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labels look to get streetwear back in fashion in ny

by:QiMeng     2019-10-01
* Street apparel is expected to revive the market * new labels released by Christine corny on the 18 th are designed to avoid old mistakes (Reuters)-
Loose jeans and oversized T-shirt
In the past, shirts were everywhere from city streets to designer-branded runways, but sportswear and urban lines are now seeking to create new niche looks.
City brands, traditionally inspired by urban youth culture and underground music, said they wanted to revive too mainstream street clothes, companies and crowded brands of music stars like Sean \"Didi\" Combs and Jay --Z.
Gerlan Marcel, a 33-year-old designer of Gerlan jeans, said: \"street clothing has lost its focus in the past five or six years because it has become a common way of dressing . \" Last year, she launched the bubble gum color print series in New York.
\"Some of us now want to do something fundamentally different.
\"At New York Fashion Week, hip hop brand Baby Phat features acid --
The founder, Kimora Lee Simmons, says washed denim hot pants and golden bikinis are for young, trendy consumers.
\"My style is fashionable now, just like it is --hop and rock-and-
\"Roll,\" said Simmons, a former model who used hip-
Def Jam co, a jump record company-
Her ex-husband, founder Russell Simmons. Other higher-
Terminal City labels have re-launched their images from a time when everything is big and loose.
Chief Executive Fred Gehring said Tommy Hilfiger was returning to its \"preparatory\" roots.
\"There is a phenomenon of taking a specific urban approach to clothing, which is a very oversized way of dressing, which could be a lot of things that the company designed six or seven years ago, he said.
\"This is an avoidance in the true sense of the brand. ” But jeans —
Stable sales of major street apparel in the United States. S. recession —
It\'s still an easy sale, says the designer.
Patrick Kraaijeveld of G-, a Dutch jeans company, said: \"We can reduce prices, but we can also be smart in the market and do something that is still interesting for retailers . \"
Has successfully entered the emerging fashion market outside Western Europe.
Veteran designers and newer designers agree that music trends help drive the look of street clothes.
\"People are more exposed to it,\" says Carri Munden, a 28-year-old London designer at Cassetteplaya, who works with British singer M. I. A.
On her sports clothing label, she was praised as a bright color of innovation for looking for men in street clothing.
Both Munden and Gerlan want to bring their new designs to stores around the world, and say
Terminal tags may lead from new labels that once again dare to be different.
\"There are a lot of young and creative people who are making clothes for the streets instead of taking down the elements and watering them,\" she said . \". (
Additional reports by Martin Geller, edited by Alan woolhorst and Alison Williams)
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