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lacoste selling shirts for endangered species

by:QiMeng     2019-08-25
People from towns and villages say give up its crocodile sign
For a good cause
The French fashion brand has recently launched a service that allows customers to make custom polo wholesale t shirts wholesale in over 500 possible design combinations, and the brand is working with the International Union for Conservation of Nature, within a limited range
Featuring a collection of 10 endangered animals, the crocodile logo has traditionally appeared here.
Several examples include Java rhinos, Sumatran tigers and Burmese top turtles, and the number of shirts available for each animal corresponds to the remaining number of species. (
For example, there are 450 iguanas shirts in the collection. )
The line was limited to 1,775 miles and opened in February 28.
According to a brand spokesman, it has sold out in Europe.
Still, the five styles are still available for sale in the US, so click on the button below to buy one and you can still.
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