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mcdonald\'s unveils new crew uniforms in muted colors

by:QiMeng     2019-09-13
McDonald\'s to high-
End the modern facelift that fashion designers give their crew uniforms. The result? Several--
But less than 50 years old. -
Gray: dark gray polo shirt and T-shirt
The shirt under the long gray apron is almost invisible to the famous McDonald\'s Arch.
These uniforms were designed by Waraire Boomer and Bindu Rivas in collaboration with the certified uniform production and design company Way to Be.
Boswell is an outstanding high.
Independent fashion designers, while Rivas is a smaller designer. known Indo-
British designer
Boswell himself started his career as an employee at McDonald\'s, California, and then started working on fashion design, and now he wears-
List stars for red carpet affairs.
Slides: 11 things you don\'t know about McDonald\'s \"as a former McDonald\'s employee, I understand the design and functional needs of the next generation of McDonald\'s uniforms, waraire boomersaidin said in a statement: \"I was personally inspired to design a look and feel that gave the restaurant staff more confidence. \".
The uniforms to be launched by the end of April will be worn by 850,000 employees across the United States. S.
\"Our new collection focuses on comfort, fit, functionality and contemporary professional spirit, providing uniforms worn by crew and managers that will feel comfortable and proud to wear,\" said Jez Langhorn . \" McDonald\'s senior director of Human Resources said in a statement.
\"Beyond that, this is another step in the company\'s ongoing efforts to improve the bar by investing in employees and improving the restaurant experience, with a focus on hospitality.
\"Can fast food workers eat the food they make?
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