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london activity bars: the best places to do more than just drink

by:QiMeng     2019-09-08
Sometimes simply sitting down and drinking a pint of beer doesn\'t cut it down.
Mindfulness is a drinking trend in the summer, guilt as people increasingly want to be healthier --
Traditional cocktail bars offer free options and are looking for new ways to bring in regulars.
Thankfully, there are a variety of event bars in London for restless and competitive people.
From table tennis to golf and darts, these are the best bars in London, where you can do more than just drink.
For those who are quickly tired of a game, this Battersea bar has a Victorian style
The music hall upstairs has been transformed into a playroom.
The mall is packed with different activities including remote control racing and Plonk! golf.
There are three different games to try evena VR space.
51 lavender garden, SW11 1DJ, 4 thieves. pubu200bMini-
Golf has been transformed at this new white city venue.
The people behind London\'s popular table tennis chain, Bounce, have created a whole new concept for London\'s bar scene: high-
Indoor golf technology
The bar has four courses and nine holes, each of which is inspired by arcade games, computers and playground games.
It even has oneof-a-
The ball is well tracked and scored because the ball itself is inside the ball so no scorecard is needed.
Cheating is also more difficult.
Lili Road, W12 7HB, puttshack.
Popular London table tennis chainto.
They use projection mapping technology to convert the ball tables into computer games.
Just make sure you book in advance so as not to be disappointed by the very busy branches of Farringdon and Old street.
121 Hall Bo EC1N 2TD, bouncepingpong.
ComFor those who were not built to run 90 minutes on the court (
Those who like to have drinks in their hands while taking any sport)
There is football on the table.
This Shoreditch bar has a table spread over two floors and also shows live sports.
This is the sister bar of the popular Clerkenwell hauntcafe Kick.
127 High Street, Cafekick E1 6JE Shoreditch. co.
UkEnjoy\'s 16,000-square-foot crazy golfat is located at a stone throw in a cucumber.
This popular place is themed on 19 th century English country golf with 2 custom 9-
Courses to choose from.
The staff delivered drinks directly to the stadium, where great street food options were available, including the bites of pizza pilgrims and pie bread.
Thankfully, there is no need for Caddy or ugly diamond printed golf polo shirt.
If you are not in the area, try the updated West End website.
8 Brown Building, EC3A 8AL, swingersldn.
Wapping\'s rooftop bar has launched many British lawn games in the summer, including cro balls and Pei tanks.
Go to the rooftop ice rink and ice hockey in winter.
There used to be more than one
Story car park you can enjoy the game while enjoying the city skyline.
Skylight london E1W 2SF tobacco terminal.
This lively place proves that darts are not just for the middleaged men.
The darts here have upgraded the technology to automatically record scores, which is convenient. Each oche (playing area)
With the capacity of 20 people and table service, it means more time to play (hooray).
2A Worship St, EC2A 2AH, flying club darts.
ComIt may be popular for the first time on a transatlantic cruise in 1920, but it seems to be making a comeback.
Somewhere in the middle of 10 bowling balls and curling pots, the smaller-
Known games have been given a permanent location on Ebor Street in Shoreditch.
4 ebor St, E1 6AW, shuffle in London.
The combination of board games and alcohol can be dangerous, especially at Christmas with family.
Still, at this Hackney bar, you can enjoy both in a less intense setting.
With more than 800 board games, there is no chance of boredom.
337 Acton Mews, E8 4EA, drauhtslondon.
Who doesn\'t like the ball pit?
There are many balls here, as well as a ball pit waterfall and UV mural, which is the perfect playground for adults.
And it\'s Insta-worthysweet-
Themed drinks, including sour and strawberry laces. 97-
113 curtains, EC2A 3BS, ballieballerson.
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