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modern etiquette: what not to wear to work in summer

by:QiMeng     2019-08-29
Burlington, Vermont (Reuters Life! )-
Summer is full of wonderful distractions,
The worker\'s skin should not be one of them.
As temperatures rise, the form of office dress tends to decrease.
Each workplace is different, and some workplaces are much easier than others, but don\'t be fooled into thinking that no one will judge your appearance.
Make sure you feel comfortable with the message from your clothes.
For women, the more skin you show, the less influence you have.
Do you really want to work harder to win the respect of your colleagues
Workers and bosses?
Maintain a professional look by combining seasonal items with lighter-weight classic items.
Pair capris with a light suit jacket, sandals and a wrap skirt.
Happily, unless you work in a conservative office that specifically requires pantyhose and stockings, the pantyhose and stockings can be left in your drawer.
Bare knee legs
The dress is the most suitable work in the 21 st century.
Even though Michelle Obama made them successful
Hip tank sleeves are still worth arguing in many offices, especially with spaghetti straps.
Weekend brunch requires a shoulder-less gown to be kept.
Also avoid: Pure fabrics, short skirts, shorts, elastic fibers and bare mid-range.
Some workplaces may be shorts for men.
It is appropriate that in most offices there is nothing more important than \"I don\'t take my work seriously\" other than wearing short clothes.
When in doubt, kha pants and polo wholesale t shirts wholesale are the best choice.
They are both professional and comfortable.
Don\'t forget the belt!
Men\'s sandals are cheap.
If this casual dress is allowed in your office culture, make sure your feet look and smell good for business.
While the thermometer may soar outside, most offices keep the extra cool to compensate.
Carry a thin sweater or light jacket with you during the morning meeting to prevent a cold war.
Wrinkles can be more difficult to fight in wet summer, but it\'s still important to be clean and tidy.
Crumpled kha cloth and faded or faded polo t shirts wholesale are as bad as wearing gym shorts and T-shirts --
Shirt for your favorite band.
The expression \"I just got up\" is no help in improving your credibility.
Sunglasses are the main style of summer, but also Outdoor.
When you\'re indoors, you should be able to make eye contact with colleagues and clients, so unless you\'re a rock star, take them off as you enter the building.
Ladies, the sunglasses won\'t double at work, so completely put them away at the office.
Flip flops are distracting.
They make a noise and reveal your feet.
The weather can be hot, but do you really want your boss to raise his eyebrows on your feet?
For men, think twice before wearing shoes without socks.
For some, in terms of office dressing in the summer, you need to think more than you spend the morning in the work wardrobe.
Although it is always acceptable to wear \"above\" your company\'s requirements, keep a grade to avoid disharmony with other colleagues.
If people pay attention to your clothes for the wrong reasons, you wear the wrong clothes.
As with all dress codes, casual clothes may mean different things in different companies.
One criterion that helps define suitability is to ask myself: \"If I have an unexpected meeting with a client or the chief executive, can I put on the clothes I wear?
No dress code? Ask for one.
The more specific the dress code is, the easier it is to figure out what to wear, which will give you more time to stare out the window and daydream about your summer vacation on the beach. (
Anna Post is a spokeswoman for the Emily Post Institute in the United StatesS-
Founded in 1946, the organization aims to solve social problems including business etiquette, raising polite children and civilized courtesy.
Her own opinion is expressed.
The website of Emily Post Institute is www. emilypost. com)
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