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mit develops ink that changes the color of 3d printed objects

by:QiMeng     2019-09-25
A new study released by MIT on Monday details a method called ColorFab for re-coloring after 3D printed objects are printed.
This method combines software, hardware and special 3D ink.
The job is designed to reduce waste: you don\'t need to print something more to change the color.
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When the design came out for the first time, the print design was not entirely correct, \"Stefanie Mueller, co-author of the paper and professor of computer science and artificial intelligence laboratories at MIT, told CNN Tech.
\"This technology can help minimize the amount of waste generated by newer products.
The MIT research team says their research is one step closer to providing solutions.
The method uses a special 3D printing ink that changes color when it is exposed to UV light.
Even after the light is removed, the new color still exists.
Users can upload 3D models in the ColorFab interface, select color patterns and print objects.
MIT uses UV rays to change 3D pixels on items from transparent to colored, and standard office projectors change them from color to transparent.
The ink, developed by MIT, includes an alkaline dye, a \"light initiator\" and a \"light adaptive\" dye.
The latter brings out the color in the base dye, while the light initiator hardens the base dye during printing.
When exposed to a certain amount of light, the ink can change their appearance from transparent to colored.
The researchers say the robot can 3D print buildings in 14 hours, and they can change the color of the object in about 20 minutes, but believe that with the improvement of the method, it will take less time in the future.
Another drawback: the color may appear rough now.
Although the study focuses mainly on common 3D printing materials such as plastic, it can eventually be used for a variety of other items, such as jewelry metal.
\"Accessories such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces and smart watches tend to be worn every day, so it is difficult to choose the color that matches all clothing,\" the paper said . \".
\"Using ColorFab, these accessories can be re-colored according to the user\'s wear.
\"It could also have an impact on retailers, the researchers said.
For example, stores can customize their products in real time and shoppers can try on clothes of different colors.
\"I hope that in the future, this system can help encourage consumers to pay more attention to their purchases, perhaps just buy one thing instead of each color, Miller said.
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