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kicked, bitten but definitely not out

by:QiMeng     2019-08-28
Journalist and writer Amy Sutherland talks about her book \"getting kicked, bitten and scratched: life and lessons at the world\'s top exotic animal trainer School\", which talks about
Guest: Amy Sutherland, reporter of \"kicked, bitten, scratched: life and lessons at the world\'s top schools in exotic animal trainer Linda kataneda\" and one day in August, animal keepers at Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, under a blue California sky, can see the umber Santa Susana Mountains behind him so beautiful that you will forget the heat of 100 degrees.
Jim Pedie stands in the shade talking about death.
As a vet, he has had hundreds of pets loved by people during his long career, he knows too well about death, but when life deviates from his statement, he has never been right.
\"Everyone thinks that death should be peaceful, but rarely,\" he said . \" He put his hand in his jeans pocket, his face was pinched and his voice was raw.
Before he was fifty.
In a small outdoor theater, a face is scattered on the metal riser.
The smooth tan face belongs to the upcoming student class, or--
Because in the next 12 months they will be mentioned-
The first year of the Moorpark College program for the training and management of exotic animals (EATM).
The ambitious exotic animal trainer for this new crop is almost all female, 40
Seven out of fiftyone.
Most are in their early to mid
Many of them are tall in their twenties.
They warm up in shorts, sunshades and vests.
The tattoo rolls over the shoulder or lower back.
They look very enthusiastic and optimistic.
This is their first step towards a bright future. Death --
The dark distant star-
The last thing in their hearts. Still, Dr.
Pedie\'s gravity did not disappear on them. Nobody smiles.
Their sunny eyes watched the vast land quietly and intently.
A father\'s vet.
The change in tone was strangely noticeable, and until now it was an overwhelming, but dizzy, meeting and greeting for a few days.
On their entry week schedule, this-
The hourly gear is simply listed as a processed edible animal.
In the new first year, most people know what is coming and firm themselves, although there are rumors that they may be spared from this terrible start ceremony, the ceremony requires animal lovers to prove their love by killing a bird with bare hands.
This is an early litmus test of whether the first year is tough enough, because the school is not like a doctor.
For those who think animals are cute, said Pedie.
Birds of prey and reptiles need fresh prey
Pedie explained.
They cannot hunt in captivity, so their caretakers must do the work for them.
Therefore, the school teaches students how to kill pigeons and mice humanly.
Every student has to break the pigeon\'s neck with their hands, they call it pulling the pigeon, or cheer it up before the mouse graduate.
The vet explained that there was no way to solve the problem.
The crying vegan will not get you out of the woods, nor will your religious beliefs.
\"I think it\'s important that you do this so you know you can do it,\" he said . \". \" We’ve had [graduates]
Because I lost my job.
You people are animals. this is part of animal care.
We did it in advance.
\"He describes how the wings of the bird are swinging, the small black eyes are flashing, and the head pops up in your palm.
When you pull, you may feel like the spine stretches like a piece of elastic stuff.
He said that despite the medieval way of execution, this is the fastest way to make birds unconscious, and therefore the most humane way.
\"People deal with this problem differently,\" he explained . \"
\"Some people will cry and break down. some people will laugh like dizziness.
Both are the same, one release, so don\'t criticize the reaction of others.
They don\'t laugh because they\'re ecstatic.
They are very uncomfortable.
\"Usually at this point, a current student patted a bird with one hand, with wings flapping and leaning against the trash can.
With the other hand, she quickly took its nuts
Deformation of the head, fracture of the small spine, tearing of the neck;
She dropped her head and it slammed on the ground at the bottom of the jar. Then Dr.
Peddie asked six volunteers to stand up for this strange baptism.
It shouldn\'t be today.
Rumors Are True after so much accumulation.
Fortunately or unfortunately (
Depends on whether you will end as soon as possible or prefer to drag to the last day of school)
There are no birds to kill.
To prevent the spread of this infectious and deadly virus in Newcastle, the state-wide quarantine agency has stopped selling all birds, Dr.
Pedie explained.
He said he hopes to have some pigeons in the near future. He apologizes.
However, death is undeniable on this sunny day.
On the contrary, six unlucky mice will be suffocated by carbon dioxide.
Before a collective sigh of relief, three women in their 20 s sat on their shoulders --
A high metal tank of explosive gas, fixed to a trolley with bungee cord, and fixed the toy to a mouse with a plastic container.
These women are the second year, which means they are the second year of the program.
Besides, they are the manager of the mouse room.
They supervised a small group of mice in a large walking room. in closet.
The mice were raised to feed the zoo\'s reptiles and Raptors.
A mouse room manager wearing student glasses and sun shades pulled a spotted mouse on the shoulder with his thumb and index finger and lifted it up for everyone to see.
In addition to the busy nose, bright
Its pink tail hangs straight.
\"Be careful because they will bite you and I repeat it,\" she said . \".
