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macy’s and polo ralph lauren deliver strong quarterly results

by:QiMeng     2019-09-02
Stephanie Clifford Doug
At least so far, the stock market has fallen without hurting one of the country\'s largest department stores or one of the most popular professional retailers.
Macy\'s, a mid-range chain that also owns the upscale brand bloom\'s, said on Wednesday it already had the most successful second quarter in more than a decade, the company\'s revenue and sales prospects for the fall are even better than forecast earlier this year.
Paul Ralph Lauren also had positive news on Wednesday.
The company says it is adding full amount
This year\'s sales forecast tells analysts that it expects sales growth to be in the medium term
Compared with the teenagers it predicted earlier, the high teenagers.
\"We haven\'t seen any impact on our customers in the US or Europe,\" Roger N, President and COOFarah, said.
The shares of the advertising company polo closed up 4 on the same day.
$ 5%, $125.
28, and Macy\'s closed 3.
$24 6%52.
The findings from Macy\'s show shoppers are still buying unnecessary goods.
With ads that have risen in stock markets this year disappearing more in recent deals, one may see shoppers starting to seek double
Adhere to necessities such as cotton socks or T-shirts to ease the recessionshirts.
On the contrary, Messi is the strongest-
The categories of performances include accessories such as jewelry, watches, handbags, cosmetics and perfumes, as well as men\'s and household items, says Karen M.
Macy\'s chief financial officer hogter said on a phone call with investors.
She also pointed out that customers do not pay special attention to prices for fashionable goods.
Sensitive, Macy\'s has been selling more at the original price without having to cut prices.
Macy\'s second-quarter profit rose 64% to $0. 241 billion, or $0.
$55 per share, above analysts\' expectations of $0. 50 a share.
Sales increased by 7. $ 3% to $5. 94 billion.
\"Our outlook for the rest of the year reflects our optimism about the direction of the business and our realistic attitude towards the macroeconomic environment,\" she said. Hoguet said.
Deborah Weinswig, a Citi analyst, said in a note to customers that the \"biggest surprise\" of Macy\'s department store performance was an improvement in the forecast for the whole year.
Macy\'s started talking this year.
The annual income should be $2. 25 to $2.
$30 per share and then raised $2. 40 to $2. 45 a share.
On Wednesday, the company said the situation should be better this year and is expected to increase to $2. 60 to $2. 65 a share.
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It expects all of itYear comparable-
Sales figures or revenues for stores that have opened for at least one year have increased between 4. 8 and 5.
1%, which is higher than 4, said Wednesday.
8% it predicted in July.
Despite the volatility of the stock market this month, August should be the strongest month for Macy\'s in the quarter. Hoguet said.
Because luxury consumers often buy or have what the stock market is particularly interested in analysts, Macy\'s Bloomingdale\'s, which sells for $253 in jeans and $2,650 in Gucci watches.
The ad asked if she had seen a slowdown in Bloomingdale when the stock market fell.
Hoguet replied, \"A, we don\'t, but B, I think it\'s A bit early to judge now.
She said Bloomingdale\'s business was \"very strong \".
Robert Drbul, analyst at Barclays Capital, said he was encouraged by the assessment.
\"Now we\'re all holding our breath and waiting for a reaction, but so far you seem to really see nothing,\" he said . \".
Ralph Lauren also reflects a similar trend. Full-
Price sales were \"very good\" in the quarter \". Farah said.
Profits rose 52% year-on-year to $184.
1 million, or $1. 90 a share.
Analysts tracked by Bloomberg expected earnings of $1. 47 a share.
Revenue rose 32% to $1. 53 billion.
As Nordstrom and Cole report on Thursday, the impact of the stock market on the retail industry may soon be more comprehensive. C.
Penney and Dillard on Friday, Fifth Avenue and Wal-Tuesday\'s Bazaar
A version of the article was printed on page B3 of The New York edition on August 11, 2011 under the title: Macy\'s and Polo Ralph Lauren provide strong quarterly results.
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