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men\'s fashion: nordstrom debuts new concepts shop to offer style, inspiration

by:QiMeng     2019-10-10
For a long time, the retail industry seems to favor women\'s clothing.
While there are many options for women\'s clothing and accessories, this landscape seems relatively small for men\'s shopping choices.
\"I think this is still true to a large extent, although men\'s clothing is becoming more and more famous and more concerned now ,\"
Host of Los Angeles-
The headquarters is in the street clothing boutique alliance, explained.
\"I think it\'s because, historically, men have been a little taboo to express themselves outside of suits or jeans and white T-shirtsshirt.
\"In recent years, the focus has shifted slightly as brands and companies have increased (
Of course, beyond the right area)
But the imbalance is still very complete.
But the change is obvious.
Speaking about the shift, Gibbs said: \"These social taboos are basically non-existent now, creating a complete industry around the new male fashion . \".
According to Gibbs, this shift is largely driven by the evolution and impact of the men\'s fashion category, such as street clothing, due to references to popular culture and sharing of social media, this has been booming in the last decade.
\"From my point of view, the main change is the remnants of an industry, especially the street clothing industry, which is finally fully mature,\" Gibbs explained . \".
\"Street clothes are now fully developed here and there are a lot of choices.
Back in the past, there were only a few good brands . . . . . . Now there is an incredible portfolio in the market.
\"This popularity has led to an increase in the number of brands offering styles.
As that grows, some shoppers are confused, Gibbs said.
\"With so many options, we find that customers may be a little overwhelmed, so the solution is that the brand really focuses on\" their story \"and the customer really likes it, Gibbs said.
\"So, now the story and the source of the brand is the focus of most people\'s attention, and the things that most people buy, not the actual design.
It\'s interesting to see this development and I\'m curious where we are going next.
\"Putting this purchase theory into practice and providing shoppers with an edited choice to enable them to purchase new styles that fit their unique personal fashion sense, nordstrom has launched a new concept store dedicated to men\'s fashion.
\"The new concept is our platform to tell some of the latest, most interesting, and most compelling brand and product stories in the men\'s clothing industry,\" deputy
The president of Nordstrom Men\'s Fashion explained.
\"Immersive through unique product planningstore pop-
Ups and Digital website experience we want to show our customers some of the coolest ideas from around the world.
\"Offers a variety of options (
To be exact, 170 exclusive items)hand-
Gibbs and Loban are selected from 13 brands for prices ranging from $55 to $1,683, and the space is designed not only to provide sources of discovery and inspiration, but also to shop.
\"Chris and I have known each other for a while, and I have been a huge fan of the Joint store as well as the brand and product selection, lobban said:\" In addition to Chris\'s atmosphere, accept what is happening in this industry. \".
\"Working with Chris provides a great opportunity for us to get some new exciting things for Nordstrom customers, while giving more people the opportunity to learn about the union business.
Goods in-store-in-
To keep the shopping options fresh, the store is expected to be replaced regularly.
\"The new concept team is constantly looking for interesting ideas in the market, people who do cool things on brands, products, other retailers, media;
Anywhere . \"
\"One can look forward to finding what we have been trying to create: a colorful, highly curated new designer portfolio that is the future of men\'s wear,\" Gibbs added . \".
For Gibbs, the opportunity to work with Seattle
The head office retailer allows his company to work with unique brands that they have not touched before.
\"As an independent store, we rarely work with such a large team and project,\" Gibbs explained . \".
\"A lot of places and a larger range allow us to do a complete capsule collection with Marni, which is not possible without a large partner.
\"This opportunity for cooperation allows us to think freely and make a rather positive and strong proposal.
We are very excited about this.
\"The Exclusive Collection will be available through Sept at selected Nordstrom locations including New York City, Seattle, Los Angeles, etc. 1.
Nordstrom Pacific Centre in Vancouver will be the only Canadian location to carry the series.
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