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mayweather\'s win was only a win for mayweather

by:QiMeng     2019-08-28
Of course 12-
Floyd Mayweather, who likes boxing best, beat UFC star Connor McGregor on Saturday night.
In my opinion, they all won because of the $400 million spending, and Mayweather took the biggest share --
About $0. 3 billion
However, the accumulation of this battle is interesting, especially the framework of this game is ablack. white thing.
And before McGregor.
His fans thought he was just \"hype\", which caused a lot of controversy. McGregor himself did not overstate himself as a white champion.
But more importantly, I never heard Mayweather say anything meaningful to the black.
He said to the boxing voice: \"I came here to say that all life is important.
Many times, we are in trouble, we are followers.
You will hear a person say \"black life matter\" or \"blue life matter \". . .
All life is important. . .
\"His statement makes it clear that he knows nothing about the current police culture or political movement, not to mention what happened on the street, so oneof-
The person who touches \"all life is important\" becomes the voice of all of us, we are the ones who are pressed to win, not fight for the people, and we should not expect him
He fought for $0. 3 billion.
However, after his victory, memes appeared on social media as if he were described as the King of Africa and the man of McGregor adfein cranman.
Who came up with what they needed to stop.
A bad representative like this will only make the social relationship of this country worse.
Mayweather did not speak for me, and McGregor was not a man who abused the police, but these silly faceless memes would affect the way people think.
Think about some white people who are very upset about the outcome of the battle.
Probably more frustrating than he should be because these celebrities didn\'t think about us --
Then there may be something very stupid to do.
Let\'s call him Chip.
The chip was overwhelmed with anger and hatred.
Very annoying that he created a Facebook group to connect with other people who feel the same way.
They were all equally disappointed with McGregor\'s defeat.
QIP and the kids are wearing pants, wearing their white polo wholesale t shirts wholesale, grabbing their \"Make America Great Again\" hat and going to every Home Depot to buy all the Tiki torch, so they can surround how much they hate black Americans, Jews or lgb women, or a combination of all these groups. (
I think the crowd they hate most will change depending on which day of the week. )
Then they would go on a meaningless parade while shouting meaningless slogans, and of course we all lost: their rally was a complete waste of time, because ethnic minorities won\'t go anywhere I won\'t be able to create an island atmosphere at my endof-
Because all the Tiki torch will be sold out this season.
So please people on the Internet, I ask you: stop the false prophets and the false heroes.
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