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madoff\'s goodies: going, going, gone

by:QiMeng     2019-08-29
Dealing with Madoff\'s lifetime acquisition is a big deal.
The following is a status check on the sale of his house, vessel and personal and household goods. NEW YORK (CNNMoney. com)--
You can\'t take it with you, and you can\'t go to jail, so a long list of material wealth that Bernie Madoff has accumulated during his illness
The proceeds will soon be sold, and their connection with that criminal financier is finally forgotten.
Earlier this year, his holiday home in Tibu island, France, was sold for about $1. 5 million.
Just last month, Bernie went to the \"cabin\" on Long Island beach. The four-bedroom, three-bath, 3,000-square-
In 1980, Madoff bought the foot house for only $250,000 and made a profit of $9.
41 million, well above $8.
75 million asking price.
The sales of his Manhattan penthouse and Palm Beach are also not very good.
Not only was it not sold, but the asking price was lowered by $1 m to $8.
9 million for co-
Op, over $500,000, to $7.
9 million, Palm Beach Villa.
Saturday, November.
Many of his personal and family items have been auctioned.
The event will include nearly 500 items taken out of Burney\'s Manhattan and Montauk homes.
In addition to jewelry and fur, dozens of watches will be displayed.
But there will also be more general merchandise auctions, such as personalized New York Metropolitan satin jackets, bait ducks, and fishing --
Imagine the Bukit board marked with the name Madoff with a black mark.
There are also more sources for this item.
So there will be more auctions.
\"This is just a small part of what we get from the house,\" said Roland Ubaldo, one of the US senators. S.
Bailiffs overseeing seizure
According to Ubaldo, every piece in the auction is in good condition.
Anything worn out is missing.
With the exception of some personalized unused polo wholesale t shirts wholesale, his extensive wardrobe is barely sold, which are still wearing plastic and Metropolitan jackets.
None of his suits, shirts, sports jackets, casual pants and shoes met the requirements.
At least not this round.
The auction will take place at Sheraton New York hotel in Manhattan, where bidders and temporary observers can access it online at www. proxibid. com/gaston.
Up to now, 650 bidders have been registered.
\"No problem.
\"High-profile auctions like this have attracted a lot of attention, and he expects that by auction day, the number of bidders will be close to 2,000,\" said Proxibid CEO Bruce Hobman . \".
Even if low valuations are prevalent, New York auctions should bring nearly $500,000.
The money will be used to repay the victims of Madoff\'s Ponzi scheme.
To bid for any Madoff lot in person, you must register by eleven o\'clock A. M. to four o\'clock P. M. on Friday or from 8: 30 on Saturday.
Photo ID and $250 deposit are required.
Online bidders have to invest $1,000.
The deposit is refundable if you do not win the bid.
After Saturday\'s auction, Madoff\'s madmen can auction four of Bernie\'s ships on Tuesday.
But they have to trek to Fort Lauderdale, which is on sale.
The flagship \"Bull\" of the Madoff Florida fleet 55-
The fishing boat, built in 1969, slept six people.
After careful repair.
And a 23-foot putt-
Putt, little bull and 38-
The foot \"Shelter Island Runes\", known as \"Sitting Bull\", has a deepkeeled, old-
1920 shape of rum runner.
However, the biggest Madoff sailing prize was not auctioned on Tuesday. It\'s an 89-
A pedal-Sport Yacht, also known as the bull, was seized in France.
The deal is being processed by British auctioneer Wyers Hardy, who reportedly asks for $8. 5 million.
The National Liquidator who managed the Fort Lauderdale auction did not provide an estimate of the other three ships.
However, there is a similar 55-
Foot Rybovich sports fishermen for sale in yacht world.
The price of $450,000.
It may not be possible to compare prices precisely, as customization and conditions may make the bull market more valuable. Yachtworld.
Com also has some Shelter Island Runabouts for sale, ranging from $300,000 to $400,000.
The value of the bull is at a five-digit low.
In addition to Madoff\'s sea collection, there is another 61-foot high-
Perform power boats at the same auction.
This is the property of \"Dorothy Joe\", once the chief financial officer of Madoff, Frank dipascari, who has admitted 10 crimes such as fraud, criminal conspiracy, etc.
He has been sentenced since the beginning of August and faces up to 125 imprisonment.
His ship may be worth more than the three Madoff ships combined.
There are few similar pirates in the yacht world for sale.
The price of Com is around $1. 5 million.
The National Liquidator auction also includes Bernie\'s 10-year-
The old Mercedes CLK 320 convertible is less than 13,000 miles.
All Madoff-related items will be auctioned off at four o\'clock P. M. on Tuesday.
There are many potential buyers, according to J. R.
Hipple, spokesman for the National Liquidator.
\"It\'s very interesting,\" he said . \"
\"Our company has not done auctions with such notorious people before.
This has attracted a lot of attention.
\"It is expected that sales of all material products, houses, cars, ships, jewelry, furniture in Madoff may raise more than $50 million, all of which will become a fund for the victims of compensation.
In addition to any assets remaining in the investment fund, these assets can also be recovered from his personal account and from the accounts of others who have profited from the scam.
Overall, there could be more than $1.
5 billion give back to the victims, but there is still a big gap from the trustee\'s estimated $21 billion in investor losses.
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