Everything is ready.
All you need is a plastic box, a small plastic garbage bag, carbon dioxide, and of course a mouse.
Managers take pains to explain themselves and keep repeating tasks that they don\'t like.
\"Then we feed the golden eagle and see the fun he gets from the food.
\"It\'s a cycle of life,\" explained a manager, smiling in the sun.
\"If you\'re upset about it, go if you want to cry,\" she said . \".
\"If it\'s upsetting you, vent your emotions.
\"The manager of a mouse room quickly, without ceremoniously putting six mice, with twitching nose and upright ears, into a plastic bag covered with small green garbage bags.
Hardly enough time to spit out a good thingbye.
Another manager closed the bag around the carbon dioxide pipe.
The mouse is held down by the other hand because they sometimes reach out.
The third manager opened the gas valve.
No one said a word in the bleachers.
When everyone stared at the plastic bag, two minutes passed slowly.
There was no obvious sand in the bin.
No cry for help
The gas was turned off.
Now the lame mouse is removed one by one.
Managers tap their eyes gently with their index fingers to make sure the mouse is dead.
No blood, no smell.
Although men are embarrassed to cry, women can also be embarrassed not to cry, but there is no nasal smoke at all.
Not wet.
Hanji festival, solemn and solemn.
With the new first year of raising hands and asking practical questions, such as how often they refuel the mouse and how long it is, the situation is broken.
The box of the poisoned mouse was rushed into the refrigerator.
The CO2 tank was pushed off the stage.
One day\'s death is enough.
A sheep jumps behind the outdoor stage.
A pig, he hides a black pig and roams on a shabby red carpet with his nose until it unfolds and two apples pop up.
After gobbling, he strolled lazily under the stage, and his scrawled tail made a little twitch as he left.
\"We need to cut his ivory again . \"
Sitting in the bleachers next to me, pedi sighed.
In the first few years, it was discovered that the sudden change of emotions is a symbol of EATM life. in EATM, emotions are high and unexpected things are everywhere.
Direction is packed with tradition, one of which is off-
The color shows the second year.
For them, this is an opportunity to show off their training materials and they can relax after a long and hard summer running the teaching zoo on their own.
Next is a ribald beauty contest for the Beast, breaking all the rules of the right animal education display.
They even trick animals, which are forbidden words in enlightened coaches, and they prefer behavior.
On the one hand, MC carries two dead squirrels that are frozen in a affectionate hug.
He occasionally sticks them to his sweaty forehead.
When a student rides a caramel Caleb
The colorful camel on the stage, MC said, \"there is a big hairy beast on the stage, and there is a camel under it.
He warned that it was possible for Caleb to \"freak out\" at any time and pointed out that the camel\'s knee pad was thick and his lips were able to hold.
\"When will it come in handy?
\"Another student was happy to be on the stage like a big Wood, American crocodile.
MC chatter about some crocodile data-
They are hot and only as big as their shell and have extra eyelids ---
Then encourage his audience to remove the Velcro strap from his nose.
\"Really, just like opening a gift.
\"Their skin is very good shoes and wallets,\" he added . \"\" He pauses.
\"Will you say that on regular shows?
\"There was no answer in the first year. Just laughter.
\"In the first year, what did you learn in the first three days? Wake up! \" he taunts.
Half the humor of the show is borne by the student\'s expenses.
Many animals did not do what they told them. A little big-
When a student left the stage, the ear Fox suddenly jumped off her shoulder;
Despite protests from her coachJ.
Coyotes, drinking water from the shallow moat on the stage for a long time;
Julie ETA of the EMU will not go to her exit;
Banjo, the King Kong parrot, won\'t wear his roller skates.
Finally, the stage was flushed, the electronic music was started and the star arrived.
Shi mu in his twentiesfour-year-
Old sea lion, with a high head, barking happily, standing on stage with her band like a rock star ---
In this case, her four student coaches.
Schmoo is not only the star of the show, but also the star of the whole show, her 170-
Plus orders and her long list of films and commercial credits.
Schmoo zips back and forth between student coaches, letting her walk through her pace and throwing her smooth squid.
She quickly turned around, painted herself with dirt, barked happily, saluted quickly, raised a foot flip on her forehead, and stretched out her tongue like a third-grade student.
When the coach pointed to her finger and said, \"Bang!
\"Schmoo crashes in a very dramatic pile, comparable to the silent screen days later.
When the coach said, \"Shark!
\"She threw a fin-shaped limb to imitate the murderer.
Her chest tilted forward, and her tail tilted happily into the air.
Then Schmoo did the opposite, stood up on her tail, threw her flipper out, and lifted her nose like an angel. The first-
The student is rapt.
They tilted forward and smiled.
That\'s why they\'re here, why they put up with brutal schedules, give up their social lives, and accept huge student loans.
After a year, they may be happy to throw the squid to this incredible creature and sing \"shark\" loudly \"!
