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made-to-measure outfits for everybody

by:QiMeng     2019-09-23
A shirt with letters on it, an inch-perfect suit or a dress made to your exact specifications may sound like a dream for fashionistas and a nightmare for your wallet.
However, personalized is becoming more affordable thanks to the Internet.
Average price paid for off-sitethe-
According to market research firm Kantar World Panel, peg men\'s clothing in High Street is 114
But if you\'re willing to spend about £ 300, you can customize one online --made.
Simon Crompton, founder of permanent style.
Com is usually found to be high.
High-end men\'s clothing market, custom suits for up to thousands of pounds.
Still, he says for a more modest budget, an online productionto-
Body suit is a good choice.
\"The biggest benefit is style and get something unique to you.
People can order pink-lined suits, a special fabric of their choice.
This is an exciting thing.
\"Companies are emerging to meet demand for special flavors, most of which are driven by social media, especially photo apps that open up a world of possibilities for curious consumers.
Jonathan Kruger and Stephen Stroud\'s online tailor company are hoping to profit from this desire to stand out.
\"Modern consumers know what they want,\" Mr. Kruger said. \"They see clothes on Instagram and Pinterest, but they don\'t necessarily find them on hooks.
\"Customers sometimes have an established idea of what they want and they send a picture and if we can do it we ask them what they like and send their size.
\"If they don\'t have a clear idea, we still have 60 to 70 looks on the website, updating them every day with the popular style on the Internet, and some customers are inspired by it.
\"The price of suits made in China is between 295
380, it will take two weeks for the order to arrive.
After seeing the company on Facebook, Oojal Jhuti decided to give it a try, \"I \'ve been to a lot of big Indian weddings.
Women always have a good time choosing what to wear and what to do, so I want to give it a try.
Mr. Jhuti ordered a list. breasted, navy-
Blue suit jacket with bright blue paisley lining.
The sum of numbers on the Savile Row set, so how does this experience compare?
\"I\'m happy from cost to quality.
The cuff is functional, it is a different functionthe-
This is a tailor-made peg suit that fits perfectly.
\"So why spend 5,000 when you can customize a suit online to your specifications?
It\'s all about personal contact, Mr. Crompton said.
\"You get the eyes of an expert who has been doing the cutter for years and it can fit perfectly with your body.
Mr Crompton also stressed that a lot of the costs were Labor in a fierce row: \"Someone would --
Stitching the structure into the chest of the suit, which is very time consuming.
\"Further increases the cost scale, but still cheaper than its own Kent King Savile Street
Haberdasher is described as an online customization at the high end;
His suit starts at 600.
Mr. Wang said the cost was reflected in how his suit was made.
\"We made a full canvas building, which is one of the most important aspects of the suit coat.
\"The cheapest jacket is fused, with outer fabric and lining glued together;
This makes it heavy and breathable;
Constructed with canvas, there is a coat of canvas between the outer fabric and the lining.
\"The US accounts for 80% of his customer base, but Wang says the internet opens up other markets:\" We get orders from countries like the Netherlands that have heard of us through social media --
It\'s often blogs and Instagram.
\"There are other advantages to a limited physical presence,\" Wang said, allowing us to keep costs low.
We don\'t have expensive retail units in Mayfair.
The customer ordered it online and we sent them a sample set and adjusted accordingly. the finished set was made in China.
\"Men may have more options when measuring suits, but customization is becoming more and more popular with men and women.
Dig victory in Brighton to sell vintage fashion for womenthe-
DingTalk design and manufacturingto-order service.
This is a Aladdin cave composed of cloth rolls and samples.
Owner and designer Eleanor Callahan started her business online through Etsy: \"We have a following, and that\'s why we grew up enough to be a store.
\"Our sales in stores and online are about 50/50.
All the clothes were either made in the studio here or by the seamstress I used in Brighton.
\"We buy from antique markets and flea markets, and larger fabric rolls tend to be dead goods from fabric dealers.
\"A standard size dress starts at about £ 100 for made-to-
Measure and more expensive materials.
So how does ordering work?
\"We have a range of ties, skirts of different styles and sleeves of different styles, so people walk into the store and want to know what they like.
Online, we have a lot of examples, as well as photos of the fabric and instructions on how to measure it sent by the customer.
Online customers come from all over the world, including the United States, Australia, Canada, Japan, Chile and the United Arab Emirates.
\"Sometimes they just like the retro style, but we also have some women who never find something for themselves, which reminds us of them. \" So -
If you can\'t find your dream costume on the Internet, there is a good chance that there will be a service that will serve you.
You just have to decide what you want to wear.
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