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meghan markle\'s expensive wardrobe revealed

by:QiMeng     2019-09-14
Six days have passed since Megan Markle. one-
The time actress, philanthropist and the woman who caught Prince Harry\'s heart
The Duchess.
Her diary has been terrible since she joined the company in May 19
Packed with royal events-
Including a day at Ascot, a family wedding, and her first trip abroad this week.
As any woman at work knows, busy schedules need to be kept
Change the dress roster.
When your day-to-day job is to be the Duchess of Sussex, it is vital to look at the character. In 15 high-
Since the wedding, Megan has introduced 15 brand new looks, each of which is more eye-catchingand expensive —than the last.
M & S jump shots and small-
She favored famous and affordable brands during her engagement.
Today, Megan\'s wardrobe has only the best clothes from the world\'s top design companies: Dior, Givenchy, Prada and Chanel.
Her dress was too extravagant and she was found wearing £ 28,000 during this week\'s Dublin tour ($54,774)
Valuable clothes in just 24 hours.
In fact, so far she has worn one dress in public more than once.
All of this leads to a rather subtle question: Who will pay for it?
By contrast, the Duchess of Cambridge spent £ 119,000 ($232,793)
On new clothes for the whole of 2017, 100,000 ($195,624)in 2016.
In less than two months of joining the royal family, Megan\'s clothing budget has exceeded that figure.
In fact, if she continues at her current pace, she may spend nearly £ 1 million by the end of this year.
Here, the Daily Mail reports on the Duchess\'s very expensive wardrobe. . .
Although Megan was emblazoned by showing her shoulders in the royal carriage parade, she took to the streets of London to celebrate the Queen\'s 92 th birthday.
In a custom blush Herrera top and skirt (
Estimated £ 1,000/$1956)
And matching clutch (£933/$1825)
She looked at the dazzling Duchess.
To finish the look, she chose a pink hat from royal favorite, Philip Treacy. £885/$1731)
And a pair of gold and opal earrings (£850/$1662)
And a diamond ring (£1,752/$3427)
It\'s all Canadian brand Birks.
Cost: £ 5,420 = NZ $10602, and last month Megan turned to try when she first traveled alone with the Queen in Chester --and-
Claire Weite Keller, test designer for Givenchy
The woman behind the wedding dress-
Give her peace of mind. This custom-
A cream-tight dress made with an accompanying cloak is estimated to cost about £ 4,000 ($7824), and label-
With the expensive Givenchy black belt (£350/$684)and a £900 ($1760)cross-body bag.
Her shoes, America. S.
Designer Sarah Flint costs £ 270$528)
Her diamond and pearl earrings
Gifts from Her Majesty
Considered worth 4,275 ($8362).
Her first post.
At Prince Charles\'s 70-year-old birthday celebration, Megan is already building blocks for costume design.
She looks elegant in a light pink dress from a British brand Goat (£590/$1154)
A custom Philip Tracy hat (£885/$1731)
The silk handbags of Wilber and Gracie (£205/$401)and blush-
Color leather course in Tamara Mellon (£350/$684).
A closer look, her low-key jewelry is far from lowkey: £1,400 ($2738)diamond rose-
Styling earrings by Belgian designer Vanessa Tugendhaft for £ 17,700 ($34,625)
Cartier tennis bracelet is considered a gift from her doting Prince.
Cost: £ 21,130 = NZ $41,335 floating in the Lincoln County countryside in this floral Margarita dress (£3,922/$7672)
Megan joined Harry and his family at the wedding of his cousin Celia mccaqudale and looked very feminine.
While some people think the dress is too big for her petite figure, she designed it with the help of Herrera\'s handbag in Carolina (£410/$802)
By Birks (£1,350/$2640)
The same Aquazzura heels she wore at the wedding reception (£470/$919).
Megan rarely nods to the street with a white Post Box considered to be £ 29. 50 ($57. 70)
Number from Marks & Spencer.
Cost: £ 6,182 = £ 12,093 the Duchess of New Zealand was compared to Eliza dollitle in the popular musical \"My Fair Lady\"white get-
Last month at Royal Ascot.
She once again chose Claire wait Keller from Givenchy, this custom white shirtdress (
Estimated £ 4,200/$8216)
With Givenchy belt (£340/$665)
Satin case clutch (£1,500/$2934)
And the black leather Court (£500/$978). Her eye-
The cap was designed by Philip Tracy for about £ 1,950 ($3814).
