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macy’s and hilfiger strike exclusive deal

by:QiMeng     2019-09-03
Michael barrocott
Designer Tommy Hilfiger has agreed to sell his largest clothing collection exclusively at Macy\'s and is expected to announce a deal today that could disrupt the department store industry.
This is a coup.
If not proof --
For Macy\'s, it promises a tough merger with May in 2005 will give it the ability to get a lot of such deals.
But it could be a headache for Messi\'s rivals.
According to the agreement, sir.
Hilfiger must now remove his signature costume collection from the shelves of stores such as Dillard and Bon
It is likely to upset shoppers.
Starting in the fall of 2008.
Hilfiger will limit the sale of his men\'s and women\'s sportswear series
From hoodie sweater to dolphin jacket-
There are about 800 stores in Macy\'s.
It is estimated that the combined production line will have annual sales of at least $0. 2 billion.
The ad: \"This is very important to us,\" Messi, chief executive, John Terry.
Lundgren said in an interview last night.
\"Tommy is a very important brand.
Mr. advertising
Hilfiger called Macy\'s \"our most important customer\" and said the merger with May was \"more compelling and logical \".
\"Over the past decade, dozens of retailers have reached an agreement to sell exclusive clothing collections, but Macy\'s
Hilfiger deal stands out for the reputation and popularity of the clothing brand.
Tommy Hilfiger has been a member of the elite designer club for decades.
Among them are Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Donna Karan.
In the process, it dominates the sales of department stores and becomes a Big Mac.
Hilfiger has lost a lot of land over the last five years and has gone through an identity crisis that has damaged sales from preppy to city, to back.
But it is still the power of fashion.
Macy\'s move suggests it may have several major designers in its sights,
Lundgren did not try to fire him in an interview.
\"Our policy is to listen to any good ideas,\" he said . \". Mr.
Hilfiger\'s deal is based on the assumption, Lundgren said.
Hilfiger sells even more sportswear at Macy\'s than he sells at several chain stores now.
\"We have enough size for brands like Tommy Hilfiger to play a role in math ,\"Lundgren said.
Tommy Hilfiger, owned by private equity firm Apax Partners, may still be selling its full range of products at its own brand store and may sell licensed products such as perfumes and shoes at Macy\'s competitors
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Representative of Dillard and state
Ton couldn\'t be reached for comment last night.
There is no doubt that the deal poses the greatest risk to Obama.
Hilfiger will put his signature brand on the success of Macy\'s, which has encountered several obstacles over the past year.
As part of the merger of Macy\'s and May\'s, he runs chain stores in Chicago such as Marshall Field and Boston Feilin.
Lundgren changed the name of 11 regional department stores to Macy\'s, alienating thousands of consumers.
To make matters worse, Macy\'s suddenly reduced the number of coupons it offers to shoppers and reduced its sales costs.
However, the direct benefit of the merger is the ability to convince manufacturers to sell products specifically to Macy\'s. So far, Mr.
Lundgren got a home decor line from Martha Stewart and designer Ellie Tahari and Oscar de la lunta.
But the results are not balanced.
De la Renta production line, for example, is not selling well.
On the other hand, the new Martha Stewart family series is considered a major success with sales exceeding expectations. Mr.
Lundgren said he was working on several other exclusive agreements, but said he was taking the time because the arrangements were \"a big commitment --
This is a marriage.
\"You shake hands and all of a sudden the line doesn\'t look good next season and you have to buy it,\" he added . \".
\"The supplier will not go anywhere else.
That\'s why it\'s not as fast as we think.
\"A version of the article appears on the print on Page C1 of the New York edition, titled: Macy\'s and Hilfiger Strike exclusive deals.
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