\"No matter how short it is, it proves that their far-fetched dream of working with animals can be realized.
What they don\'t know is that backstage, Gaby, Catalina macaw, has already bitten one of the second years badly enough, and she has been rushed to the campus health center.
Whether it is money, time or blood, dreams always have to pay a price.
It\'s probably the third day of the toughest 20 days.
Any month of the first year.
This week--
A string of busy Bento, icebreaker and prank gifts-
Is a deceptive introduction to school life.
This week, however, is filled with suggestions and announcements that herald the future.
Starting next week, the first year will not have a formal holiday until next summer.
Even if not all, they will work on holidays and weekends.
They will arrive here by 6: 30 a Thursday day. m.
Not until 5. m.
In these long days, they will take care of the teaching zoo of about 150 to 200 animals, and they are doing everything from washing the cage to answering the phone.
They go to class when they don\'t clean, feed, or even weed. -
This is one of the few times they sit down during the day, which usually results in deep naps, drooling and snoring.
In the evening, from day to day, they are drowsy and will study animal anatomy models and painfully remember the names of a long list of Latin species.
As alumni say, the school \"has almost you.
\"The students will follow a list of rules that are worthy of compliance by the Marines.
Their uniforms must be kept clean.
Shorts cannot be too short;
Earrings cannot be too long;
The bra strap cannot be displayed;
Can\'t roll sleeves.
They can\'t use their mobile phones in the zoo.
They can\'t smoke.
They can\'t run or laugh near the cage of primates.
Most importantly, you can\'t be late for cleaning in the morning.
If these rules are repeatedly proposed, or if the grade of any class is lower than C, they will be kicked out.
In the class in 2004, four students were fired last year.
They can be killed, bitten, or even killed by animals.
Even the smallest Nick can have a serious infection.
They may be infected with an animal infectious disease. -
From Nautilus to black death.
A staff member reminded them: \"Wash your hands . \".
\"The last thing we want is that our students have bugs. \" Dr.
Pedi warned that their relationship, especially the new one, may not be able to continue.
They will not have social life except the zoo.
Tell your family, doctor. it\'s hard for you to see them.
Pedie instructed. Working part-
Time is a strong discouragement.
The money will be tight.
As the letter to future students ominous warns, \"you don\'t have much time on your own, so make sure all areas of your life are in order.
\"They will be life and death by their planners, and they will plan their days in fifteen years --
Minute increments, endless writingdo lists.
They will get what they call an EATM hand: a cracked hand, a crack full of dirt, dirt that they can\'t wash off no matter how hard they scrub.
They will leave one or two more sets of clothes in the car because, as one staff member told them, \"if the Tiger sprays you, you don\'t want to smell like a urine all day.
\"The students will learn the lesson and count their blessings as they have entered the country, if not the top projects in the world.
This is Harvard, a foreign animal trainer \".
This is also the only academic program for trainers.
Santa Fe Community College in Gainesville, Florida also has a zoo, but its program is mainly for zoo administrators.
Murparker is your school if you want to be a coach.
The public may have never heard of it, but anyone in the animal industry has heard of it.
Graduates work in zoos across the country, in Hollywood, USA. S.
Navy, brother Lin.
Blind guide dogs and SeaWorld.
They work in shelters, aquariums, animal parks and research facilities.
As we all know, most of the coaches at the Universal Studios animal show are murparker people.
A few years ago, the San Diego Zoo and Wildlife Park, one of the country\'s top zoos, filled seven vacancies for fresh graduates of the project.
Julie skadina, the animal ambassador at SeaWorld and one of the country\'s most eye-catching coaches, made regular appearances on tonight\'s show with Jay Renault, who is the moorparker people.
EATM perched on the super ridge overlooking the college
On one side is the green football field and the driving range, and on the other side is the orderly house of the commuter Fort.
The East is a series of dry muscles. Binding Mountain.
To the west, six lanes of Highway 23 pass through a landscape without trees, an old, washed --out khakis.
The highway is occasionally backed up to remind you that Los Angeles is only 50 miles southwest.
The entrance to EATM is hidden outside. of-the-
The road corner of the community college, at the far end of its moatlike parking lot.
The front sign says the teaching zoo in the United States, but no one calls it that other than answering the phone.
The student and staff refer to the project as EATM (Pronounced \"EE-tem\" )
Or Moore Parker.
Look through the high chain-
Link to the front door, all you see is a small outdoor theater, a pile of humble buildings, some olive trees and
The way out of you
While you may hear a sad wolf howling or a grumpy parrot screaming, you can\'t see the animals.
That\'s the only clue why this gate has to be closed forever.
Right inside the gate, there is a small birdhouse on a grass slope on the left.
Nearby, Clarence, the Galapagos turtle, his neck is incredible --
Going out, it is likely to slowly turn his head like a rock as if it were moving on the hydraulic system and looking at you.
On the right is an amphitheater with bare earth stage and metal stand.