Fee: £ 8,490 = NZ $16,608 for another date with Her Majesty the Queen
With Harry this time.
At the Young Leaders Awards ceremony at Buckingham Palace, the Duchess once again turned to a suitable senior --end designer. Her double-
Prada designed a chest, belt shirt and her matching skirt for her, totaling 2,100 ($4108)
Same as her black handbag, the retail price is 1,280 ($2503).
Her high heels in black suede are made by Aquazzura (£490/$958).
Without a subtle flash, no outfit would be complete: Megan finished her look with Vanessa Tugendhaft\'s gold and diamond earrings (£900/$1760)
, And Diamond Cross bracelets from the same designer (£525/$1027)
It was a sign of her baptism by the British church earlier this year.
Fee: £ 5,295 = NZ $10,358, not technically an \"open\" event, Audi Polo Challenge at Coworth Park in Ascot
Harry is in the game.
Saw Megan dressed more beautifully. Lower than usual
However, her choice of clothing reflects the change of clothing after she joined the Royal Family: even in
It seems that she can\'t resist the temptation of labels.
On the first day, she wore New York designer Shoshanna (£298/$582)
With Sarah Flint (£185/$361)
And a weird Panama hat. S.
Brand Madewell (£55/$107).
Her trademark came back the next day. shirt-and-
She was wearing a pair of 52 pants. $101)J.
Top of the crew, 185 ($361)
Welsh brand Hiut Denim jeans-and £567 ($1109)
Black Chanel heels
Fee: £ 1,132 = NZ $2,214 glow in canary yellow midi-
American designer Brandon Maxwell is a stylist for singer Lady Gaga, and Megan makes sure everyone is staring at her at a grand reception in London for young people from across the Commonwealth.
She wore 1,150. $2249)
Manolo Blahnik\'s nude heels dress worth 445 ($870).
Although her wrists, neck and fingers are bare (
Except for her wedding ring and engagement ring)
The Duchess chose the California brand Adina renter (£380/$743)
To increase the spark.
Cost: £ 1,975 = NZ $3,863, said to be her choice, so she won\'t surpass Kate, and this olive green dress by Ralph Lauren seems to be the perfect choice for Prince Louis\'s baptism this week.
But the price tag makes it very cautious.
The dress alone cost 1,600 ($3129), plus a £695 ($1359)
Mulberry handbag, £ 95 ($185)
Cornelia James\'s gloves and a pair of £ 700 ($1369)
Manolo Burnick high heels.
Her hat is about 600 ($1173)
While those sparkling Cartier studs ie de Cartier nails are considered to be before
Harry\'s wedding gift is estimated at 60,000 ($117,374).
Fee: £ 63,690 = NZ $124,593 for the Royal Air Force Centennial celebration and £ 2,000 for Megan ($3912)
Dior women\'s clothing.
She did not notice the suggestion that she might have chosen a British designer for the patriotic event, almost entirely dressed in French fashion brand clothing, for £ 520 ($1017)
Suede pump and carry 1,200 ($2347)
Satin handbag. Her swirl-
The styling aspirator designed by Stephen Jones is considered to sell for about £ 300 ($586).
Cost: £ 4,020 = NZ $7,864 she looks smart in a short timesleeved top (£600/$1173)and skirt (£1,199/$2345)
Givenchy paired with Paul Andrew\'s £ 575 Strathberry handbag and tan court (£495/$968).
Later, the Duchess wore a black ribbon dress designed by Emilia Wixted. £1,600/$3129).
She wore Givenchy\'s handbag (£1,500/$2934)
High heels Aquazzura (£490/$958)
Diamond earrings in Birks (£2,600/$5086).
The next day, she wore a 1,800 ($3521)
Roland Murray dress
A little spoiled by sick people. fitting bra —
Handbags with Fendi (£3,580/$7003)
Paul Andrew Burns (£465/$909)
Platinum and diamond earrings from Birks (£9,000/$17,606).
Her last look was Givenchy\'s pants. suit (£1,885/$3687), with a gold-buckle belt (£350/$684)
And leather bags (£1,765/$3452)
Sarah Flint heels (£300/$586)
And a made T-shirt (£32/$62).
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