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know your english — what is the origin of ‘t-shirt’?

by:QiMeng     2019-09-19
How is the word \"Buffet\" pronounced? (T. R.
Balakrishna Rao, Rajahmundry)
If you want to have a meal of your own, there seem to be two different ways to pronounce it.
The British prefer to pronounce like \"u\" in \"put\" and \"ay\" in \"et.
They pronounce bu-
The French with accent on the first syllable.
On the other hand, Americans pronounce \"u\" as \"a\" in \"China.
They pronounce be-
There is an accent on the second syllable.
What is the difference between \"exhaustion\" and \"exhaustion? (P. V.
Jyotsna, Hyderabad)
Both are related to the word \"exhaust\", but they have very different meanings.
When you write a doctoral thesis, and your advisor or instructor praises you for your exhaustive research, you have to pat yourself on the back because he says your work is very comprehensive --
You have included everything you may have on this issue.
The means of \'extra leave\' \'complete\' or \'thought.
On the other hand, things that \"run out\" are very tiring.
* We have to do a thorough study of the types of data we need.
* 20 interviews a day can be very tiring.
In the case of these two words, the accent is on the second syllable: ig-ZOS-tiv and ig-ZOS-ting.
Why is the newspaper called \"full scap \"? (L.
Chennai Sadana)
The word you think of is not \"complete\" but \"stupid \";
A word that is rarely heard now.
Before the A4 size paper roll out, \"fool\" or \"Fool\" is the standard paper size used in most countries around the world.
In terms of size, it is slightly narrower, but slightly longer than the current a4.
The \"fool\" paper got its name from the watermark above --a fool’s cap.
This scale of paper became popular in the early 15 th century and dominated the market in the following 500 s.
Is it OK to say \"the state consists of 20 districts? (D.
Gururani, magnetism)
Many people say no \".
The rule was fairly simple until about 20 years ago.
\"Comprise\" means \"contain\" and don\'t follow \"of\" behind it \".
Cannot say \"composition\" or \"composition \".
You can talk about the House \"made up of three bedrooms\" but not the House \"made up of three bedrooms.
But for native English speakers, even with the use of \"comprise of\" in a formal environment, some usage experts believe that this rather traditional rule may be in the near future
No. what\'s the origin? shirt’? (J.
Bharath udaple ,)
When it was launched, cotton t-
The shirt is only white and has no collar.
Men are rarely seen exercising in public because it is an underwear.
The name of this dress is t-
Because when it stands out on the table, it looks like the letter \"t \".
Over time, T-
The shirt has undergone a transformation.
It has different colors and some have collars and pockets.
Soon it became the man\'s favorite casual outfit. When t-
Shirts became very popular in the 1950 s, and advertisers began to write slogans on shirts.
I have always thought that advertising writing is the second most profitable form of writing.
The first, of course, is the ransom. ” —
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