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lee suckling: why fashion is so hard for men in this heat

by:QiMeng     2019-10-09
I am the biggest fan of summer besides clothing.
This week is the middle of New Zealand\'s summer, and I am constantly reminded that sweat will ruin everything.
I realized that there was any fluid accumulation in my underarm, inside my thigh and back.
Moving too fast in this hot weather, or doing anything in a hurry, I will encounter a drop of eyebrows and have to consider changing socks.
As a man, all of this makes dressing very difficult in January, especially when you still need to look smart in the office.
Summer is also social: lunch time is very long, after
Work drinks and BBQ.
The default Kiwi uniform is singlet and jandals, but this is not appropriate in most social situations (
I compare it to the \"underwear, togs\" rule-need to see water).
Dressing in hot weather is a place where men are worse than women. Why?
Because women can do sleeveless things in the office, and they can do business appropriately --like.
Regardless of your job, no one can get away with it if you work inside.
If anyone sees you, they\'ll think you \'ve just come out of the gym or messed up your business --
Casual dress code.
On the other hand, women can wear fashionable sleeveless shirts, tops and dresses and look very professional.
The same is true for the second half.
It doesn\'t matter how many times ASOS tries to sell you-no one can take off the shorts set.
Not for a meeting, not for a wedding, not for a holiday on the island.
You look like Prince George.
By the way, who is five years old).
While the better half can wear a skirt and at least allow the calf to breathe, the male is stuck with the trousers, which will eventually feel like a hot tent on New Year\'s Day.
Then there is the head wear problem.
It looks hard to wear a hat.
I tried a lot of styles.
Baseball caps are young and informal.
Fedoras and panamas made me look very affected.
The straw hat is for retirees, and the cowboy hat is only for Bradley Cooper, and the bucket hat makes me look like an old fisherman with a grumpy temper.
However, not all of them are lost.
There are several ways to do this sweat stream sweaty back disaster.
I have been to many very popular countries and I have learned some men\'s fashion skills to share with all Kiwi men.
Firstly, linen.
This is the greatest summer fabric ever.
It is lighter and more breathable than cotton and you can wear it to work (
Even with a tie if you need it)
Stay relatively cool.
The thing closest to the airflow in your underarm is through the linen shirt.
Linen pants and trailblazer can also be the right fashion, as long as they\'re not too loose or with pastel colors-your weekend in Bernie will look like extra.
I cannot stress how important natural fiber is in summer.
Before wearing anything, check all your labels and put anything with a polyester or other inorganic mixture back in the drawer.
Any clothes you wear must be 100 of the natural fabric.
More importantly, you need to keep your color light.
Guys, the black and navy need to stay at home until the parade.
Over the next six weeks, take out everything from the light blue, cream and white series.
In the end, although it may be tempting, don\'t go without barrels.
This is a stinky recipe. Disaster at your feet
Your feet will sweat in your shoes and you will get blisters.
Invisible socks-socks that women have known for many years-are now available to men in clothing and department stores across the country.
Both David Jones and H & M take stock of the stocks.
You don\'t want to be left on a 30-degree day and want to know if sports white socks work --
Friendly to your suit as the answer is no exception to \"they are not \".
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