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made-to-order t-shirt maker accused of non-delivery

by:QiMeng     2019-09-23
The following is a summary of the alleged shortcomings, fraud and plans that need attention. Personalized T-shirts —
The Better Business Bureau has warned that a company that sells manufactured productsto-order T-
Shirts make money to consumers without shipping.
Consumer groups say it has received complaints from more than 100 consumers who say they are personalized for you T-
Shirt but not received and no refund can be made.
\"When shopping online, the best option for consumers is to pay by credit card,\" said Robert Crockett, CEO of BBB, which serves southern Nevada.
\"If there is fraud
Delivery or no delivery
Communicate with the business, consumers can dispute charges with credit card companies to try to get a refund. \"Ponzi scam
A federal grand jury in San Francisco sued two people for $129.
Millions of Ponzi scams
According to the indictment, 62-year-old William Wise and 55-year-old Jacquline Hoegel sold regular deposit certificates, sometimes with more than 16% \"guaranteed\" returns.
Wise and Hoegel said the money would be used for foreign investment but was stolen by Wise and Hoegel and used to pay interest to early investors, the indictment said.
Law enforcement officials warn that investments that provide \"guaranteed\" returns or returns that far exceed market interest rates are often a dangerous sign of fraud.
Mortgage fraud-
A mother and daughter were sentenced after admitting the federal mortgage fraud charges.
Susan Levy, 70, is a real estate agent in Tucson, she and her 44-year-old daughter, Reese Levy, I acknowledge the existence of wire transfer fraud and false statements in mortgage applications insured by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development.
Susan Levy said in a plea agreement that she made false statements to qualify for a loan from two properties in Tucson, both of which were eventually foreclosed
She also said that she submitted a false wage stub in her third loan application to make it appear that her daughter had a job when she was unemployed.
Her daughter admitted that she signed a false statement saying that she was employed and earned more than $2,300 a month when she was not employed.
On Tuesday, Susan Levy was sentenced to eight months in prison and ordered to pay more than $700,000 in compensation.
Risa Levy was sentenced to three years\' probation and ordered to pay more than $83,000 in compensation. stuart. Pfeifei @ latimes.
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