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mixed doubles:designer fashion and sports

by:QiMeng     2019-08-29
On Monday, Lacoste celebrated the 70 th birthday since rene Lacoste invented for his own use through suzy menkesjune 17,2003
Tennis shirt long sleeve
Since then, the family company has become a lifestyle label, and its iconic crocodile is the first movement sign to enter a stylish wardrobe.
Afterwards, the summer of 1933 can be seen as the beginning of a lasting love match between sport and fashion.
Now, the fashion of active costumes and designers has been so thoroughly integrated that it is hard to believe that they have run on two tracks.
Soccer player David Beckham\'s sarong and braids are just an example of the sexual/Sports/shopping mantra, where the soccer player\'s wife outweighs the Hollywood wife in charm.
Since Coco Chanel first packed the shirts of noble polo players into 1920 fashion, the look of the sport has come a long way;
Because of the futuristic style of Andre kurreday likes the personal wardrobe of sports shirts and sneakers.
At the 1965 couture fashion show, the ads were both prescient and shocking.
Seeing President Bill Clinton wearing a baseball cap, there was even a trembling surprise that the hat was embezzled by a 1980-year-old baby boomers.
The game is now in full swing.
Sports companies are developing designers such as Y-
Adidas or Puma\'s 3 Series of yoga deals with model Christy tington.
High fashion brings the ball back.
Prada Sport was launched in the 1990 s, as impressive as the performance of the Prada Luna Rossa yacht in the Copa America.
Louis Vuitton and filagamo have sailing lines, and Puch even has a rotating Vivara pattern on the sailboat --
Half a century later, Emilio podge began his fashion career.
John Galliano of Dior
Technical logo sneakers produced in cooperation with Todd.
Gwen Stefani, one of Dior\'s rock star customers, is sending out her own design package with LeSportsac.
From familiar celebrity endorsements to Updated bold name links, celebrities come with sports: Italian designer George Armani for Beckham\'s Manchester United (
His team, that is, before the future decision of the charismatic star);
Donatella Versace puts soccer stars and rock singers in the front row on her show, or in Los Angeles --
Juicy Couture has designed a sportswear set for Hollywood customers.
In this fashion melee, Lacoste played a smart game.
It still sponsors golf, sailing and tennis champions (
The home of René lacost).
But it also drove sales of iconic hand-woven cotton pique polo wholesale t shirts wholesale at an exponential pace.
In 2002, Lacoste sold 27 million products a year, with sales of 0. 86 billion euros.
At the same time, the company has quietly moved to fashion, not just by appointing French designer Kristoff Lemel as creative director in 2001, but also a range of products from lingerie to polkadot sneakers.
Customers in the courtyard of Lacoste Paris headquarters and private stores of sponsored stars send out the same breeze message as 750 stores and 1 store. 5 million in-
Store boutiques around the world: sportswear can be fun, colorful, desirable, and functional.
From sports bags to windbreaker, everything has the natural fashion style of René lacoster, he appeared in the photos taken with his \"Musketeers\" at the French Open and clay court.
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Bernard Lacoste, one of the three sons of René and the boss of the shirt company for 40 years, believes that the introduction of color to the iconic polo shirt in 1951 is a moment when sports embrace fashion.
From lemon yellow to sang mulberry, the color of the shirt is juicy.
Sitting in his airy office with straw-green carpets and bronze panther statues (
70 birthday gift from family)
Lacoste explains that competing with crocodiles carved in Rajasthan, painted in China and even carved with bread, the company\'s development reflects the development of society.
\"People now have more time to go for sports, leisure and vacation,\" he said \".
\"From architects to doctors, the whole profession has turned to casual clothes.
Now, when I go out at night, I take off my tie if I\'m going to the restaurant --
Or you will be old!
Although Bernard lacost never followed his father to the tennis court.
After the paparazzi invaded his first tennis class, he started playing golf)
He admired the first invention to produce metal rackets, bullet ropes and automatic ball dispensers.
Sports stars are used to test the ergonomics of new designs and their promotional value.
Lacoster\'s mantra is to listen to consumers and give them what they want.
His mission, for example, is to globalize the brand and bring it into China.
\"I am very tolerant of China because it has developed so fast --
Lacoste said: \"It took 20 years for other countries to do things in five years . \" He is referring to the problem of counterfeit products.
Lacoster, aware of the Asian climate that has made sport a seasonal event, produced a romantic fashion advertisement shot by Wang Jiawei
Wai, director of the 2000 film \"flower time.
\"Without any attempt at fashion, the company finds itself the fashion center for young urban French children.
Lacoster said he was not surprised because young Italian men after the war also wore lacoster\'s shirt on Hornet. But the logo —
Like clothes.
Subtle update: The crocodile is thinner and the teeth are sharper;
This polo shirt is made of stretch cotton cloth and cut in mid-range, but is still produced by the same supplier since 1933.
How does Lacoste maintain a family-run company (
Members are shareholders)
In the corporate world?
There are only three active members: Bernard;
His younger brother, general manager Michelle and nephew Philip.
\"I respect the family system very much,\" Lacoste said . \".
\"But for 40 years I have always preferred team sports like basketball, rugby and golf, not individual effort.
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A version of the article was published in the International Herald Tribune on June 17, 2003.
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