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meet the modern-day jay gatsby

by:QiMeng     2019-09-09
I don\'t know why they came east.
They stayed in France for a year, for no particular reason, and then drifted around where people played polo and rich. . . -
The Great Gatsby.
Scott fitzgerrard playing polo and \"getting rich together\" are the lifestyle most of us can only dream.
The concept of Polo reminds me of champagne.
People in pique cotton shirts and jodhpurs sip and mingle with expensive ponies to discuss the stock market.
For Peter Higgins, this way of life is the reality of everyday life.
In 1992, Higgins and his brother Rodney set up a mortgage option and a mortgage brokerage system in Australia.
The company went public in 2004 and Higgins remains a director and shareholder.
But it\'s no longer Financial to let Higgins\'s boat drift.
Yes, he also has some, including a well-restored camper and Nicholson yacht.
Now Higgins is the owner of 450.
Australian polo is at the Acre House in Richmond, new state, where he often hosts six international teamsStandard field.
He also plays polo around the world, waving mallets in a foreign land from Saint Tropez to Argentina.
He even felt sorry for Prince William\'s team in England.
He has ridden the Prince\'s horse at the Jordan Royal Polo Club.
Higgins grew up in Washington state, where he used to ride on a friend\'s farm.
He said he wanted to re-play the polo game in his 80 s, but it was too difficult.
\"There are now clubs that encourage men and women of all ages to participate in the sport, help them rent horses and provide tips and tricks.
It didn\'t exist 20 years ago, \"he said.
The population structure has also changed, Higgins said.
\"Most players used to come out of there where they learned to ride horses while gathering livestock.
But the motorcycle eventually replaced the horse.
Polo is more of a city today-
You\'ll find a lot of young ad executives, accountants, lawyers and stockbrokers joining the campaign.
\"It wasn\'t until he moved to Sydney and started his mortgage options that Higgins really began to think seriously about polo.
In the end, he bought the Sydney Polo Club and paid for the club\'s name and trophy cabinet.
\"This is the first polo club in Australia, founded in 1876, and Andrew Banjo Patterson is a founding member,\" Higgins said proudly . \".
He bought fertile, green farmland at Richmond at the foot of the Blue Mountains, and moved the club there, setting up secret arenas, stables and farming facilities.
While polo may not attract the attention of major sports regulations in Australia, it is undeniable that it is carried out in about 77 countries as a true global sport (
It was an Olympic Project until 1939).
The most important game is held in Argentina, which is almost a national obsession in Argentina.
Higgins said that polo is a great opportunity to communicate with other CEOs.
\"The business connections I have built around the world through this campaign are incredible,\" he said . \".
\"On the other hand, since it was played on Sunday, it still allows you to stay with your family.
\"It does not always have to be a flash;
It can be quite down-to-earth.
Two of my four children were playing games last weekend.
There was something dirty in the field and I couldn\'t see all the dust the kids were cleaned up.
No charm.
There are games like this all year round, it\'s serious and then you have more games about social scenes.
\"The Sydney Golden Cup on Sunday, October 20 is the perfect combination of polo and social activities.
This is the annual tournament Higgins has been holding for the past decade.
Because of the recent film The Great Gatsby (
Joel Eagleton\'s habitat for polo ponies)
Gatsby was filmed at the Higgins hotel, and this year\'s event took on Gatsby\'s theme, with attendees invited to wear a 1920-style outfit.
Yes, it will be fashionable and many movers in Sydney are expected to arrivemasse.
There will be some very expensive cars. Ferrari-
Maserati, Sydney, is the main sponsor of the event, where Maserati will present the brand new Quattroporte.
There will also be retro and new
Release vehicles from Corvette, Aston Martin, and Bentley, as well as Supercars club displays. G. H.
Mumm champagne will serve bubbles in the VIP stands.
There will be a fashion match and a celebrity bike polo match. time.
\"You don\'t have to spend a lot of money to have a good day,\" Higgins said . \".
\"Just show up at the door with a carpet and a picnic and enjoy this spectacular sight.
Open at 10.
There are tickets and more information here at 30 on Sunday morning.
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