A short walk forward, there are a few low, humble buildings.
This is the center of the zoo. the front desk and the zoo 1 and the Zoo 2 classrooms are all here.
The zoo extends the length of the ridge and offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and foothills, close to the constant welcome breeze. An oblong-
Roads are formed around the animals in the teaching zoo.
On the west side, the road is made of a black top with a bench and a wayward pepper tree on it.
This is the road ahead, allowing the public to stroll here on Saturdays and Sundays.
The road became gravel along the east side of the zoo.
This is the road behind.
The entrance to the animal cage can be found here.
So this is the path that students like and you hear them creaking all day long.
Although EATM opens its doors to the public over the weekend and conducts field trips after the children drag their backpacks for field trips, it is first and foremost a school, meaning it looks different from most zoos
In an era of lush zoos with fences similar to African grasslands or polar floating ice, EATM has a barebones, old-fashioned look.
Good ground and bird view thoughof-
Paradise, cactus, Rose, small vines, mulberry trees, flowers of bamboo peach, animals in cages, there is no way to hide.
Bengal tiger, Taj, glared at you from prison.
No chapters-
Explain the long label of mating and eating habits, or promote endangered species or rainforest extinction to the public.
There are also species names at most, usually not even.
The cage looked like someone had emptied the trash can in their office.
In order to keep the animals busy and excited, the student keepers always store all kinds of things in the fence.
This is called behavioral enrichment or B. E.
In the parrot cage, there are a large number of Los Angeles Yellow Pages with sunflower seeds hidden and a roll of unpacked toilet paper.
The green leaves browse the cages that are trapped in the primate animals and let them pick, leaving large pieces of frozen tang on the floor for them to lick.
Bowling for the Puma.
The Goblin, an eight-treasure Dragon, holds a group of stuffed animals.
In the normal zoo you will see other things you have never seen before.
You may find a manicure student reaching out his finger through the bar and digging her shiny nails into the head of a hyena, the hyena from the joy of a good scratch
You may see a gibbon, whose slender arm stretches through the cage, carefully picking up some dry skin from the student\'s arm.
You may see the legendary wolf walking on her belt, or Harris Eagle Harrison swinging back and forth between the two coaches.
The teaching zoo is a laboratory where students can place their hands on many different types of feathers, scales and fur, which is why this project is so unusual.
So far, the students have only been exposed to two animals: the easy-going Chilean rose --
Long-haired tarantula, Rochelle, or any of the three tarantula-inch-
The long Horse Island hisses with cockroaches.
More people want to catch the tarantula, not the cockroach that does not bite.
This is one of the few two animals that can be reached in the first few years until next semester.
In fact, they are not even allowed to talk to most of the zoo\'s residents.
They may come back if Taj pounced on them, but only a respite greeting.
They can talk and deal with mice, rabbits, sugar gliders, Dragon cats, possum, all reptiles and Nova, the Big Horn owl.
That\'s it now.
Sometime next winter, they can say hello to the Zulu, the mandrill and the Beni of the ancient Karp chin.
Before this, the lips must be kept zipper.
Students may not even stay in front of the cage long enough for the animals to notice them, or in some cases make eye contact.
The first year was like a tall cleaner.
End the hotel, busy but not visible, and any interaction with the wellturned-
Guests are absolutely prohibited from going out.
They cleaned up the animal feces in the cage, but they couldn\'t say a word.
If a parrot says \"hi\", no matter how rude they feel, be sure to turn a deaf ear in the first year.
There are many practical reasons for this legendary rule.
The arrival of new students in August each year usually upset the animals.
For example, the first year was told that bab, an eight-treasure Dragon, would most likely scream and shake her cage like a crazy patient until she got used to them.
Too much attention from these new faces will not only upset the animals, but will also distract them from the training program, causing them to lose the command to learn.
They may confuse \"circles! Speak \"!
\"Or start waving when they should sit.
This rule is especially important for primates, which can be powerful spinners as social beings.
For them, eye contact can be translated into aggression.
Look at a long-lasting animal that will think you want a part of him. The pissed-
Then the monkey may vent his anger at his uninformed coach.
Moreover, this rule is a test, and the first year will be done as they are told, and they will exercise great discipline in the face of great temptations.
Everyone is anxious about the rule.
For these students, talking to animals is a natural reflex like breathing.
In the first year, they were worried they wouldn\'t say \"Hi, cute!
\"Or\" Hi dear!
\"The next thing they know is that they will have their walking papers.
Chris Jenkins of the second year told the two years of the first year that when they stood in front of fennec fox George, \"Don\'t talk to anything . \".
George looks like a fairy.
The characters in the story curled up in the body of an Afghan and sobbed softly.
Not only did George stir up a strong urge to say hello to you, but he also held him in his arms like a baby and sang a Ecstasy.
It\'s very unnatural not to say \"hi\" to animals, but everyone is listening.
The consequences are serious.
