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ladies, take note!

by:QiMeng     2019-09-08
2009 went wrong and asked you to get expert advice on dressing based on your size in the new year.
Although you may be mistaken in 2009, don\'t worry.
Hours after the queue
Team of professional fashion designers
Mehra, Falguni Thakore, Lina Tipnis and Gayatri kana-recorded and brief-
Low for you-
About how to make the best clothes for your size in 2010.
Pay attention, ladies!
Most women belong to one of these four body types.
Apple or inverted triangle (
Larger shoulders and chest, too heavy and often piled up around the belly)
Pear or triangle (
Narrow shoulders and upper body with increased weight can be seen on hips, legs and thighs)
, Rectangular or straight (
It is usually slim or athletic, with less curve definition)and Hourglass (
Definition of extra weight on both chest and hips waist and curve shape).
Designer duo Shantanu and Mehra, who recorded and briefly recorded it, said, \"I think women\'s apples
Well-proportioned people should wear tights or tight trousers.
They should be mounted on the bottom to reveal the shoulders.
The best way, for example, is to wear a sling top.
Another suggestion
Stick to black and avoid trying colors in the lower half of the body. Catherine ZetaJones.
The outline of your Apple
The shape of the building can be carried :-
Short skirt with slimming top. -V-
Neck top worn with the middle of the boot cut or slightly enlargedrise jeans. -
A slightly pointed shirt at the waist with a flared skirt. -
Single button jacket with top
Waist posture of wide leg trousers. -A-
Solid color dress.
Designer Falguni Thakore said, \"the dress is a supplement to the pear --
The shape of the body, they are easy to work with anything.
They hold you tight. line.
In terms of color, pear
The shaped lady should have a deeper color, avoid printing and wear a smoother dress, which is something with a lot of glitter.
\"Rani mukherki and Vidia Balaam.
Outline of your pear
Haped build can be carried :-
Just below the length of the knee, a plain skirt with a patterned shirt. -
Boots with boat cut jeansneck or scoop-neck tops. -A-
There are three lines.
Shirt wrapped in sleeves. -
Straight leg trousers, jacket slightly hit above the hips. -
Wrap your clothes in simple print or solid.
Designer Lina Tipnis said, \"Try the layered look --like a waist-
Length racing top, it will shrug as the volume increases.
In eggplant, Emerald and other shades of red, maroon and green, women of different shapes should be seen.
Because there is no curve in the waist, avoid pressing the waist. ”Preity Zinta.
Your rectangular outline
The shape of the building can be carried :-
Pencil skirt with belt jacket. -
Shirt with folds or other size details with Bell leg jeans. -Cap-
Neck or polo shirt with modern boot cut trousers or jeans. -
A dress with a corset or a pped waist and skirt. -
Layered ensemble.
Designer Gayatri Khanna said, \"Women can definitely highlight the waist and neckline to show their hourglass figure.
Street clothes are fair.
Whether it\'s elegant or structured, the Imperial lines are sexy.
\"Neha Dupia and Katrina anesthetic.
Outline that your hourglass building can carry :-
Spoon horn jeansneck Tees. -Three-
Cut skirt with v Quarterly length
Neck of the shirt. -
A clip-on jacket with straight leg trousers. -
Classic rock style dress.
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