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let your feet do the talking

by:QiMeng     2019-09-27
Over the years, consumers have made personal statements by printing pictures and slogans on our hats, T-
Shirt and hoodie.
It\'s time to turn their shoes into walking billboards.
The biggest single, Glen Lynch.
The \"door retailer\" of the highly respected Chuck Taylor Converse running shoes in North America adds a new dimension to his sales platform.
He can print anything you want on your Converse or Van sneakers.
Lynch, 64, said: \"This is a blank canvas . \" He has owned about 40 years of land in downtown bagkins and continues to rebuild
In 1969, he pioneered himself and his business in core areas.
\"Within two weeks of our offering of this product, the response was amazing.
It seems like everyone has something to wear on their feet.
\"Local artists are lining up for licensing deals and consumers flock to images of their favorite musicians, flags, photos and reasons.
A man asked Lynch to print a picture of his partner\'s beloved cat, Louis, who died recently. Lynch and long-
Time bagkins manager Brady Griffin signed a franchise agreement with Nick Romero, Venice Beach, California.
Entrepreneur, there is a printing art and patent on a special clip called \"platent\" that flatten the side of the running shoe to ensure the printed surface.
Images are prepared by graphic artists on a computer and printed on shoes using an inkjet Garment printer.
Each side can be printed, or the tongue area of the running shoe can be printed.
A customer has a little red riding hood and a big gray wolf on the other side. the wolf is terrible.
It looks like tonque, snout and teeth on the tongue of the running shoe.
Romero at ABC-
TV shark tank last year, United StatesS.
Dragon Cave version of CBC.
Despite the praise of Romero\'s ideas, all Sharks did not buy the deal because Romero wanted to open a series of its own stores.
The Sharks suggested the licensing and franchise deals he is doing now.
Lynch, one of Canada\'s first people to reach an agreement with Romero, attended a conference in Venice Beach where NBA players and Los Angeles musicians were present.
The deal, including licenses, equipment and training, cost Lynch and Griffin about $150,000.
They rented extra space in the market square to produce shoes.
Jack Warren, who is pitching the business, called the shoe printer \"a new way of getting tattoos \".
\"This is really a blank canvas --
A new surface leaves your mark, \"Warren said.
\"It really covers all the population --
From Redmond to James Dean.
Because people have been wearing Converse for decades.
Lynch not only accepts personalized orders, but also creates a catalogue of images, prints on demand, and builds inventory for his store in the carton Arcade on Johnson Street.
He wants to sell for tourists who want to remember a part of Victoria, such as cherry blossoms, hanging baskets, or the legislature.
He also met with local high schools that wanted their school, team or graduation to be held on their van or reverse runner.
A customer wants his conversation to be done in a shabby burlap that looks very real.
Ford Mustang fan Peter Miller, a member of Victoria\'s local GT 500 Shelby club, put his favorite car on a pair of Converse last week.
\"I will wear them to the auto show. and-
Said Miller.
\"Like another badge.
\"The Podium Sports Bar on Yates Street ordered 18 pairs of Vancouver Canucks-colored Converse for employees.
A nearby men\'s clothing store, men\'s vision, has several pairs of clothes with hundreds of small bows.
Tie with formal dress.
Local comic artist Gareth Gaudin, the owner of Legendary Comics, also printed his Perogy Cat character on a pair of Chuck gilllors.
Victoria graphic designer Andrew Lewis won the second gold medal in Mexico
Last month, the world\'s largest poster exhibition loved the idea that artists had another medium.
Lewis created the winning poster for bagkins.
The graphic of the Converse sneakers contains 1960 s-and 1970s-
Time textile design in Marimekko, Finland.
Lewis was selected from 8,400 entries.
This is the first time that Canadian designers won the gold medal in the competition-year history.
\"We used posters, T-
Shirt, hat, now with a new extreme
Feet, so it\'s exciting to see possible possibilities, \"Lewis said.
Bob Messi, to his 1960-
Time concert posters are also discussing with Lynch whether to print art on shoes.
For Lynch, shoe prints add to the life of entrepreneurs.
He is one of the most durable businessmen in the city center, starting with selling black lights and psychedelic posters, to Indian clothing and other imported novelty products.
Ten years ago, he started using Converse line and now has more than $1 million in annual sales.
A pair of regular Chuck Taylor Converse costs $59. 99.
The cost of printing is between $99 and $109.
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