It affects your grades, your animal homework, and even gets you kicked out.
A couple does this every year.
\"It\'s Thursday, the fourth day of orientation week, and Jenkins is one of the most popular and respected students in his class, and this year is a two-year tour of the teaching zoo.
This is a backward one. the-scenes look.
Susan parch and Linda kataneda have taken out their pens and notebooks for the first two years.
Jenkins started with the birdhouse in front of the zoo and told them that tulacos \"likes buzzing heads \".
\"The noisy guy is plover and the pheasant has no name ---
\"Is the pheasant.
Jenkins noted that Clarence next door was the only animal allowed to rinse in the first year.
Jenkins led them through the road ahead, at the back of the outdoor theater, where happy crocodiles drowned out of sight in his pool, where two turtles lived.
Here, Little Joe, two much smaller Joe, trembled and walked quickly, and his hooked mouth opened and closed.
Both Castaneda and Patch do not take notes for the time being.
\"It\'s like a turtle porn,\" Jenkins said before turning around to go backstage, where he slid the lid onto a box, with several sets of eyes flashing in the light.
He woke up the sugar glider.
Jenkins pointed out the rabbit in the cage along the way.
If more than 100, put a water bottle in, he said.
Jenkins warns that they walk through the front desk and through the hustle and bustle of the Nautilus Garden, where you may accidentally be locked in a cage.
When the threesome next to the EMU fence was suspended, Jenkins explained that when they cleared her cage, a student went in and put the EMU down.
Kataneda and parch were quietly thinking about this, while watching the towering birds with her monsters --sized feet.
\"It sounds worse than it is now,\" Jenkins said . \".
Now they are called the show area near George.
Jenkins told them that the weather was too hot, and the hair cup nearby, the only trained badger in the country, lay flat on her back and claws in the air.
\"She looks like a roadside kill right now,\" he said . \".
\"She dug a hole 9 feet deep.
\"There is a trainer in the cage who is with Hudson who keeps chanting,\" said the good Beaver.
\"They walked up to Hamilton\'s pen, Yucatan mini-
Pig, live on his tattered black ears, head down.
He\'s not that small, he weighs 180 pounds.
Jenkins says he has a stone in his pool because he likes to push it over.
Castaneda and Patch scribbled down the details.
Right next door, they hid in the carnivore area, where three Puma, a Bengal tiger, an African lioness, a coyote, a wolf, two servants were sleeping most of the day.
The servants were hissing with their fangs.
\"Look at your fingers with them.
\"They will find you,\" Jenkins said . \".
\"The lock with red paint means only the staff can open those cages.
\"They continued along the back road, and then through another door, where the smell of the farm, the mud mixture of feces and hay, and the sea lion barking were filled with air.
The area is called Hoofstock, and sheep, deer, mini horses, pigs, camels and Schmoo call it \"home \".
Jenkins shows how the two camels stretch out of the fence and trap you at the far end of Hoofstock.
\"These people you need to pay attention.
Jenkins looked at his watch.
He was going to go to the bab, so he hurried through the rest and quickly hid in The Reptile Room. The Reptile Room is a modified train compartment that smells like ripe fruit.
He told them to make sure there was water in the Tarantula bowl and none of the reptiles were toxic and not to make the Burmese python Moti too hungry.
If that were the case, he would think his student waiter was having dinner and squeezing them too tightly.
They sprint in the nutrition building that specializes in making food for animals.
He showed them a corpse restaurant to eat rep bugs.
When rolling monkeys are quarreling and chattering, they speed up a walk around the Primate animal garden.
\"These guys are hair-catching people and hair-pulling people,\" Jenkins said . \"
He stopped at the back of the Primate animal garden and pointed to the last door, which was between the lemur and the bingtu dragon cage.
The door leads to the quarantine area, where there are a lot of animals ---
A crow, a crocodile turtle, an Arctic fox, a dog and so on ---live.
With Castaneda and Patch still writing, Jenkins has left, hoping to submit at least a fraction of this pile of information to memory.
Patch is a thin pokerfaced beauty.
There\'s one thing about her. of-
The attitude of the facts and the elegance of the athletes.
She had blue dowels on both earbuds.
The height of Castaneda is nearly 6 feet.
Like many tall women, she is lazy.
Her skin was very pale, with spots, her hair was black and she looked very bookish.
She was wearing a camper, and its throat was on her shoulder, from her T-shirt.
Both women are typical of EATM students now.
They are in their twenties and they already have a bachelor\'s degree and they are using both-
As an annual Assistant program for a graduate program. Patch, twenty-
The two-year-old grew up in San Diego, where she often visited the world of the city.
In the zoo class, she turned her eyes to work there early.
Her young life has always been a deliberate process.
Despite the low salary, the competition for the work of zoo keepers is very fierce, especially at the San Diego Zoo.
Patch began building her resume at the University of California, Davis, where she studied animal science, took care of the school\'s animal barn, and trained a cow to be held.
