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menswear a sleeping giant at new york fashion week

by:QiMeng     2019-08-30
NEW YORK (Reuters)-
At New York Fashion Week, men\'s wear has a bad relationship with women\'s style, but it enjoys faster --
Growing sales and consumer tastes are becoming bolder, experts say.
Of the hundreds of fashion shows at New York fashion week, only a fraction of them are dedicated to the men\'s clothing collection, which attracts far fewer people and has far less coverage, but the men\'s clothing industry is booming
Young men, who drive sales, like traditional colors, casual styles, and classic quirky twists and turns.
\"The men\'s market is growing steadily, and for many retailers it has surpassed their women\'s clothing,\" said Matt Figg, WGSN men\'s deputy editor . \" Predict trends and styles in fashion and retail.
\"Men are more willing to try fashion and try new things, which is reflected in sales,\" he said . \".
Market research shows that in the United States, men\'s clothing sales exceeded women\'s clothing last year.
Men\'s Wear rose 5% in 2013 to $60.
Tracking data from company NPD Group based on trends and sales, 8 billion.
Retail sales of women\'s clothing rose 4% to $116.
Last year was 4 billion, said NPD.
\"This is a very, very good time.
Argentine Lucio Castro said: \"men are dressed differently
The men\'s wear designer who has just shown his collection in New York.
New York fashion week will last until Thursday, when the fashion shows of Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Mark Jacobs will end.
\"Men really don\'t want to wear uniforms,\" Castro said . \".
He noticed the popularity of casual pants, slim pants and tight pants he showed in his collection, which caused the Soviet Union
Summer on Odessa and SORPORT beach.
Timo Weiland presents linen casual pants with a classic style button --
Down jacket and suit jacket
Todd Snyder paired casual pants with a custom jacket and tuxedo pants.
Casual pants are also popular in the first series of Grungy Gentleman custom sports look. New York-
Fun based on Duckie Brown with oversized plaid overshirts, high quality
Waist pants.
Richard Chai paired casual shorts with a custom jacket.
David Hart.
Patterned polo wholesale t shirts wholesale and gorgeous glowing suits. R. K.
Get inspiration from f1 racing, pull fingerprints from garage oil stains, racing flags and tire marks.
\"I think men are trying to be a little bit more concerned about how they look, how well they fit, how they make and how they feel,\" said Michael Maccari . \" Perry Ellis\'s new creative director showed off his first collection this week.
\"Even if they don\'t dare, they appreciate the quality, the details, the fit, the making, the feel, and so on,\" he said . \".
Once, the only fun or colorful playground in men\'s wear was a tie, then a sock, and now a sneakers, Castro said.
\"There must be a comfort zone, and it\'s expanding and growing very slowly,\" he said . \".
\"This is definitely a very good balance in men\'s wear,\" he said . \".
\"Men will feel uncomfortable if they are too new or too strange.
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