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lidl launches school uniform for £3.75… just as rival aldi slashes its prices to undercut them by 6p

by:QiMeng     2019-08-26
Discount supermarkets help mothers reduce costs this year by offering full school uniforms below £ 4.
Lidl, the latest retailer to launch a war in the \"Back to School\" market, offers a budget with a pack of two polo wholesale t shirts wholesale, a male and female jumper and trousers or a hundred
A total of 3 pounds was saved. 75.
The German store\'s collection landed at the store on July 21, offering a total of 41 different outfits, including £ 6 leather school shoes. 99.
However, rival Aldi today decided to cut the price of equivalent primary school uniforms to weaken the retailer\'s 6 p.
A sweater from Aldi is now 94 p and two polo wholesale t shirts wholesale are 1.
Trousers or skirts are 1.
50, bringing the total to 3. 69.
Tony Baines, general manager of Aldi\'s purchase, commented: \"In order to provide excellent quality at an unbeatable price, we have reduced the retail price of the back-to-school unified package from 4 to 3. 69.
\"The bargains for Lidl and aldi are much cheaper than for mainstream stores.
Similar clothing costs £ 7. 50 at Asda, £8.
Tesco for £ 50, £ 13.
50 people in Sainsbury\'s restaurant
Parents are advised to stock up on these items quickly, as popular items may be snapped up during the summer vacation.
Lidl claims that their collection will save a £ 2,800 fee for an ordinary family who has two children during primary school.
They also insist that although the price is very low, they are not stingy in quality. Lidl UKnon-
Josie Stone, food purchasing manager, said: \"Parents can find themselves spending thousands on the cost of school uniforms, which can be particularly difficult for families with more than one child.
\"That\'s why we want to offer the best value and the best quality options for families on the street.
\"According to a recent study, parents buy 38 school uniforms a year, costing an average of £ 500 for two children.
However, earlier this year, Lidl offered a pair of egg custard for £ 5, sparking controversy. 99 at its 600-plus UK stores.
The items were made in Bangladesh, where the minimum legal wage for garment workers was 23 p per hour.
The uniforms were made in Bangladesh and China, Lidl said.
Martin Bateer, head of apparel and textiles at the Ethics trade initiative, told the Guardian: \"for British consumers, it is usually not a huge cost to pay a few more uniforms, but the difference could be huge for garment workers in Bangladesh or China.
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