To enhance her animal experience, Patch volunteers at the San Diego Zoo and gives health checks to boas and iguanas at the reptile center.
She\'s part-time.
Her mother, a research scientist, took the ovary from the prone mouse under a microscope.
By contrast, kataneda, in his twenties
7. she found that her affinity for animals was relatively late.
She grew up in Lynwood, where the wildlife is limited to rats and pigeons.
She said she didn\'t see squirrels or peckers until she got a scholarship to Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon.
She started pre-med, \"so my parents can say they have doctors at home,\" but she thinks animals need more help.
After graduating from college, kataneda moved back to Los Angeles with a degree in biology to teach first-year students and high school freshmen science on the lawn in her hometown of inner city.
She signed up for a summer show as a research assistant to help a professor in Cameroon study the habits of hornbills and primates in the rainforest.
She had to walk 18 miles into the jungle camp and ran out of water 4 miles.
The days in the rainforest are long, uncomfortable at night, and there are carriages, but the trip convinced kataneda that her future really belongs to animals.
She applied for an electronic cash machine when she got home.
Kataneda basically travels through the world in an anonymous way.
She is a Mexican-American who grew up in the heart of the city, but is considered to be middle class and white.
This led to some embarrassing situations.
People made racist remarks about her. -
Like \"you can pass because you are white.
Even other Hispanic people think she\'s white and doesn\'t speak Spanish.
Her father, a retired machine operator, never really learned to speak English.
On the other hand, her mother not only learned to speak English, but also received a high school degree, followed by a bachelor\'s degree, and finally a master\'s degree in linguistics.
Almost all the girls who went to school with Castaneda were pregnant, she said.
Kataneda\'s family and professional ethics set her apart.
\"When my mother was my age, she had three children and could not speak English,\" she said . \".
\"I have no children, no room.
I have no excuse for failure.
So, like many second generation immigrants, there is some pressure on Castaneda to succeed, even if it is its ownimposed.
Patch and Castaneda are young women who are smart and confident.
Neither of them was worried that she would wash off the EATM.
The goal of both is direct.
Patch believes her degree at the University of California, Davis, is very helpful for her development at EATM.
Kataneda knows she can work harder than anyone else.
In addition, kataneda felt particularly calm after her trip and teaching in Cameroon.
\"What has a fifth grade punk done to me?
\"There\'s another social event on the agenda tonight, the last of a busy week ---a bonfire.
The second year, according to tradition, was the owner, so they packed up a load of firewood, boxes of Graham cookies, cans of chocolate icing, and marshmallows to head west to the vast beaches of Oxnard, the temperature there was 30 degrees cooler. -
Welcome changes from the heat of the day. After a good-
The fire ignited, and the students settled in a circle, one year after the other and the other.
I settled in a neutral place in the circle where I stood on one side in the first year and on the other in the second.
Dialogue is naturally about animals.
The next year, she told me that when she grew up in inland Wyoming, she dreamed of becoming a Dolphin coach.
Another woman said that when her parents asked her to choose between a traditional Mexican party and a 15-year-old horse, she chose a horse.
The first year from Georgia told me about volunteering at the Deer Shelter.
A woman cleaned up all the furniture in the House and prepared a crib for the orphan deer.
When they jump out, they will be put back in their crib in the first year.
\"I like deer very much,\" she said . \"
If you feel like you \'ve invaded someone else\'s party in the first year, you don\'t blame them.
Many people talked to each other in the second year, ignoring the first year.
They joked with each other and sat very close.
In contrast, life in the first year was stiff and quiet.
They don\'t know the next year or each other.
They look at their very confident, very comfortable senior students.
As the staff have told them many times, the class for the second year is unique and probably the best class ever.
This may be the second year feeling too dizzy to be a good host.
For them, the worst shows are almost behind them, and they will usher in the full wealth of the second year: traveling in the wild, spending much more time with animals later in the morning.
In essence, they will be promoted to middle management.
They will supervise all the scrub work and ensure compliance with the rules in the first year.
That\'s why many EATM graduates have no good memories of their second year.
They are the boss.
The second year of this category swore to each other that they would be good to their first year, the mentor and not what.
But I am told that in the second year of each session, I will make a solemn commitment to myself.
All of these students come here to learn about animal behavior, but what is most likely to make them stumble is human behavior, usually their own.
As the evening deepens and the waves get bigger and bigger, the students turn around and say their name and age.
Then the phone game started and stopped soon.
And then Peters came out.
Marshmallows are nailed to fake sticks and thrown into the fire where they burn like mini
A meteor, sparks of burnt sugar on a dark night.
The flame is reflected in the young eyes that eagerly and nervously turn to the future.
When the crack crackle of fire interrupted surfing, some people wanted to know if they would shine in the first few years;
Others, if they can succeed.
They all believe that they may be kicked, bitten or scratched in the next year, month or even week.
