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members of navy linked to disruption of indigenous ceremony in halifax

by:QiMeng     2019-08-28
One of the group held a red flag. HALIFAX —
A military spokesman confirmed that two members of the Navy were involved in the confrontation at Canada\'s indigenous ceremony in Halifax on Sunday.
The soldiers are believed to be one of five men who appeared at a ceremony around a controversial founder statue in Halifax on Saturday.
Organizers Rebecca Moore said dozens of people gathered around the statue of Edward conwallis\'s chief grizzly mother, who came from BC, shaved his head at a ceremony honoring atrocities against indigenous people.
As Governor of Nova Scotia, conawlis created Halifax in 1749 and issued a bounty to Mick Mark Scarborough shortly after responding to the attack on the colonists
This group of men wore a black polo shirt with yellow rolling edges.
One of them holds a red flag-
Moore said when they were close to singing \"God Save the Queen.
The Canadian red sign with Union Jack hanging in the corner was the flag until it was replaced by a maple leaf pattern on 1965.
Moore said the mother Chief of the grizzly bear was praying when people began to approach.
\"We were still oppressed when we held the ceremony,\" she said in an interview on Monday . \".
\"We mourn for all those who have died who do not respect us and do not respect us.
\"A video of the incident shows that the audience had a brief discussion with these people during the event, during which one of them stated that they recognized Canada\'s legacy as a British colony.
When asked if the organization is associated with an organization, one of the men said, \"Proud Boy, maritime chapter.
\"The Proud Boy Canada chapter Facebook page says they are\" a brother organization of Western shaverists who will no longer apologize for creating a modern world \"and will not discriminate based on race or gender.
The page shares a link to a CBC article about Saturday\'s events, titled: \"The black and yellow polo wholesale t shirts wholesale resist disrespect for general comwallis.
Kelly McNeil, who witnessed the interaction, said that as the ceremony continued, the voices of these people had been low, and after about 10 minutes they left, there was no accident.
Defense spokesman Daniel lebretreyer said two members of the Royal Canadian Navy were associated with the incident but were unable to provide their names.
\"The strength of the defense team stems from the diversity of our members and emphasizes the importance of respect for everyone,\" LeBouthillier said in an email . \".
\"We are very concerned about the matter and are looking into it further.
A spokesman for Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan said he had been informed of the statement, which his office was following closely.
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