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lacoste goes off the beaten track

by:QiMeng     2019-10-04
The iconic sportswear brand Lacoste by Ene Lacoste is one of the first international apparel companies to set foot in India in the 1990 s.
In the early days, it enjoyed a big playground with no competition.
Its polot shirt is immediately welcome and continues to do so in all products.
It is the largest contributor to sales in India, accounting for 30 of total revenue.
But in recent times, the impact of a number of cheap luxury brands such as Wills Lifestyle and Tommy Hilfiger has changed the company\'s direction.
From a man-
Focus on high-end sportswear brand, it is diversified to the overall development
Some lifestyle brands have added women\'s clothing, shoes, accessories, and even children\'s clothing collections.
Youth has become another area of focus.
The company recently launched a product called Lacoste Live.
Guided brands are designed to attract the attention of young people who may become potential customers in the next 10 years.
Rajesh Jain, CEO and director, Lacoste India, said: \"Lacoste Live is a place where luxury goods are combined with street art, bringing a fresh, bold and vibrant portfolio of products.
Adding more products may pay off.
The company reported sales growth of 30 in the last fiscal year and hopes to grow 35 this fiscal year.
However, Jain said its new product will still get the iconic status enjoyed by its men\'s wear portfolio, which continues to lead the world.
But women\'s wear soon caught up.
\"Now, about 40 of our soles are women,\" he added . \"
The company is expanding on a large scale.
By 2014, it plans to double the number of stores from 38 today.
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