By Friday morning, in the first year at the bookstore, heavy textbooks on animal anatomy and a series of jerseys, vests and polo wholesale t shirts wholesale with the EATM logo dropped by several hundred dollars.
It\'s the working day, the last day of the orientation week, and the traditional scrub of the teaching zoo from one end to the other.
There are 90 students in two classes.
In the top seven, take your hand and mop and bucket through the compound.
When the thermometer hovers around 100 degrees again, the students pick up the broom and knock the spider web off the evergreen bush.
They wiped the black mildew from the walls of the reptile room and pulled out a small tree from the happy sun --Baking pan. All twenty-
Six boxes of rodents were placed on the zoo 1 table so that the mouse\'s room could be rinsed.
Legend has it that when three blonde students fought with a huge stainless steel sink on the road ahead, the wolf stood and looked.
I found Terri Fidone behind the zoo, holding a shovel in his hand and looking at an unenviable task, the first year, with black eyes and a long ponytail.
She was assigned to scrub the bin.
The problem is that they are full and can empty their truck on a business trip.
If the truck does not show up as soon as possible, Fidone will have to crawl into the bin and shovel out the garbage.
\"I will if necessary, but I will be very upset,\" she whispered . \".
Until recently, Fidone has served cocktails at the world\'s largest casino, the mammoth MGM Mirage in Vegas, while pursuing a bachelor\'s degree in biology.
She began waiting in line at the age of seventeen, and then graduated from the cocktail waitress.
The average tip is $100 to $200 per night. -
If she works in the baccarat room, there will be more, and less if she works in the nickel slot.
On one occasion, a high wheel on the roulette table threw her a $1,000 chip.
When she gave up an organic chemistry class at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas because of her failure, she reached an agreement with herself to effectively use her time in that class
She noticed a billboard for a wildlife breeder, an exotic animal sanctuary about an hour\'s drive from Southwest Vegas through the Arizona vertical line, and signed up for volunteers there.
While cleaning up the big cat cage, she found out that she \"can shovel eight hours of garbage and I \'d rather go there than go to work to earn money.
\"After nearly a decade, she resigned from her job at MGM in July to attend EATM.
Now she is thinking about living as an EATM student, which means no more than $100 in sushi spending or buying brands --name groceries.
The next two years will be generic.
\"I have to get used to going to the bank to get the money,\" she said . \".
\"I used to have cash on hand.
A voice on the intercom asked if anyone knew where the pick was.
When the truck arrived, Ferdo was spared.
She went for a sponge and a bucket.
The cleanliness frenzy around me continues.
Strangely, there are a lot of fuss about insects.
The room manager of the reptile shouted, \"Oh Spider!
When they wipe the walls clean.
The three people in the iguanas jumped up and shouted, \"uck! Yuck!
\"As an ant colony, they interrupted the stream with bare legs.
At the front desk, kataneda, still wearing a camping hat, pointed out to me a tarantula wasp, the hairy giant spider that was the only predator.
It\'s as big as a mantis and has a shiny black body and stunning orange wings.
When kataneda calmly explained to me how the wasp paralyzed the tarantula, the wasp waved its threatening wings and took off from the lawn like a helicopter, in our direction
Kataneda stood firm and said calmly, \"This is how things have passed.
Other students nearby-
Women eager to pet tigers and deal with boas ---
Screaming, duck, run over.
Someone shouted, \"What the hell is this?
\"The original animal is not necessarily a worm.
As the sun gets stronger and stronger, when people walk from a shade to a shade, dragging buckets and mops, they twists and turns like drunks.
They stood in the microphone of the parrot.
They sprayed each other with hoses.
Anita Wischhusen sweated from her loose vest, a large wet stain spread to her back, and another pool appeared between her breasts.
Despite the hot weather and hard work, she still screamed at her jokes. At forty-
Five, she is the second oldest student in the class in 2005.
Wischhusen is natural but thoughtful.
She has a gray, fuzzy hairdo and a dirty onebrown tan.
Her car was pro-
Animal bumper stickers, even stickers that claim that she is a member of Animal ethical treatment (PETA)
, This is a bad word around EATM, but Wischhusen is not a suitable word.
She wanted to be a veterinarian since she was a child, but she did not have the heart to carry out animal euthanasia.
Her parents pushed her into a safe career, so she entered the computer industry.
Her career may be secure, but her lifestyle is not.
When she is not on the keyboard, she tries to get together as hard as hell angels.
At the age of forty, after another night of drug use and drinking, she nodded on the steering wheel and crashed into the middle of the highway, with a broken jaw and landed in court --ordered thirty-
Day rehabilitation program
\"The project told me not to drink but didn\'t tell me why,\" she said . \".
When her brother came out, Wischhusen thought for the first time that she might also be gay.
She always dates men, makes love \"etc, but it doesn\'t help me much.
\"Maybe, she wanted to know, that\'s why she sat there and drank a whole bottle of Amber tequila.
