped typing shirt, investigators believe that due to the degree of decomposition, the body has been there for about eight months.
The clothes and shoes displayed on the scene were women, he said.
She also wore black shoes of 5 yards.
According to the sheriff and press release, Calvin Klein pants on the 4 th and a Snoopy Christmas sock.
The woman seems to have a shoulder.
Hierholzer says long brown hair is tied to a ponytail, with a metal braces on the upper and lower teeth.
Most of the remains were bones and were transported to the Texas State University Laboratory of Forensic Anthropology to determine whether the person\'s death was a homicide.
The test results will also provide DNA profiles and dental molds to help identify the victim, the sheriff said.
\"Somewhere, someone is missing,\" says Hierholzer . \".
\"We want to find a settlement for the victim\'s family and if the death is caused by a foul, we will try to find the suspect.
\"Anyone who knows about the case is asked to contact the Kerr County Sheriff\'s Office at 830-896-
1216 and Capt is requested. Carol Twiss.
You can also call 830 to Kerr County crime prevention-896-8477.
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