All in all, she is not only sober, but also has a serious girlfriend, a traffic police officer with her daughter.
Her personal life was finally in order.
Subsequently, California\'s strong tech economy was flagging, and three jobs in a row were fired.
After the last pink slip, Wischhusen recalled her young self, the man who dreamed of working with animals.
She decided to go to the ATM.
She is a little miracle here.
Several applications are required to enter.
Meanwhile, her father died of melanoma and her parents said the money she could pay for EATM was used for treatment.
Her girlfriend\'s daughter has a brain aneurysm.
Wischhusen is teaching the girl to speak again and she is worried that she has no money now and no time for EATM.
Her girlfriend pushed her away.
Wischhusen sat in the shade for a while, pointed her wet shirt with a towel, and said happily, \"I have no life now.
\"The first year students are not the only new faces in the zoo this week.
Amber Cavett, an outgoing, Athletic
Looking forward to the second year, take me through the gate behind the Primate animal garden and enter the quarantine area to the end of the zoo.
We found Samburu here.
Samburu is a car Wolf, a deer.
Colorful African cat, black fur tassel, gracefully drooping from the top of each ear.
This morning, an EATM instructor drove him through the cool night from Northern California and deposited him here. The eleven-year-
The old cat is in a cage next to the Arctic fox tango.
When the Tango pants rang loudly, in a box about 5 feet high on one wall of the cage, acal\'s lounge was on the hay bed.
It is said that he is grumpy and even annoying, but he looks very dignified now.
This is the first time Cavette has seen her new allegations.
She is going to train him in a grade this semester.
She was fascinated because of his bad reputation, but worried.
She wants to teach him to enter the crate as ordered. -
Nothing too fancy.
\"They have round eyes instead of cutting like other cats because they will hunt birds,\" Cavett looked at him . \".
\"They are not night activities.
They are dusk.
\"You won\'t know from her optimistic nature, but Cavette has had a hard summer.
Opportunity, great bintuolong (
A native animal of Southeast Asia, similar to a raccoon on steroids, with a large tail and a grip)
, Bit her finger while she showed her mother some training.
He tied his teeth into her middle finger until the bone.
She can\'t bend for two weeks.
In June, she became the leader of the EMU.
Since then, Giulietta has tried to attack Cavette every day. When the 200-
A heavy Bird felt peevish, and throughout the summer she stood up, stretched out her strange turquoise neck, and then complained to the nearest human with her mouth.
If it\'s not bad enough, Julietta will play with her three children. toed feet.
Every time Giulietta chased Cavette, she jumped back and even screamed.
Cavette was told she had to overcome her fears or she could not be Juliet\'s chief goalkeeper.
So Cavett draws on her experience as a scholarship winner at a community University in Oregon, where, even if she is afraid of losing, she is brave enough to face the game.
When Giulietta attacked, Cavette suppressed her urge to escape, approached the emus and grabbed her blue hairy neck.
\"If you stand close to her, she won\'t kick you,\" she said . \".
We went to Nutrition to get Samburu\'s first meal at EATM.
There we found all sorts of second year busy making dinner for their expenses.
They took the whole rabbit off the walk. in freezer.
They fished cricket from an aquarium.
They open pots of bright orange and green baby food.
Cavett took a kitchen knife from the head and feet of a frozen yellow chick.
She pulled a fat from the neck of the three chickens and cut them into small pieces. size chunks.
She measured 40 grams of canned meat.
After returning to the isolation zone, Cavett took a few steps between the cage of Tango and Samburu.
In order to establish contact with him, she will feed him with her hand.
She squatted down, pulled out a chicken neck at her fingertips and crossed the bar from a place high on her shoulders.
Samburu hissed loudly, exploded from his raised box, came to the bar, exposed his teeth, and snatched the chicken neck from Cavett.
\"Well, I\'m a little scared,\" she said, holding her hand but moving her face away from him.
Samburu went back to his box and jumped 5 feet of the stuff onto the floor of the cage, then bounced back and hissed and roared loudly.
Carvette walked through the bar with another piece of meat.
The cat retreated back, grabbed the meat with his teeth, sucked in the meat, ran a quick lap, and then suddenly, surprisingly, lay on his stomach.
He put his front paws neatly under him, and gobbled up all that Cavette had extended out to him.
He gets up every once in a while and runs around the cage just to eat more food.
\"Did you see the behavior in that circle? \" Cavett asks.
\"I can suggest it.
\"Behind Cavett, perhaps the Tango inspired by the ruckus of Samburu gave itself a good start.
He ran back and forth along a series of wooden scrub brushes hanging in the cage.
The yellow bristles pulled up the loose strands of his plush white fur.
Happy tango pants
Samburu keeps hissing, but now it\'s a relaxed, stable, contented voice --sounding drone. Cavett smiles.
The summer is almost over.
The first feeding is no better.
The quirky, Twilight cat with fancy ears may change her luck.
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